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Information Technology Services

Student Technology Initiative (STI)


To supply faculty members with up to date computers to assist in their instructional and administrative needs. These computers are funded by information technology student fees collected and maintained by ITS.

Faculty Definition

Faculty members eligible for the program are full-time Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professor, Instructors, and Lecturers. If these positions are Part-Time, they are not eligible.

Computer Options

Faculty are given the option of a leased Dell brand computer or purchase of an Apple brand computer.

  1. Dell Lease - Faculty are given the option of choosing a Desktop system or a laptop. Desktop options include the three performance levels (Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Performance Level) offered and the three case options offered (Mini-Tower, Desktop, Small Form Factor. They may also select any size monitor (19" Wide-Screen, 22" Wide-Screen, or 24" Wide-Screen) and a sound bar. Laptop options include one of three choices (13", 14", or 15" Dell Latitude Notebook) and a docking station. Total lease cost for the three year period can range from $840.00 to $1,308.00 depending on the users' choice. See Dell Lease Program for additional information.


    If the faculty member chooses not to lease a Dell brand computer
  2. Currently faculty are given the option to choose any iMac or laptop from Apple. However, a dollar limit of $1,308.00 is covered by the STI and the remainder is charged to an account supplied by the department. Once the Apples are purchased, they are transferred to the end user's inventory. When the current Apple is refreshed, the replaced machine will be retained by the technician. Apple products can be refreshed every 3 years.

Note: Please complete this Apple Authorization Form:

Button w/Arrow Annual Audit of STI Leased Machines

Each year an Audit of STI Lease Machines and users will be performed. A listing of Faculty, location and serial number of machines will be sent to the STI coordinator for each school. They will be asked to respond if that faculty is still at the University, if so, have they changed locations and is the serial number of the machine we have on file correct?

If the faculty member is no longer employed at the University, the machine will be scheduled for pick up by a technician and returned to ITS.

If the machine picked-up has nine months or more remaining on its lease, it will be re-issued to a new faculty member (Assistant Professor, Instructor, or Lecturer).

STI Coordinators

Each school as well as Lovejoy Library has an STI Coordinator. It is that person's responsibility to verify orders which qualify for the STI program. It is also the responsibility of the STI Coordinator to assist the faculty members or their assistants in completing the proper online and paper forms to complete an order. They are also the "go to" person for meeting deadlines for the receipt of orders. Find your STI Coordinator.

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