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Getting Started

Only students enrolled in courses that have an active Blackboard course shell (that has been made available by the instructor) will be able to log into Blackboard. Not all instructors use Blackboard for their courses.

To access your course materials on Blackboard, you will need the following:

1.) Internet connection 
Blackboard will work on both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi) connection. It is strongly recommended that students use a secured wired connection (needing a password to access) when taking tests. If taking the test on a wireless (WiFi) connection, a drop in signal may kick the student out of the test. If students must use wireless connection, make sure that it is a secured connection (requiring a password to access). Students may be unable to submit tests or assignments using a non-secured WiFi. Note: Free WiFi from locations such as Starbucks, McDonalds or Panera is most likely non-secure and therefore not an appropriate place to take exams or submit assignments.

Some firewalls may block Blackboard. If you are trying to use Blackboard at work and cannot connect, please ask your company's IT staff about their firewall settings.

Open a supported internet browser, and type in the address for Blackboard: Users must begin the login process from that authentication point; they cannot bypass that page and go directly to the login page itself.

2.) SIUE e-ID and password
Click on the Login button on the Blackboard home page. On the subsequent login screen, enter your Username and Password.

  • Username = your SIUE e-ID (the first part of your SIUE e-mail address), for example jsmith.
  • Password = the same one used to access your SIUE e-mail

To activate your e-ID, visit and click on "I want to get an e-ID". Note that passwords must be changed every 60 days. You can change your password online at the e-ID web site before it expires. Once it has expired, you can still change your password online provided you remember your "secret phrase". If you do not remember your "secret phrase," you will need to change your password in person in LB 0005, the basement of Lovejoy Library. A photo ID is required.

After logging in, you are taken to your My Blackboard page. This is your portal into all your Blackboard courses. A link to each of your courses is located in the My Courses module of the page. You can return to the My Blackboard page from anywhere within Blackboard by clicking on the My Blackboard link at the top of the screen.

3.) Approved browser
Please see the Blackboard's Browser Support Policy. Note that there are known issues for those using computers running Windows Vista operating system and Internet Explorer. Those students are encouraged to download, install, and use Firefox for their browser.

4.) Hardware
You may need a sound card, speakers, or a video card. Most computers have these items included. For those courses using Blackboard Collaborate, a microphone and headset will be required for full use of all Blackboard Collaborate features.

5.) Software
You must have the following plug-in:

In addition, you may need one or more of the following plug-ins, depending upon the type(s) of materials your instructor is including in your course:

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