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Instructional Services
Instructional Services
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Instructional Services at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is dedicated to helping the underprepared prepare, the prepared advance, and the advanced excel.

The department provides direct instruction for students and serves as an instructional support and resource unit for faculty, staff, and the community at large. Several key activities enable Instructional Services to accomplish this mission:

  • Academic Development Courses
  • Testing Programs
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Open-Access Tutoring Centers
  • Academic Survival Workshops and other outreach activities
  • Summer Success Program
  • Speech Center

The mission of Instructional Services reflects the broad range of academic support services that is important to student success. To address this mission, the staff recognizes the academic strengths and weaknesses of students, assists students in acquiring fundamental skills in a supportive, professional atmosphere, and offers academic support to university students at various points in their university careers.

The mission of Instructional Services supports the University's mission statement and, as such, is "a student-centered community dedicated to communicating, expanding and integrating knowledge."(www.siue.edu/about/mission.shtml).  Through our many services Instructional Services also supports the University in its mission to develop "professionals, scholars and leaders who shape a changing world."(http://www.siue.edu/about/mission.shtml).

Instructional Services assists the University in enhancing and executing its mission by

  • providing access to higher education for students who might not otherwise pursue a college degree;
  • supporting academic progress of students at the university, thus aiding retention;
  • assisting students from diverse backgrounds, such as those whose parents are not college graduates, those who choose to advance their education after many years on the job or in the home, and those who have learning disabilities or atypical learning styles; and
  • upholding the University's shared values of citizenship, excellence, inclusion, integrity, and wisdom.
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