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Step 3: Upload your Content

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Step 2: Learn Blackboard

Step 3: Upload Content

Step 4: Add Materials

Step 5: Make Course Available

Building Content in a Blackboard Course

Instructors can use the "Build Content" button in any Blackboard course to upload a variety of documents, including PowerPoint files, web links, and PDFs, and to create items from scratch. As you will read in the following sections, files that you upload to a course are automatically stored in your Course Content Collection, so you can access, revise, or share them later. The following Tips & Tricks document can help you get started adding content directly to your course: Adding Content to a Blackboard Course.

My Content and Course Content Folders

The Content Collection in Blackboard 9.1 is separated into two areas: My Content and Course Content. The My Content folder can be used to store personal academic files including your vitae, conference presentations, professional writings, and research materials. The Course Content folder is for course-specific documents. As soon as you open a Blackboard course for the first time, a folder for that course is automatically added to your Course Content Collection (i.e. - ENG-101-001-201515). Faculty can upload documents into their Course Content Collection, or directly into their courses; either way, a copy of the document will be stored in the appropriate Course Content folder . In order to facilitate accurate copying of existing courses for future semesters, instructors should avoid saving course-related content in their personal MyContent Collection

When adding a file to a content area your course shell, clicking the "Browse My Computer" button will allow you to add a file directly from your computer. When you click on the "Browse Content Collection" button, the Content Collection window will open to the "Course Content" folder for that course. This allows for a more controlled management of the files for that particular course and simplifies the process of copying those files into another course shell at a later date.

My Content

Browse to My Computer

Creating and Editing Sub-folders

You can create Course Content sub-folders to organize your files within the Content Collection. Creating a logical filing system makes it easy to locate and link to files when adding content in your course. The sub-folder structure in Course Content is separate from folders in a Content Area of a course and has no impact on the presentation of content.

Follow these instructions to create, edit and delete folders.

Adding Files to the Course Content Folder

There are multiple ways to get files into your Content Collection Course Content folders:

  • Upload a Single File Directly to the Content Collection: From the My Content tab, within the Course Content, course specific folder; select Upload from the menu and click Upload Files. Make certain that Single File is highlighted in the upper right corner of that screen. Browse to locate and select the file on your computer. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

    NOTE: The Multiple Files upload option here does not work. If you wish to add multiple files, please see Blackboard Drive instructions below.
  • Upload a local file from within the Course: From the My Courses tab, within a content area in the course, select Build Content and either Item or File. When prompted to Attach File or Find File respectively, click on the Browse My Computer button. Browse to locate and select the file on your computer. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The file will automatically be uploaded into the Course Content folder for that course. Note that this method does not afford the ability to upload to a specific sub folder (e.g. Lecture Note) within the Course Content folder. Users can move files later into specific sub folders if desired.

  • Upload Multiple Files Ahead of Time using Bb Drive: Blackboard Drive users have the same ability they had using the WebFolder in Blackboard 8 to drag and drop multiple files into either the My Content or Course Content folder.

Blackboard Drive

Blackboard Drive is a desktop application that provides an easier, more intuitive way to access items in either the My Content or Course Content areas. With Blackboard Drive, users will have the same ability they have had using the Web Folder option in Blackboard 8 to map a drive on their computer to allow them to drag and drop files into either the My Content or Course Content folder. Blackboard Drive has this functionality but improves on it by providing the ability to edit those files directly on the server within the Content Collection instead of having to download files, edit them locally, and then upload the amended copies to Blackboard.

Versions of Blackboard Drive are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The documents below contain instructions on downloading, configuring, and using the application.

Consult the links below for additional information about Blackboard Drive:

Linking to Files and Folders in a Course from the Course Files

Placing files in your Content Collection does not automatically add them to your course for your students to see. In order for students to see those files, you must link to them from within a content area in the course itself. Generally, those items will be added to either About this Course (e.g. a copy of the syllabus) or Coursework (e.g. lecture notes). The items will generally be added within a content area by selecting Build Content > Item or File. Once files are linked, they are viewable by all users enrolled in the course. You can delete the links to files in your course, yet the files themselves remain in Course Content, until you manually delete them.

Follow these instructions to link to files within the Course Content folder.

Managing Files and Folders in Course Content

Within Course Content you can rename, move, copy, overwrite, download, and perform a quick search for files and folders.

Follow these instructions to rename, move, copy, overwrite, download and search for files and folders.

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