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Instructional Services
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Student Comments

"I have made fifteen new friends from this program. When one was struggling we all were. I like to think of us as a kind of family. We were all there for each other and I know these friendships will last. I am so thankful I did this program. I met great teachers who are behind me constantly telling me I can do it. They gave me the confidence I needed to be a productive college student." - Jen

"The toughest part about this program is the hard work you have to put in during the six weeks, but the outcome is good. The close relationships you make with everyone is great, especially the teachers. These teachers will be there for you through college. They will always be at school when you need someone to talk to." - Reesa

"Summer Bridge was hard because I was not used to writing so many papers, reading so many stories, and using my brain that much during the summer, but I know it was nothing but a huge benefit to me for my up and coming first year in college. I have gone through a whole semester in six weeks and I feel I have accomplished and improved a lot over this summer!" - Bethany

"If you want to meet new people, get ahead, and be ready for college, Summer Bridge is just for you. All the teachers and tutors are always there to help you, and they only want you to succeed and do better. I ask that you come with an open mind and enjoy the laughter you will have with your classmates and teachers, as well as the feeling of success and accomplishing goals." - Kristen

"Summer Bridge has been more to me than just classes I have met three great teachers who I can talk to about my problems. I have also met some really great students. These friends that I have met will always share a special bond with me. We all took our summer and dedicated it to school." - Ashley

"Summer Bridge is the best. The teachers that I have are the nicest ones in the whole school. It sure is an intense six weeks, but it is totally worth the time and effort. I feel that this program has totally prepared me for my college experience." - Aaron D.

"The Summer Bridge program is a learning environment that prepares students for college with real college experience." - Michele

"We had incredible resources to do our work. I was able to go into the Math Resource area and get help if needed, and the Writing Lab had two great tutors who helped with all the papers I wrote. I would especially recommend this program to any incoming freshman because it is very beneficial during the transition from high school to college." - Robyn

"Reading, writing, and math are easy classes because the classes were so small we could get more help." - Megan

"This program allows you to get a real grasp on what college is going to be like in the fall, and you get to meet a lot of great people." - Lesa

"The classes also offer a connection to valuable human resources. After participating in the classes I now have a few different instructors that I can always turn to for help. Other students who have not taken the classes will not have these resources." - Aaron A.

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Instructional Services
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