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Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Beginning of Semester Checklist

Print out this checklist and refer to it as you review your course.

Request Course Shell

If you have not already, request your course as soon as your course is listed in Banner. Don't wait until the week before the beginning of the semester.

Export and Import Course Materials

Organize your Course

Take a look at your course:

  • Organize your course so that your students can easily find readings, assignments.
  • Prepare clear and thorough instructions for each assignment and assessment.
  • Are you using the best tools to achieve your educational objectives? Go to this Tool Guide for an overview:

Update Content

Contact Information

  • Clearly displayed contact information in a location other than the syllabus. Use the Contacts tool within the "About This Course" link for your contact information
  • Do you have a location where students can ask questions about the course, such as a Discussion Board?
  • Students today expect immediate responses. Consider including a response time, such as, "I will respond to all e-mail within 24 hours."

By the First Day of Class

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