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Announcements are most successfully used to post changes and updates to your course, such as extended assignment due date, clarification on assignment directions, class cancellations, etc. Announcements should not be used to announce every assignment due date. See Notifications for best practices for due dates.

Follow these instructions on creating, reordering, editing, and deleting announcements.


Contacts is a place where you can add profile information about yourself and others, such as a G.A., that is distributed to students. This is a good location to provide information about office hours, phone numbers, and other links to help students find the people who have important roles in the course.

Follow these instructions on creating, editing, and adding contacts to the course.

Course Calendar

The Course Calendar displays all course, institution and personal calendars for the user in a consolidated view. Some features include drag and drop to change due dates, course reminders and export to Google Calendar or Outlook. Watch this video  or view these instructions for more information.


The Email tool allows users to send an email to anyone and everyone in the course using the SIUE email address. Recipients will need to access their SIUE Email to retrieve the message and use their SIUE Email to respond to it.

NOTE: No record of the email is stored within Blackboard.

Follow these instructions for using Email.


Messages are private and secure text-based communication that occurs within a course and among course members. Although similar to email, you must be logged in to the Blackboard course to manually read and send messages. Messages are organized in folders, marked as Read or Unread. The Messages area has two folders, Inbox and Sent, which you cannot rename or delete.

Follow these instructions to send, view, reply to messages.


The Tasks tool allows instructors to identify tasks students need to complete in a course.

Follow these instructions to create and manage tasks.


Zoom is a web conferencing and recording tool that faculty can use to enhance their online classes with real-time video meetings, screen sharing, PowerPoint recording, and more.

See this webpage for more details on Zoom.

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