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Step 3: Add Materials and Set up Course

Step 1: Request a Course

Step 2: Learn Blackboard

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Step 4: Make Course Available

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"About This Course" Content Area

The "About This Course" content area is envisioned to be the location for broader, semester-long course reference materials including the syllabus, contact information and textbook information. In addition, instructors may wish to include links to relevant University or departmental policies and/or a document containing the course calendar. This will be a place for students to become familiar with the course requirements in the initial weeks of the semester and to refer to as needed as the semester progresses.

Adding Content

Click on the "About this Course" link in the course menu on the left side of the screen.

Add Your Syllabus

Most faculty upload a Word or a PDF document version of their syllabus. To add your syllabus, you will select Build Content and then follow these instructions to add an Item.

Add your Contact Information Course Contacts

Add all of your contact information in one place.

  • Click on Tools to expand the menu options and then click on More Tools.
  • Click on Contacts. Either accept the default name of "Contacts", or change it to another title such as "Faculty Contact Information." In the Text field, advise the students to click here for your contact information.
  • Click the Submit button. You will have created a link to the Contacts tool. Next you will add your contact information.
  • Click on the linked name of the item you just created for Contacts or Faculty Contact Information. Click on Create Contact and then follow these instructions to create or edit a contact. Make certain in Step 2 to select "Yes" to Make the Profile Available.

Add your Textbook Information Textbooks

  • Blackboard 9.1 lets you add Publisher/Partner Content to your course, including textbook information. Although SIUE undergraduates rent textbooks, having the textbook information available allows the student to see information such as title, author, ISBN, publisher and in some cases, the cover art. Follow these instructions to add textbook information.
  • A note about using Publisher/Partner Content: Increasingly, academic textbook publishers are offering web-based services to accompany their textbooks. Although ITS can assist faculty with the implementation of publisher content in Blackboard, many third-party software vendors ask that institutions do not attempt to provide technical support for their products. As a result, ITS is unable to provide technical support for problems that occur with publisher content. For additional information, please visit the Using Publisher and Third-Party Content web page.

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