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PeerMark within Blackboard (Students)

General Information

Using PeerMark within Blackboard

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General Information

PeerMark is an online tool for distributing student papers and other assignments for peer review. Using PeerMark, work submitted through Turnitin can be electronically assigned to one or more students in the class for their review using criteria established by the instructor. Assignments can simply be evaluated against those standards, or peer reviewers can also be encouraged to add inline comments, overall comments, and/or some basic editing marks. Instructors may also write a PeerMark review. Upon completion of the PeerMark assignment, reviewed work is returned to students directly through the PeerMark assignment within Blackboard.

Instructors must first set up a Turnitin assignment in their Blackboard course to have students submit their assignments. Once the initial Turnitin assignment has been created, instructors must create a second PeerMark assignment based upon the original Turnitin paper assignment.

The PeerMark instructions below are intended to help students use this resource within Blackboard. Information is also available for using PeerMark outside of the Blackboard environment. Consult this Blackboard Tips and Tricks handout for an overview of PeerMark.

When submitting a Turnitin assignment to be shared with peers through PeerMark, students should make certain:

  • If it's a paper assignment, the paper should be double spaced. This will make it much easier for everyone involved in critiquing the paper to mark it up and provide inline feedback.
  • Your name and any other personally identifying information have been removed from your assignment prior to submission to Turnitin. This is essential if the assignment has been set up to added to the global Turnitin repository and/or if the assignment will also incorporate PeerMark where anonymity of the author is to be maintained in that process.
  • You meet the Turnitin Assignment submission deadline. If your paper is not submitted by the deadline, it will be unavailable for subsequent peer review.

Using PeerMark within Blackboard

Step 1: Submit a Turnitin Assignment

To submit a Turnitin assignment:

  1. Complete the assignment and save the file in an acceptable format.
  2. Navigate to the section of the Blackboard course where the Turnitin assignment has been created by the instructor (i.e. Assignments, Course Materials, etc.)
  3. Click the >>View/Complete link.
  4. Once the Turnitin page opens, read the user agreement, acknowledge you are at least 13 years of age, and click on the I agree--continue button.
  5. Choose the "submission method," enter a "submission title," click the Browse button in the "browse for the file to upload" area to select the file on the local or external drive, and then click the upload button. An acknowledgement that the paper has been successfully uploaded will be generated. A new screen will open showing a preview of the paper. Click on the submit button on the "Step 2 of 2" screen to complete the submission process.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear including a unique paper ID.

Students may be permitted one submission per Turnitin assignment or multiple submissions depending upon how the assignment is configured by the instructor. According to the Turnitin site, when multiple submissions are permitted, only one Originality Report will be processed in a 24 hour period; reports "for second or subsequent submissions will require a 24 hour delay before the Originality Report begins processing." Therefore, students should be careful to select the correct file before clicking on the Submit button when multiple submissions are allowed. Instructors may also set up a draft Turnitin assignment allowing students to submit their papers to check for possible plagiarism prior to their final paper submission. Once the final assignment is submitted, it will be stored in Turnitin global student paper repository.

Step 2: Complete the PeerMark Assignment

To complete a PeerMark assignment:

  1. Navigate to the section of the Blackboard course where the Turnitin assignment was created by the instructor (i.e. Assignments, Course Materials, etc.).
  2. Click the >>View/Complete link for the PeerMark Assignment. This will not be the same link used to submit the original Turnitin assignment..
  3. A new screen will open. Click on the Show details link.
  4. Click on the Start Review button for the first paper.
  5. The PeerMark screen will open, providing three different tools for first adding and then viewing the mark up added by you to the paper that is presented.
    1. Tools link in the upper left corner: opens options for adding inline text comments, highlighting text and adding a number of standard review marks. Click on the paper where you wish to insert a comment or inline text. Or select the highlighting tool then left click and drag your mouse to highlight a phrase and add a comment.
    2. Questions tab: presents standard questions provided by your instructor that you need to answer while reviewing the paper. Be sure to take note of any minimum response figures.
    3. Comments tab: shows all comments that have been added to the paper and clicking on any one of them will take you to the comment within the paper.
  6. When you have finished the peer review, be sure to click on the Submit button in the upper right corner of the screen. You cannot simply Save your work.
  7. If you have been assigned more than one paper to review, navigate back to the PeerMark Assignment link to refresh the list of remaining papers for review, select the next paper, and repeat the steps outlined above.

Step 3: View the Feedback from the PeerMark Assignment.

Upon completion of the review phase of the PeerMark Assignment you can view the feedback given to you by your peers and possibly your instructor.

  1. Navigate to the section of the Blackboard course where the PeerMark assignment was created by the instructor (i.e. Assignments, Course Materials, etc.).
  2. Click the >>View/Complete link for the PeerMark Assignment.
  3. A new screen will open. Click on the My paper link.
  4. Your paper will load showing you all of the feedback (inline comments, markup, etc) received from those individuals who reviewed your paper.

Additional Resources

For additional information on student usage of PeerMark, view the Turnitin training site or consult the following resources:

For more information about or additional help with Turnitin, contact Information Technology Services at (618) 650-5500 or via email at

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