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Instructors can create formal groups of students to provide space for students to collaborate on work. Groups can be created one at a time or in sets. Using group sets allows the instructor to create multiple groups, each with the same group tool availability. Instructors can manually add members to groups or allow students to self-enroll. Each group has its own space, with links to tools to help students collaborate, including File Exchange, Group Blog, Group Discussion Board, Group Journal, Group Tasks, Group Wiki, and Email. Instructors can also create Group Assignments, where one student submits a paper on behalf of the group, and all members receive the same grade. Only the instructor and the group members can access the group tools for any given group.

Students can create their own Self-Enrollment Group and their classmates can self-enroll in each other's group. You, as the instructor, still have control over what tools they see and grading options just as if you created the Group.

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