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Session Administration System (SAS)

Blackboard Collaborate also provides a web conferencing environment that exists separate from the Blackboard-integrated tool. This resource, the Session Administration System (SAS), enables SIUE faculty and staff to offer sessions in Blackboard Collaborate that are not connected to an academic course. These types of sessions might include online meetings and job interviews, continuing education opportunities (individual offerings or multi-session courses), and outside lecturers. Sessions created using SAS can be limited to enrolled participants or open to the public.

SIUE faculty or staff interested in accessing SAS for use with their school/college/department/organization should contact ITS at to schedule a consultation.

The same functionality exists in both the Blackboard-integrated Blackboard Collaborate sessions and SAS sessions. The main difference is that the moderator and participant roles in the Blackboard-integrated Blackboard Collaborate are pre-assigned based on instructor and student status, respectively, something that is not true of the roles in SAS. Five different user roles exist in the SAS and each role is defined by its unique responsibilities and user privileges. The relationship between these user roles is hierarchical (Manager --> Administrator --> Supervisor --> Moderator --> Participant). The privileges associated with these roles are listed below.


The Manager is the overall administrator of the Blackboard Collaborate SAS. ITS occupies the role of Manager for SIUE. The main function of the Manager is to create user accounts for Administrators. The Manager has all SAS privileges available to Administrators and Supervisors, as well as the additional privilege to customize the Blackboard Collaborate environment.


The Manager is responsible for creating Administrator accounts. Administrators' main functions include administrating user accounts (Supervisors, Moderators, and Participants) and creating sessions (Meetings, Courses, and Drop-Ins).


The Manager or Administrators is responsible for creating Supervisor accounts. Supervisors can enroll Participants into Courses and create and manage Meetings (but not Courses or Drop-Ins). Although Supervisors cannot actually create Participant accounts, Supervisors are responsible for managing Participant accounts.


The Manager or Administrators is responsible for creating Moderator accounts. Moderators typically (but not necessarily) act as session leaders (teachers of Courses, supervisors of Drop-Ins, or chairs of Meetings). As with the moderator in the Blackboard-integrated Blackboard Collaborate, the Moderator in the SAS has full rights and control of the Blackboard Collaborate environment.


The Manager or Administrators can create multiple Participant accounts. Participants' use of the SAS is very limited; they can log in to attend sessions, play recorded sessions, and manage their user profile information. Registered Participants may or may not be granted the chair privilege for a Meeting session (a privilege granted in-session by the Moderator). Note that a user does not have to have a participant account to join a SAS session.

Select the link below to access a recorded session, created with Blackboard Collaborate, that provides an overview of the SAS. Note that you will be prompted to download and run a file in order to launch the archived presentation.

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