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Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard provides a quick summary of the most basic information about a student and his or her activity within a course. Data included here includes name, e-ID, role (e.g. Student), date of last access, days since last access. In addition, faculty can access information about other subsystems within Blackboard including applicable adaptive release rules, discussion board activity, Retention Center triggers, and the Grade Center.

For additional information, please visit the Performance Dashboard web page or watch this video.

Retention Center

The Retention Center allows faculty to create rules to automatically flag students who may be struggling in a course. Rules can be created to trigger an alert based upon Course Activity, Grade, Course Access, or Missed Deadlines.

For additional information, please visit the Retention Center web page.


The Achievements tool allows instructors and course designers to designate criteria for issuing rewards to students. The two types of Achievements, Certificates and Badges, can be issued for course completions, milestones, or other custom-designated actions.

Achievements are associated with rules integrated into certain activities including: attempts on assignments or assessments; specific grades on assignments, assessments, discussion boards, wikis, blogs, and journals; and marked Review status on course content items.

Mechanisms exist that allow students to monitor their progress and determine what remains in respect to meeting the specified criteria and receiving an Achievement. Students can print or save Achievements they receive.

For additional information, please visit the Achievements web page.

Course Reports

There are a number of standard Course Reports that can be run for all or selected students allowing instructors to see when students were in the course, the content areas they visited, the time spent within the course.

For additional information, please visit the Course Reports web page.

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