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[IMAGE: L. Miller, October Employee of the Month]

Employee of the Month
January 22, 2015

Dave Kries, Carpenter in the Department of Facilities Management is the recipient of the January Employee Recognition Award. Dave was nominated by Dr. Emmanuel, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

“Dave is one of those fine and distinguished staff members who clearly stands out from the rest of the crowd.  I have known and observed Dave in multiple roles, and in each of those roles, he has impressed me and others with his Cougar spirit, “can do” attitude, sense of collegiality, and his commitment to EXCELLENCE!

Dave exemplifies and demonstrates, on a daily basis, our core values: Excellence in all that he does; Citizenship in all of his volunteer roles with Kimmel; Inclusiveness in all of his commitment to the “We Are One” campaign; Integrity in all of his collaboration and coordination; and finally Wisdom in his maturity and years of commitment to SIUE, and that what makes Cougar Nation a special place.”

 -  Dr. Emmanuel, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

“I have been given the fortunate privilege to have included in my area of responsibility the supervision of Dave Kries, a University Carpenter.  I concur with the insightful observation and timely recommendation of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Narbeth Emmanuel, as he paused for a moment to justly acknowledge, recognize, and nominate for possible consideration, the selection of Dave Kries as a candidate for Employee of the Month.  Dave’s daily actions are those of cooperation and teamwork.  He has demonstrated selflessly a willingness to serve others.   He has confirmed in numerous job assignments, a readiness to take on challenging duty tasks requiring accurate precision and great attention to detail.   Dave’s actions are always accomplished with a humble and quiet demeanor; as he would never toot his own horn.  

 I don’t believe I would be amiss by saying that I speak for the entire Facilities Management Team in saying, “Congratulations, Dave Kries, indeed a well deserving employee.”

-  Janice LaRiviere, Assistant Director Facilities Management

Please join us in congratulating Dave Kries as the Employee of the Month on Thursday, January 29th at 2:00 pm in the Purchasing Conference Room (Room1018A) in Supporting Services.

You can also send Dave a congratulatory email to dkries@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to Deb Talbot at dtalbot@siue.edu or ext. 3642.

[IMAGE: L. Miller, October Employee of the Month]

Employee of the Month
December 12, 2014

Jackie Warren, Community Director in the Department of University Housing is the recipient of the December Employee Recognition Award. Jackie was nominated by Alexandria White, Community Director and Vicky Dean, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residential Education from the Department University Housing.

“Jackie always goes above and beyond in everything she works on. Jackie always provides the utmost level of care and concern directly with the residents, but also in following up with colleagues. She has impeccable documentation skills, and works with campus constituents such as the police, counseling, the Dean of Students and more to ensure that residents’ needs are met. Jackie is always willing to take on more to ensure our department is excelling, in addition to developing her own professional skill set. This year she has worked on several endeavors to promote cultural diversity in our department that will benefit our staff as well as our residents.”

Vicky Dean, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residential Education in the Department of University Housing

“Jackie has been the ideal colleague, supervisor and mentor. She has a wonderful work ethic and has been a positive campus and department leader. As a professional in University Housing, she demonstrates a high degree of dedication by creating intentional programs for residents. Not only does she create programs but also attends them which is often held after business hours. Jackie is dedicated to helping upper-class students succeed, for the previous 2 years she has volunteered her time to meet with First Year Students who are at risk of leaving the university through University Housing’s MapWorks initiative. Due to Jackie’s hard work and engaging programs the overall learning for students in University Housing has improved.” 

Alexandria White, Community Director in the Department of University Housing

 “Wow, what an awesome surprise!  I am very honored to be chosen for this recognition.  I am beyond blessed to work with so many passionate, fun-loving, and committed professionals at SIUe, who encourage me on my journey.  This is truly a great place to work and an institution that puts the students first, which makes coming to work a rewarding experience every day. A special thank you to Alexandria White and Vicky Dean for nominating me and always inspiring me to be the best housing professional that I can be.”

Jackie Warren, Community Director in the Department of University Housing

Please join us in congratulating Jackie Warren as the Employee of the Month on Monday, December 15th at 1:00 pm in Evergreen Hall Multi-Function Room.

You can also send Jackie a congratulatory email at jmccaul@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to Deb Talbot at dtalbot@siue.edu or ext. 3642.

[IMAGE: L. Miller, October Employee of the Month]

Employee of the Month
November 10, 2014

Linda Miller, Office Support Specialist in the Department of Educational Leadership is the recipient of the November Employee Recognition Award. Linda was nominated by Laurie Puchner, Chair and Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership.

“Linda performs duties above and beyond what is normally expected, she appropriately uses her knowledge and expertise to solve problems, she performs tasks quickly and efficiently, and she handles a large workload effectively. She needs little direction or supervision, and consistently displays a very high level of professionalism. She is highly respected by co-workers, faculty, and students alike, evidenced by positive comments I have received about her from members of all three groups. She often has excellent suggestions for improving services, solving problems and increasing effectiveness.

She initiated the development of a new system for assigning section numbers to our courses in order to distinguish between online, hybrid, and face-to-face sections and between on-campus and different off-campus locations. She worked with directors to develop the system. I described the system at a School meeting and it has now been adopted widely across the School.

Linda absolutely exemplifies SIUE values. She demonstrates citizenship, excellence integrity, openness, and wisdom. I can’t recommend her highly enough for Employee of the Month.”

Laurie Puchner, Chair and Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership

“Thank you for selecting me as SIUE’s November Employee of the Month.  What a nice surprise!  I am honored and grateful to receive this award.  I would like to thank my department chair, Laurie Puchner, for nominating me, and Alison Reeves, Vicki VanTuyle, and Jim Herndon for supporting my nomination.  Everyone in the Educational Leadership Department is wonderful to work with and I truly am thankful for all of your appreciation and support!  I have enjoyed my two years here and hope to have many more!”

-  Linda Miller, Office Support Specialist in the Department of Educational Leadership

Please join us in congratulating Linda Miller as the Employee of the Month on Friday, November 14th at 2:00 pm in Alumni Hall 1117.

You can also send Linda a congratulatory email at linmill@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to Amy Darte at adarte@siue.edu or ext. 2190.

[IMAGE: S. Lauth, October Employee of the Month]

Employee of the Month
October 20, 2014

Sheryl Lauth, Supervisor of Multimedia Communications, Information Technology Services, is the recipient of the October Employee Recognition Award. Sheryl was nominated by Julie Holt, Professor of Anthropology.

“I have been teaching at SIUE since the fall of 2000, and in that time I have found Sheryl to be an invaluable support to both my teaching and my research. Sheryl is absolutely competent, reliable, and collegial. Sheryl demonstrates excellence in her overall work performance. I think it’s accurate to say that I could not do my research or my teaching without Sheryl’s help, and I know other faculty would agree with this statement. Or, I suppose we might get the work done, but it would look really bad! Sheryl is a tremendous asset to SIUE!”

Julie Holt, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology

“Ms. Lauth works closely with faculty to enhance classroom learning via media such as PowerPoint and Flash video, streaming audio and video, and tutorials. She supports students with expertise in wide format printing for posters and projects and video editing.

However, the most important service the Ms. Lauth provides to the SIUE community is her patience and kindness. One-on0one or in a group setting she blends technical expertise and interpersonal savvy to guide community members to achieve their project goals. She demonstrates excellence and never fails to go above and beyond. She is he first to volunteer to help in whatever capacity is needed. As a proud SIUE graduate, Sheryl Lauth exemplifies the core values of her University every day.”

J. Fred Rippeto, Manager Application User Support, Information Technology Services

 “Thank you for selecting me as SIUE’s October Employee of the Month.  I would like to thank Dr. Julie Holt and Fred Rippeto for their nominations.  Thank you for always making me feel appreciated.  I am honored and grateful to receive this award. I truly love working in Information Technology Services and for the faculty, students and staff of SIUE.” 

Sheryl Lauth, Supervisor of Multimedia Communications, Information Technology Services

Please join us in congratulating Sheryl Lauth as the Employee of the Month on Friday, October 24th at 10:30am in Lovejoy Library, room 0057.

You can also send Sheryl a congratulatory email at slauth@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to Amy Darte at adarte@siue.edu or ext. 2190.

[IMAGE: picture of a hunter]

Employee of the Month
September 9, 2014

Anne Hunter, Office Support Specialist, Library and Information Services Administration, is the recipient of the September Employee Recognition Award. Anne was nominated by Laura Scaturro, Business Administrative Associate, Library and Information Services Administration.

“Anne, an Office Support Specialist, has been with the university and a member of Library and Information Services Administrative team since June 2008, starting in the position of Office Support Assistant.

Anne has consistently shown excellence in her overall work performance, demonstrates integrity in her decisions and consistently maintains a positive and supportive attitude to those she serves. I believe her attention to detail, creative suggestions and initiative makes her an ideal candidate for this award.

Anne is deeply committed to the Library’s administrative operations and the services we provide. She is an excellent employee (punctual, cheerful, willing to pitch in) and eager to further her knowledge about the University procedures and processes to handle the various paperwork and transactions that filter through Administration. Although not in her job description, Anne recently took over the vacancy of AFSCME President and was elected to the Staff Senate in January 2014. She is also a member of the Safe Zone program. Her enthusiasm is evident as she learns more about SIUE and the wonderful benefits, tangible and intangible, that come along with employment at the University.”

-Laura Scaturro, Business Administrative Associate, LIS Administration

“Anne does a tremendous job when student work issues arise. If I ever have questions she either knows the answers off the top of her head or knows who to call to get the information I need. I know it’s not an easy thing to do as there are so many rues related to student employment. It is also my job to keep an eye on the building and report issues as they arise. I know Anne will call Facilities Management as soon as I make her aware of a problem and Stay with it until the problem is taken care of.”

-Michele Bigham, Library Operations Associate, Access Services

“I am honored to be chosen as SIUE Employee of the Month.  It is truly a pleasure to be a part of the SIUE community, and I am thankful to have such a wonderful group of people to work with.  I am grateful for the many opportunities to grow and share my talents over the years.  Lovejoy Library is like a second home to me, and it means so very much to know that my work has made a difference to those around me.  My sincere thanks go out to Laura Scaturro for nominating me, to Michele Bigham and Melanie Schoenborn for supporting the nomination, and to everyone in Library & Information Services for creating such a fantastic environment to work in every day.” 

-Anne Hunter, Office Support Specialist, LIS Administration

Please join us in congratulating Anne Hunter as the Employee of the Month on Friday, September 12 at 10:45am in the Lovejoy Library’s conference room on the third floor, room 3021.

You can also send Anne a congratulatory email at anhunte@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to Amy Darte at adarte@siue.edu or ext. 2190.

[IMAGE: picture of s nixon]

August Employee of the Month
August 20, 2014

Starla Nixon, Program Assistant, Purchasing, is the recipient of the August Employee Recognition Award. Starla was nominated by Shelly Albert, Assistant Director of Purchasing.

“If you have met Starla Nixon, you will certainly remember her! Physically she is small, but she has a big personality. Does that qualify to earn her employee of the month? Probably not, but her outstanding job performance for all of the difficult duties she performs, certainly does, in my opinion.

Starla’s title is Program Assistant, but it really should be P-Card Lady, SIU System’s BEP (Business Enterprise Program) coordinator, department banker, and messenger for Purchasing to the Board of Trustees. In addition to her own job, she assists others when they need to review bids or need help organizing their thoughts to compose documents. In her spare time, she brainstorms on ways to make not only the programs she is involved in better, but also how to make the entire Purchasing, Central Receiving and Surplus Property areas more efficient.

She loves to learn and is a sponge when she can understand why something is done the way it is or learning something new. She has a word of the day that she shares with her co-workers and the student workers. She assists the buyers and student workers in writing bids, documents, and papers. If she doesn’t have the answer, she knows how to find it. I have seen how Starla’s outgoing personality and willingness to help is infectious to others.

Prior to working at SIUE, Starla worked at Beverly Farm for several years. She still stays in contact with the staff and some of their residents and volunteers at Beverly Farm when she can. She has taught her children, and now teaches her grandchildren, of giving back to the community and to those less fortunate. Throughout the year, but especially at Christmas, they have spent their time donating food and supplies to the Humane Society, donating to the local Food Pantry, buying Christmas presents for kids on a Giving Tree, and reading to residents in a nursing home.

Starla may be a relatively new employee to our department, but I don’t remember what our department was like without her. Her positive outlook, outgoing personality, knowledge and ability to learn quickly may sound like she is super woman, and she would deny that, but in my eyes she is. With this being said, Starla feels she is just doing her job and her best is more than we could ever asked for or expected.

Starla Nixon is an excellent employee, role model, and friend, and I am honored to get the chance to work with her. I appreciate the opportunity to nominate Starla for Employee of the Month.”

-Shelly Albert, Assistant Director of Purchasing

“What a great place to work!  I want to thank Shelly Albert for the nomination and recognition. I would also like to thank all my coworkers in the Purchasing Department for always helping me with anything that I need.  I have learned so many things with their help; it is simply amazing!  Like most people, I have a hard time accepting praise in the workplace, but I am honored and grateful to receive this award.  I have not been employed at the University for very long, but I hope to be here many, many years to come.”   

-Starla Nixon, Program Assistant

Please join us in congratulating Starla Nixon as the Employee of the Month on Tuesday, August 26 at 3:00pm in the conference room in the Supporting Services Building.

You can also send Starla a congratulatory email at snixon@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to Amy Darte at adarte@siue.edu or ext. 2190.

[IMAGE: EmployeeOfTheMonth-JeanetteParmenter]

June Employee of the Month
June 16, 2014

Jeanette Parmenter, Human Resource Officer, Office of Human Resources, is the recipient of the June Employee Recognition Award. Jeanette was nominated by Andrew Lenhardt, Associate Director, Office of Human Resources.

I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Parmenter for the past eight years, and I continue to be impressed by the exceptional quality of service and professionalism she continues to provide to the campus community. Specifically, coordinating the flawless employment of nearly 300 temporary extra help employees over the last year. Ms. Parmenter’s “behind the scenes work” can also contribute to the success of Housing and Facilities Management Maintenance Programs, Summer Showbiz, Springboard, Campus Recreation, the Call Center, and a numerous number of summer camps for pre-college students (Art, English, Music, Science, and Intercollegiate Athletics). This demonstrates a keen attention to detail and strong work ethic. Ms. Parmenter has become well known throughout the university community for her courteous behavior. She is respected by her peers and appreciated by applicants because of her positive and friendly approach.

~Andrew Lenhardt, Associate Director, Office of Human Resources

Each summer, University Housing depends on temporary craft employees in various areas. This summer it was very critical that all of the staff be on campus on the requested day so that housing facilities could be transitioned from spring semester housing to summer/conference housing. Jeanette Parmenter developed a transparent system that kept the housing facilities management staff informed throughout the whole process. Jeanette remained vigilant to make sure that labor request were filled on time and ensuring all paperwork and protocol was completed prior to the employee’s first day. Through Jeanette’s supportive efforts, we are able to actively engage these employees into our team in an effort to provide quality service for the residents of university housing.

~Michael Schultz, Director, University Housing

In the fall of 2012, Jeanette transitioned from a position in Civil Service Testing to one responsible for the management and oversight of the Civil Service Extra Help hiring process. Already equipped with great customer service and communication skills, Jeanette did not shy away from acquiring new technical abilities and has since become an expert in various human resources information systems. After operation within this position for over a year, Jeanette has fully mastered the role; consistently exceeding expectations. She is always thinking ahead, and consistently forecasting the temporary work force needs of various departments. A once compliance-oriented process, Jeanette has transformed Extra Help employment in a more user friendly experience.  The University is fortunate to have such a stellar employee, and I am truly grateful for her efforts.

~Greg Crook, Senior HR Specialist, Office of Human Resources

I am thrilled to receive this honor! SIUE is a great place to work. I love my new position recruiting Extra Help employees. Customer Service is my passion and I love working with my clients. I want to thank all department heads and support staff for their cooperation in helping me to be successful. I also want to thank Andrew Lenhardt and Greg Crook for nominating me for this award and to all of those who endorsed it. It really is a great day to be Cougar!

~Jeanette Parmenter

 Please join us in congratulating Jeanette Parmenter as the Employee of the Month on Friday June 20th at 2:00pm in Rendleman Hall, Office of Human Resources, Room 3210.

 You can also send Jeanette a congratulatory email at jparmen@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to Human Resources, ext. 2190.

[IMAGE: EmployeeOfTheMonth-AnneMoore]

May Employee of the Month
May 13, 2014

Anne Moore, Business/Administrative Associate, School of Education, is the recipient of the May Employee Recognition Award. Anne was nominated by Dean Bette Bergeron, School of Education.

Anne is an exceptional employee who is meticulous in her assignments, willing to take on new responsibilities in support of the School’s initiatives, and well respected across campus. Of particular note is her ability to expertly handle the School’s complex budget, which is of critical importance during this time of fiscal “challenge”, and her more recent duties related to the SIUE East St. Louis Charter High School (CHS).

When reviewing the criteria for this employee recognition award, it is clear that Anne meets and exceeds all qualifications. Her overall work performance is exceptional, as Anne has a keen eye for details and completes very complex tasks related to budgeting and personnel with accuracy and without need for direct supervision. Her work requires her to communicate on a regular basis with professionals from across the campus, including the Provost’s Office, Human Resources, and Legal Counsel. She has developed strong linkages with these critical units, and is held in high regard by those with whom she collaborates. Anne is always willing to support others in the School of Education, including new clerical staff as well as new faculty and SOE administrators, and guides then through policies and procedures with patience and in collaboration with other staff within the Dean’s Office. In addition, Anne takes the initiative to develop new processes to increase efficiency and reduce risks within the School.

Anne Moore is an exceptional employee who is making important and positive impacts within the School of Education, across the University, and for the faculty and students at the Charter High School. I am proud to have her as a member of my staff.

~Dean Bette Bergeron, School of Education

What a surprise and honor to be nominated for employee of the month!  I’d like to thank Dr. Bergeron for nominating me.  It’s a wonderful feeling to have my hard work and dedication to the School of Education and SIUE to be recognized by my supervisor.  I have been lucky to work with such an intelligent and talented group of people in the School of Education’s Dean’s Office for the last twelve years.  More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of people on restructuring the SIUE Charter High School.  Working with these individuals has been refreshing and such a pleasure.  I am impressed on a daily basis by their knowledge, skills, and expertise.  Again, thank you for this very special honor and recognition.

~Anne Moore

 Please join us in congratulating Anne Moore as the Employee of the Month on Monday May 19th at 10:00am in Alumni Hall, Room 1137 Conference Room.

 You can also send Anne a congratulatory email at anmoore@siue.edu

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext. 2127.

[IMAGE: picture of r butler]

April Employee of the Month
April 8, 2014

Robbin Butler, Office Support Specialist, Physics Department, is the recipient of the April Employee Recognition Award. Robbin was nominated by Dr. Edward Ackad, Assistant Professor, Physics Department.

When problems arise Robbin is the first to get up and try and help. Often she is an expert at all things in the office and promptly solves the problem Robbins is always available to lend a hand or an ear to anyone in need. Students and faculty seek her advice and are always met with a sympathetic and understanding ear. All occasions which merit some notoriety are taken by her advertising the good work and recognition our department and our faculty receives. She tries to showcase the department and faculty in the best light. Robbin also works closely with our student workers, helping them integrate and get paid on time as well as knowing their rights and obligations. She is the focal point for all our student workers and the students love her.

Robbin has a solid understanding of the goals of a university and has embraced them. Robbin is constantly improving how we do things; she treats everyone with respect, kindness, and an almost inhuman amount of patience. She is honest and dedicated with the absolute trust from everyone in the department; as she is a woman of unquestionable integrity.

~Dr. Edward Ackad, Assistant Professor, Physics

 Thank you for selecting me as SIUE’s April Employee of the Month. This is a very nice honor and I want to thank everyone in the Physics Department for the recommendation. What a lovely recognition and blessing! I am humbled when I think about the people who have been previous recipients of this award because SIUE has so many wonderful employees and I am proud to be an employee of SIUE. Again, thank you for this award!

 ~Robbin Butler

Please join us in congratulating Robbin Butler as the Employee of the Month on Friday April 18th at 3:30pm in Alumni Hall, Room #3101.

You can also send Robbin a congratulatory email at robbutl@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext. 2127.

Benefits Fair
March 10, 2014

[IMAGE: image of a heart composed of health related words]

Save the Date!

Employee Benefits and Wellness Fair

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Morris University Center, Meridian Ballroom

[IMAGE: picture of j lierman]

March Employee of the Month
March 7, 2014

Jennettie Lierman, Office Support Specialist, University Marketing and Communications, is the recipient of the February Employee Recognition Award. Jennettie was nominated by Doug McIlhagga, Executive Director, University Marketing and Communications.

During Jennettie’s lengthy career at SIUE, Jennettie has created an almost legendary persona of cheerful, thoughtful, and attentive customer service. Jennettie has been a critical component of the Marketing & Communications. Throughout her career, Jennettie has accepted responsibilities above and beyond her station and tasks do not slip through cracks on her watch. She has been an invaluable resource keeping us organized.

Jennettie is the face and voice of our department, as she is generally the first individual with whom internal/external customers encounter. Her cheerfulness and excellent customer service personifies the “Connections Now” mentality that SIUE espouses. She is a “mom” to our student workers and grad assistants, and she continues those relationships with students after their graduation. She ensures that everyone is aware of our student alumni’s successes.

Jennettie is the epitome of SIUE values. She is committed to excellence with all departmental projects. Her integrity and honesty is unquestioned. She respects everyone equally, and she is always willing to share her knowledge and opinion.

~Doug McIlhagga, Executive Director, University Marketing and Communications

Jennettie has got to be the most cheerful, bubbly person within Marketing and Communications. I feel her love for people has always been a tremendous asset for our department. Her motherly nature has always helped bring everyone together, and she has been a true team player through and through. She has a very loving/caring nature that has shown through her work with managing our student workers. Her quirky ways has always helped provide some relief to all of those stressful days. Whether it’s pulling together the team to celebrate a job well done or managing a week’s worth of tasks on a days’ notice, she’s the person for the job.

~Jim Benhoff, Associate Director

Jennettie is one of the most genuine and dedicated individuals I have ever met. She cares deeply about her Marketing and Communications co-workers and is very supportive of all of our efforts. She will do whatever it takes to help us be successful. Jennettie is warm, caring and a die-hard Cougar fan!

~Beth Giese, Assistant Director

WOW! What a wonderful surprise and honor.  Over the last ten years, I have learned and worked with award winning designers, writers, interactive media staff, campus photographers, students and GAs.   It is amazing to be a part of what University Marketing and Communications has accomplished in the branding of our university which is now recognized around the world.  Our university is no longer “the best kept secret”.

You are asking yourself, “Why is Jennettie holding the smiley face?” My smiley face was given to me because it looks like my smile.  So I decorate the face with monthly holidays along with the SIUE headband. 

Thank you to everyone that nominated me.  It is a pleasure working with all of you.  Retirement is a few months away.  What a way to be recognized and finish up at SIUE.  It’s always a great day to be a Cougar!

~Jennettie Lierman

Please join us in congratulating Jennettie Lierman as the Employee of the Month on Thursday, March 13th at 3:30pm at 200 University Park – Suite 280.

You can also send Jennettie a congratulatory email at jlierma@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext. 2127.

February Employee of the Month
February 7, 2014

Janet Crouch, Accountant I, Office of the Bursar, is the recipient of the February Employee Recognition Award. Janet was nominated by Dawn Sparks, Accountant III, Office of the Bursar.

“Janet has been a valued employee of the Bursar’s Office for over twelve years. She has handled a variety of tasks with skill and efficiency and always with a positive attitude.

Janet has a good working relationship with everyone she works with, but she has a special place in her heart for all the veterans she assists. She is a strong advocate for improving services to our veterans because of their service to each of us.

Janet hires student workers in the Bursar’s Office and has an incredible ability to hire, train and mentor student workers. Long after graduation our student workers are visiting the office or checking in with Janet by email. She has a way of relating to people – her co-workers, students, everyone – that makes them feel appreciated.

Janet has been an extremely valuable member of my staff. Our office is a much better place with her in it. I am sincerely grateful to have her on my team.

~Dawn Sparks, Account III, Office of the Bursar

“I am honored to be nominated for SIUE’s Employee of the Month by my supervisor, Dawn Sparks, and for Cathy Foland supporting the nomination. I am blessed to work with many wonderful people, both in the Bursar’s Office and in other departments on campus. Being a SIUe alumnus, I enjoy working in the educational environment and look forward to the challenges and opportunities SIUe provides. Thank you for my nomination and this honor.

~Janet Crouch

Please join us in congratulating Janet Crouch as the Employee of the Month on Friday, February 14th at 9:00am in the front lobby of Rendleman Hall.

You can also send Janet a congratulatory email at jcrouch@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext. 2127.

Electronic W2 Consent Assistance
January 22, 2014

Payroll staff from the Office of Human Resources will have a table in the Morris University Center near Auntie Anne's on Thursday and Friday this week January 22 and 23 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm to assist employees, student workers, and graduate assistants to sign up for and print your electronic W-2.

Please bring your Banner ID and know your CougarNet pin number.  If you do not know your pin number, you can log in to CougarNet and re-set it.

If you work  an evening shift and need assistance during late night or early morning hours, please contact at us payrollhr@siue.edu and we will make arrangements to meet with and assist you.

Hope to see you soon.

Payroll Staff

December Employee of the Month
January 10, 2013

[IMAGE: photo of jeff price]

Jeff Price, IT Manager,  Academic Computing, is the recipient of the January Employee Recognition Award. Jeff was nominated by Christine McGoveran, Food Service Administrator I, MUC Food Services.
            “Jeff from ITS is an exceptional employee. Jeff took his time to help a number of Dining Services personnel. His knowledge, patience and attitude were exemplary; something we all strive for in excellence at SIUE, not only in service to students but to each other. His outstanding service was noticed and appreciated by myself and many others”.
~Christine McGoveran, Administrator I, Food Services
            “Jeff is Manager of the ITS Helpdesk where he supports faculty, staff, and students from across campus. Jeff’s commitment to providing the best customer support experience possible to the University community is evident every day, with every phone call, every walk-in client, and every email. In addition to the high level of customer service Jeff strives to achieve; he also serves as an excellent coach to Helpdesk Student Workers and full-time staff alike. He is always researching and implementing new ideas to improve the Helpdesk services. He never fails to go above and beyond, and always volunteers where assistance is needed. Jeff exemplifies the core values of the University every day.
~Steven Huffstutler, Director of Academic and Client Support Services, ITS
            “I would like to thank Jennifer Vandever and Steve Huffstutler for their support over the past thirteen years. During my time at SIUE, I have watched technology grow from being an educational option to being an integral component of the teaching and learning processes. I was fortunate to have been involved with technology integration and usage over the past decade and I’m excited to see how future advances will affect the University.  One of the best parts of my job is communicating with members of the SIUE community on a daily basis. I enjoy being in the unique position of helping faculty, staff, and students find solutions to a wide variety of questions and I remain committed to providing high-quality support to assist with any issue.  I would like to thank everyone in ITS and members of the campus for making SIUE a great place to work”.
~Jeff Price
Please join us in congratulating Jeff Price as the Employee of the Month on Thursday, January 23rd at 9:00am in the ITS Conference Room, Room LB 0057 (Basement of the Lovejoy Libray).
You can also send Jeff a congratulatory email at jeprice@siue.edu.
Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext. 2127.

[IMAGE: Kelly Thompson-Hess]

December Employee of the Month
December 10, 2013

Kelly Thompson-Hess, Office Support Specialist, Student Financial Aid, is the recipient of the December Employee Recognition Award. Kelly was nominated by Sally Mullen, Acting Director, Student Financial Aid.

            “Kelly is an amazing employee! As the Office Support Specialist for Student Financial Aid, she is in a position to affect every aspect of our operations, both on the Client Service side, and administratively. Kelly not only assists me, but supports all the staff in the office on a day-to-day basis. In addition to being supportive of staff, Kelly is a superstar at advising students who are encountering problems. She steps up to assist with Client Service issues and has a strong foundation of knowledge regarding student financial aid. Kelly is always upbeat, and serves as a great role model by keeping everyone in a positive, energetic frame of mind when we get into heavy traffic times. Kelly is a treasure to us in Student Financial Aid”.

~Sally Mullen, Acting Director, Student Financial Aid

            “Kelly impresses me with her disciplined work effort, her fantastic personality, and her sincere desire to provide value to the University. Kelly wears may hats, serving as an Office Support Specialist for the Office of Student Financial Aid, a member of the communication committee, and as a leader when sensitive projects need attention. She nimbly moves from coordinating office operations to working with students to help them understand their financial needs. She not only handles the tasks capably, but is continually on the lookout to learn more and take on more responsibility. Kelly always remains pleasant and friendly, gives people whatever time they need, and completes what she says she would. That kind of personal generosity and integrity is remarkable. Kelly is also a team player’ getting along with everyone and every department on campus. Not only do the members of our office benefit from Kelly’s abilities, but the other departments at SIUE do as well. Kelly has set a high standard in the area of job performance and easily meets the qualification of an outstanding employee”.

~Jeremy Baker, Acting Associate Director, Student Financial Aid

            “Kelly is an outstanding member of the Student Financial Aid team. She consistently presents a positive attitude, a “for the team” approach, and a smile. Kelly has sought out and accepted duties above and beyond her role. Her quality of work can only be described as outstanding. Kelly is also known by her colleagues and the office of Enrollment Management as the “go to person” for all aspects of the Financial Aid Office. She consistently provides excellent service and we are lucky to have her in Enrollment Management”.

~Scott Belobrajdic, Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Enrollment Management

            “I am honored to work at the University as part of a wonderful team in Student Financial Aid. SIUE has been a part of my life since I was a little girl growing up while my parents worked here. Working in an educational environment on this gorgeous campus is priceless. I want to thank Rebecca Wayne for initiating and coordinating my nomination and Sally Mullen, Jeremy Baker, and Scott Belobrajdic for supporting it. Truly, I am grateful for the heart-felt support and appreciation from the entire office and University. Thanks for the honor!

~Kelly Thompson-Hess

Please join us in congratulating Kelly Thompson-Hess as the Employee of the Month on Friday, December 13th at 10:30am in the Vice Chancellor for Administration Conference Room, Rendleman Hall, Room 2228.

You can also send Kelly a congratulatory email at kethomp@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext. 2127. 

Audio Modules for Employees are Now on the HR Web Site - Listen to Information About Benefits, Employment, and Payroll

November 25, 2013

SIUE offers a comprehensive and affordable benefit programs to employees and their families.  With so many choices, making informed decisions can be overwhelming.  To help new and existing employees understand our benefit programs and payroll options as well as to assist with the completion of enrollment forms, we have developed modules on programs available to full and part time employees.

These modules allow employees to access benefit and payroll information at a convenient time and location.  All material is supplemented with an audio narrative to assist employees with the decisions they need to make and forms that need to be completed. 

The following modules are currently available on each topic’s page in the Benefits, Payroll, Employment, and Payroll sections of the Human Resources webpages and are also listed under the New Employee information found at the following link: http://www.siue.edu/humanresources/new_employees.shtml.

Dental Insurance Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  Flex Spending Accounts       
Health Insurance    Life Insurance     State Universities Retirement System (SURS)    
Supplemental Insurance    Supplemental Retirement Plans     Tuition Waiver
Vacation and Sick Leave      Vision Insurance  Workers Compensation


Direct Deposit Illinois State W-4 Form Federal W-4 Form

Salary Deferral

Completing an I-9 Identity Protection Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting

Video Surveillance

Check out these new and informative modules today!  We welcome your comments, questions or feedback.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 618-650-2190. Thank you!

[IMAGE: Photo of Dana Dain]

November Employee of the Month

November 11, 2013

Dana Dain, Office Support Specialist, School of Pharmacy, is the recipient of the November Employee Recognition Award. Ms. Dain was nominated by Dean Gireesh Gupchup, School of Pharmacy.

 “Dana has been working in the School of Pharmacy for more than two years. While working in the Department of Pharmacy Practice she was praised by her department chair and the entire faculty for being very creative and improving the effectiveness in the department. Currently in the Office of Professional and Student Affairs (OPSA) in the School of Pharmacy, Dana serves as a key communicator with students. Dana often goes beyond the call of duty. Dana has been very supportive of all the office support staff. Dana has worked with my office to create an informal “staff council” that meets every semester. This “staff council” communicates with the administration and has been instrumental in including staff on School of Pharmacy standing committee; thereby including staff in the shared governance of the school.

~Gireesh Gupchup, Dean, School of Pharmacy

Dana joined the School of Pharmacy to support both the Department of Pharmacy Practice and the Office of Student Affairs. Since moving into the Office of Professional & Student Affairs on a full-time basis Dana has taken on numerous responsibilities that she manages to juggle with both great efficiency and effectiveness.

Dana keeps a very pleasant attitude and has an amazing ability to organize activities and see them through to completion. She is well-known for her positive demeanor and her approachable nature. Students frequent to her desk to deliver paperwork and ask her opinion on matters related to organization fund-raising, etc. She embraces her roles and it is evident that she enjoys the satisfaction that comes with helping others.

The School of Pharmacy and the University at-large are very fortunate to have such a highly skilled, compassionate and hard-working individual for its on-going benefit.

~Mark Luer, Associate Dean, Professional & Student Affairs

I would like to thank Dr. Mark Luer and Dr. Gireesh Gupchup for nominating me. I have truly enjoyed working at the School of Pharmacy and feel fortunate to work with such a team-orientated staff, kind hearted faculty, and hard-working students on a daily basis. Thank you!

~Dana Dain

Please join us in congratulating Dana Dain as the Employee of the Month on November 20th at 4:00 pm in the Schnucks Conference Room at the School of Pharmacy. You can also send Dana a congratulatory email at ddain@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext. 2127.

[IMAGE: photo of alarice houston]

October Employee of the Month
October 15, 2013

Alarice Houston, Office Support Associate, Academic Advising is the recipient of the October Employee Recognition Award.  Ms. Houston was nominated by Shannon Hennessey, Assistant Director of First Year Services, Academic Advising.

“In the time I have worked with Alarice I have observed her to meet all of the criteria you are looking for in an employee of the month candidate.

The first criteria I would like to speak to is her demonstration of excellence in overall work performance.  Alarice serves a high volume population at our front desk of both students coming into the office and students calling on the phone. Alarice remains calm, maintains order when times are chaotic and works to always provide the most accurate information possible.

Secondly, in this position, if we are ever short-staffed, the front desk can be especially stressful. Alarice regularly maintains a calm demeanor and greets each student with a friendly disposition. Alarice always goes above and beyond and is a true team player. As her supervisor, I believe this supports a positive morale in the workplace.

Thirdly, Alarice is quick to support the advising staff and ready to recognize help. All of our advisors are required to do Express Shifts while working to answer desk questions. Alarice will thank or publicly provide support and thanks to those that go above and beyond to assist her in an effort to recognize others.

Alarice has shared excellent ideas that promote initiative and creativity. She participates on in-house steering committees that impact her day to day job activities and is efficient in all her tasks. Additionally, Alarice works to make sure that the students get the highest level of service and takes measures to avoid “bouncing” students to various offices on campus by going the extra mile.

In advising, the image the front desk portrays is often one of the first impressions admitted students get of the University. Through her strong work ethic, positive attitude, and commitment to care, Alarice enhances the image of both the Office of Academic Advising and of SIUE.  She also provides a true commitment to the values of SIUE through her commitment to excellence and integrity, her inclusive nature in which she greets and welcomes all students from all backgrounds into our office, and through her desire to provide the highest level of service to all students.

Alarice has been a truly wonderful hire for the Office of Academic Advising and for SIUE. She has become an integral part of our campus community and takes such pride in her work to ensure she is providing a high level of quality service to our students, staff, and community members.“

-Shannon Hennessey

“I would like to thank my supervisor Shannon Hennessey for this nomination and great honor.  It is such a pleasure to work with her, Cheryle Tucker and the rest of the Academic Advising staff.  They are such a talented and kind hearted group of people who are a great support to me.  I have truly enjoyed and learned a lot in my 2 years at SIUE.”

-Alarice Houston


Please join us in congratulating Alarice Houston as the Employee of the Month on October 18th at 8:30 am in the Office of Academic Advising. You can also send Alarice a congratulatory email at alahous@siue.edu. 

Questions or comments should be directed to Amy Darte at adarte@siue.edu or ext. 2324.


September 23, 2013
Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and State of Illinois Health Coverage

Part A: General Information

As part of the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), as your employer, is required to provide you with information relating to the Health Insurance Marketplace (Marketplace). The Marketplace is the result of PPACA and is designed to help individuals find affordable health insurance and how it may relate to coverage offered to eligible employees though the State Employees’ Group Insurance Program (SEGIP.)

What is the Health Insurance Marketplace and the benefits to purchasing insurance through the Marketplace?

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a new way to find and compare private health insurance options that meet your needs and fit your budget. You will be able to compare and evaluate quality affordable private health insurance options, apply tax credits directly, and receive enrollment support.  Open enrollment for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace begins October 1, 2013 for coverage starting January 1, 2014. Information and applications for the Marketplace can be found at www.HealthCare.gov.

Who is eligible to purchase insurance through the Marketplace?
All individuals are eligible to purchase insurance through the Marketplace, whether or not you are insured by the State Employees’ Group Insurance Program (SEGIP.)

Does having State of Illinois Employee Health Coverage affect eligibility through the Marketplace?
Insurance coverage provided by health plans offered by the State Employee’s Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) is considered to meet PPACA minimum value standards and is intended to be affordable based on employee wages. If you are eligible for insurance through SEGIP you will likely not be eligible for a tax credit through the Marketplace.  If you are not eligible to participate in SEGIP or if your member-only coverage cost through SEGIP exceeds 9.5% of your household earnings for the year, you may be eligible for a new tax credit that lowers your monthly premium.

Important differences between SEGIP and the Marketplace.
Premiums paid for healthcare in SEGIP are excluded from your federal and state taxable earnings. Any premiums paid for insurance purchased from the Marketplace would be taxed. In addition you would lose employer contributions that SIUE currently pays toward your health insurance premiums.  Also, if you choose to purchase Marketplace health insurance instead of the SEGIP coverage through SIUE, you will lose access to Vision and Dental insurance, Prescription coverage, and Mental Health Employee Assistance Plans that you may currently enjoy. 

Where can I get more information?
If you need additional information regarding coverage offered by SEGIP, please visit www.BenefitsChoice.il.gov or contact the SIUE Benefits department at 618-650-2190. You may also visit the Market place at www.HealthCare.gov.   The State of Illinois health care reform website has additional information regarding the Marketplace at: http://www2.illinois.gov/gov/healthcarereform/Pages/HealthInsuranceMarketplace.aspx.

PART B: Information about State of Illinois Employee Health Coverage

If you decide to complete an application for coverage in the Marketplace, you will be asked to provide this information, which is numbered to correspond to the Marketplace application.

3. Employer name
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
4. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
5. Employer address
Campus Box 1040
6. Employer phone number
7. City
8. State
9. ZIP code
10. Who can we contact about employee health coverage at this job?
Office of Human Resources, Benefits Dept., Campus Box 1040, Edwardsville, IL  62026-1040
11. Phone number (if different from above) 12. Email address

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Here is some basic information about health coverage offered by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville through the State Employees’ Group Insurance Program (“SEGIP”):

• As your employer, we offer a health plan to:

  _______  All employees     ___X____   Some employees

The State Employees Group Insurance Act of 1971 sets forth the eligibility requirements for coverage under the State Employees’ Group Insurance Program (SEGIP).  For further information concerning eligibility requirements, see the State of Illinois Employees’ Benefits Handbook at www.benefitschoice.il.gov.

• With respect to dependents:

  _______ We do not offer coverage      ___X____   We do offer coverage

An employee may, at additional cost, choose to provide coverage for eligible dependents.

Eligible dependents of the employee include a Spouse, Same-Sex Domestic Partner (enrolled prior to June 1, 2011), Civil Union Partner (enrolled on or after June 1, 2011), Child from birth to age 26 including Natural child, Adopted child, Stepchild or child of a Civil Union Partner, Child for whom the employee has permanent legal guardianship, Adjudicated child for whom a U.S. court decree has established an employee’s financial responsibility for the child’s medical, dental or other healthcare, Adult Veteran Child and Disabled Child.

For more information regarding dependent coverage, see the State of Illinois Employees’ Benefits Handbook at www.benefitschoice.il.gov.

  ___X____  If checked, this coverage meets the minimum value standard, and the cost of this coverage to you is intended to be affordable, based on employee wages.

September 18, 2013
CMS Notice: Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages from Other Jurisdictions

The following notice was provided by the State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services (“CMS”):

“Recently, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) ruled that same-sex couples, legally married in jurisdictions that recognize same-sex marriages, will be treated as married for federal income tax purposes. The ruling applies even if the couple resides in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriages, such as Illinois. CMS will soon be updating the Civil Union Partner & Domestic Partner FAQs on their website soon to reflect this change.

NOTE: This ruling does not impact all civil union partnerships. Opposite sex civil union partnerships are not impacted nor are same-sex civil union partnerships that do not have an underlying marriage license.

The Ruling:

  • Members who provide a same-sex marriage certificate from a jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex marriage are eligible to cover their spouse for group insurance purposes, are eligible for pretax premium deductions and will not be subjected to imputed income. A complete list of states, countries and other jurisdictions that recognize same-sex marriage is provided at the end of this notice.
  • This ruling, which becomes effective September 16, 2013, is considered a qualifying change in status which will allow the same changes to coverage that a new marriage would, i.e. adding the spouse, adding stepchildren, opting out of or enrolling in the program, etc. If the member is already married, any enrollment change request must be made within 60 days of September 16, 2013, to be permitted. The effective date will be the date of the request or September 16, whichever is later. For any subsequent marriages, the normal 60-day rule will apply.
  • The IRS has indicated that legally married same-sex couples are allowed to file amended tax returns for tax years 2010, 2011 and 2012. It is through these amendments that members can receive credit for any taxes they paid on imputed income during those years.”

All employees who are legally married and wish to cover a spouse must provide documentation of the marriage when adding the spouse to their health insurance coverage. If you are currently covering a same-sex domestic partner or civil union partner on your CMS health insurance, and you have a valid same-sex marriage certificate from another state, country or jurisdiction, then you will need to submit a copy (not the original) of the marriage certificate and a paper Group Insurance Enrollment form to the Office of Human Resources – Benefits Department, Rendleman Building, Room 3210, Edwardsville, IL, 62026-1040.  The “same-sex spouse” relationship change will eliminate imputed income. After receiving your marriage documentation, any children receiving coverage as a ‘civil union child’ will change to a ‘stepchild’.  Employees will receive a CMS verification form reflecting these changes.  CMS will also send a letter to anyone who has a same-sex civil union or domestic partner on their insurance coverage advising them of this ruling. 

Jurisdictions which recognize same-sex marriages include:

  • Rhode Island (August 1, 2013)
  • Minnesota (August 1, 2013)
  • Delaware (July 1, 2013)
  • Maryland (January 1, 2013)
  • Maine (December 7, 2012)
  • Washington (December 5, 2012)
  • New York State (July 24, 2011)
  • New Hampshire (January 1, 2010)
  • Connecticut (Civil Union Partners allowed October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2010. Civil Unions merged into marriages October 1, 2010)
  • District of Columbia (March 3, 2010)
  • Vermont (September 1, 2009)
  • Coquille Nation, Oregon (May 20, 2009)
  • Iowa (April 24, 2009)
  • Massachusetts (May 17, 2004)
  • California (May 15, 2008 through November 4, 2008 and since June 26, 2013)

These countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay and New Zealand

Employee of the Month
Sepember 16, 2013

[IMAGE: photo of John Renken]

John Renken, Architect II, Facilities Management is the recipient of the September Employee Recognition Award. Mr. Renken was nominated by Roberto Canessa, Campus Architect, Facilities Management.

John Renken demonstrated the strength of his total commitment in bringing the New Science Building to a successful completion, including not only the long construction schedule, but also for coordinating the move from the Old Science Building as well. He performed with grace and tenacity, working with active partnerships in a climate of collaboration and cooperation among contractors, consultants, and faculty, evidencing his high regard for the high quality student learning environment that the building will provide. The difficult and large move was completed on time and within budget.

In addition, John is in charge of the new Multidisciplinary Laboratories for the School of Dental Medicine in Alton, under construction, another demanding project, where he is demonstrating unswerving dedication to high quality standards. John has demonstrated commitment, determination, and attention to detail in all the projects under his supervision, large and small, consistent with the premier status to which SIUE aspires.

-Roberto Canessa

I want to thank the Campus Architect, Roberto Canessa, and everyone else who supported my nomination for this award. I have the opportunity of working with so many talented people within my department as well as distinguished faculty and administrators throughout the Edwardsville and Alton campuses. Being a SIUC alumnus I consider it a privilege to be a member of the SIUE community and look forward to the challenges and opportunities it provides.

-John Renken

Please join us in congratulating John Renken as the Employee of the Month on September 20th at 10:00 am in the Supporting Services’ Conference Room. You can also send John a congratulatory email at jrenken@siue.edu

Questions or comments should be directed to Amy Darte at adarte@siue.edu or ext. 2324.


Employee of the Month

August 19, 2013

[IMAGE: Photo of Crystal Connoyer]

Crystal Connoyer, Building Service Worker, Facilities Management is the recipient of the August Employee Recognition Award. Ms. Connoyer was nominated for the award by numerous members of the Faculty and Staff that work in Peck Hall.

Peck Hall shines and is a nice place to work because of Crystal and her “can do” attitude. She is committed to her job and demonstrates a team player attitude. While remaining consistently pleasant, she approaches all daily tasks with a smile and a sense of dedication. Her diligence, energy, and sense of humor make her a joy to be around. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help when needed.

Crystal is a valued asset in Peck Hall, and we feel that she exemplifies the qualities of the Employee of the Month.

~Faculty and Staff, Peck Hall

Crystal is always trying her best to assist others with a smile on her face. She constantly adjusts her schedule to work around the needs of others. Crystal is definitely an asset to our department.

~Mark Janes, Building Services Supervisor.

I would  to thank all the Faculty and Staff of Peck Hall for the honor of this nomination. I also want to thank my Supervisor, Mark Janes for his kind words.

~Crystal Connoyer

Please join us in congratulating Crystal Connoyer as the Employee of the Month on Thursday August 22nd at 3:30pm in Peck Hall, Room 3117.

You can also send Crystal a congratulatory email at cconnoy@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext 2127.

Employee of the Month
July 11, 2013


Jennifer Barnhart, Research Associate, Illinois Educational Research Council, is the recipient of the July Employee Recognition Award. Mrs. Barnhart was nominated for the award by Eric Lichtenberger, Associate Director for Research.

Ever since I had the opportunity to supervise Mrs. Barnhart, I have witnessed her dedication to the Illinois Education Research Council, as well as the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville community as a whole. Mrs. Barnhart is able to balance numerous and wide-ranging responsibilities in a professional and efficient manner. She provides top notch research support with to everyone at the IERC, in addition to other researchers, faculty, and staff from SIUE. Above and beyond her work ethic, her positive attitude is somewhat contagious in the office. Mrs. Barnhart does not shy away from difficult work and is always willing to lend a hand or provide words of encouragement.

~Eric Lichtenberger, Associate Director, Illinois Education Research Council

Since my arrival at SIUE I have been continually amazed at the high workload Jennifer undertakes, the quality of her work, and her commitment to the unit and to SIUE. She always has a wonderful attitude and professional demeanor. Jennifer is one of the most efficient, helpful, and talented individuals I have worked with. I feel so lucky to have her on our staff.

~Janet Holt, Executive Director, Illinois Education Research Council

Mrs. Barnhart's contributions at the IERC have been pivotal in enhancing the research profile of the Center and in creating a cooperative environment between our two offices. Mrs. Barnhart is a skilled team member with expertise in research support technologies and activities. Mrs. Barnhart's unerring friendliness and professional demeanor contribute to a positive working environment. Mrs. Barnhart not only shows tremendous patience and generosity, she also demonstrates a willingness to improve professional knowledge across the institution.

~Jerry B. Weinberg, Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

I'd like to thank my supervisor, Eric Lichtenberger, for taking the time to do the paperwork to nominate me and those who supported my nomination (you know who you are!). I am indeed honored. Over the past 10+ years, the staff of the IERC has been supportive of my work, has challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone, and allowed me and my position to grow. For all of this, I am truly blessed.

~ Jennifer Barnhart, Recipient

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer Barnhart as the Employee of the Month on Friday July 19th at 10:30 am in Room 0107 Alumni Hall.

You can also send Jennifer a congratulatory email at jebarnh@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext 2127.

Employee of the Month
June 12, 2013


Summer Murphy, Benefits Counselor, Office of Human Resources, is the recipient of the June Employee Recognition Award. Mrs. Murphy was nominated for the award by Jayne Defend, Associate Director, Office of Human Resources.

Summer works as a Benefits Counselor in Human Resources and performs this function very well. Summer handles a multitude of Benefits tasks, but most importantly she oversees FMLA Administration for the university. In doing so, she is involved with a large volume of confidential and sensitive information about employees and their families. Summer is respectful and discreet about these matters. She is kind, considerate and compassionate to our employees and is always helpful.

Summer is also the lead person for our annual Benefits Fair. She is organized and a good team leader and makes the event such a success. She plans, communicates, and coordinates with many different vendors and campus departments. She does a good job too about keeping others updated on the many different moving parts.

Summer likes to perform well on everything she completes and that really shows. Overall, she is such a positive person to work with and we are fortunate to have her in Human Resources. She is engaged in her position and really excels at it!

~Jayne Defend

I've been a part of the SIUE community since 2000 when I first arrived as a student. SIUE holds a special place for me as a student and an employee, and I have enjoyed working here for the past five years. We have a great team of employees in Human Resources. I want to give a special shout out to the Benefits Staff and the Frappuccino Group.

Thank you for my nomination and this honor!

~Summer Murphy

Please join us in congratulating Summer Murphy as the Employee of the Month on Wednesday June 19th at 10:30am in the Office of Human Resources.

You can also send Summer a congratulatory email at summurp@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext 2127.

Employee of the Month
May 20, 2013


Sherie Gottlob, Office Support Associate at the School of Dental Medicine, is the recipient of the May Employee Recognition Award. Ms. Gottlob was nominated for the award by Dr. Poonam Jain, Director, Community Dentistry.

Ms. Sherie Gottlob has worked as the Administrative Assistant for the sections of Community Dentistry and Practice Management for over five years now. Ms.Gottlob is an extremely organized, dedicated, sincere and balanced individual. She is exceptionally reliable and once she sets her mind to a task, does not stop till it is completed and completed well. In spite of the numerous responsibilities Sherie has in her role, she is never overwhelmed. She has been a great asset to the Section of Community Dentistry. She is highly motivated, yet quiet and very calm. She is very well mannered and has a wonderful personality. Sherie displays: maturity, compassion, an eagerness to learn and always greets students, fellow workers and faculty with a smile.

Sherrie has helped organize the Community Dentistry activities that students participate in. She was instrumental in digitizing the feedback we seek from public school teachers and administrators of schools where our dental students make oral health presentations. Sherie has also helped obtain and organize feedback from our students on each Community Dentistry event they participate in. She assists me in searching for new, validated teaching tools for promoting oral health to various populations. These are just a few examples of the ways in which Ms.Gottlob has helped the section of Community Dentistry. Sherie routinely goes above and beyond her responsibilities to facilitate students in accomplishing Community Dentistry activities and in ensuring the smooth running of our programs.

~Dr. Poonam Jain

I would like to say a big Thank You to Dr. Poonam Jain for nominating me for this award honor. It is truly a great experience working for her and Dr. Keith Dickey in my sections of Community Dentistry and Practice Management at the School of Dental Medicine. In my job covering both sections I get to interact with all of our students and it's great to work with them throughout their time spent here from first year dental students to graduating dentists! We have such a great working environment here I have been blessed with "landing" in our fantastic department!

~Sherie Gottlob

The Recognition Ceremony for Sherie Gottlob - SIUE May Employee of the Month will be held; Friday May 31 st @ 9:00am at the School of Dental Medicine Building 286.

Please join us in congratulating Sherie Gotlob as the Employee of the Month.

You can also send Sherie a congratulatory email at sgottlo@siue.edu.

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext 2127.

Employee of the Month
March 8, 2013


Grete Graf, office Support Specialist in the Office of the Chancellor, is the recipient of the March Employee Recognition Award. Ms. Graf was nominated for the award by Kim Durr, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor.

Grete has worked at SIUE and in the Chancellor's Office since July 2009 and, since day one, has contributed greatly to the efficiency, productivity, and all around positive atmosphere of the office. She is the consummate professional with a high degree of integrity as well as grace under pressure. Grete is quick to accept new challenges and handles them with apparent ease; her problem-solving skills are epic!

In addition to her exceptional individual office abilities, Grete does an outstanding job of supporting her office team. She has earned the respect of all her co-workers and is very quick to offer assistance and to act as a resource for others. She maintains a calm, cool and collected demeanor even when faced with multiple deadlines and requests. In addition, as the office's student worker supervisor, Grete serves as a mentor by exemplifying effectiveness, accuracy and collegiality, giving students an excellent example upon which to model their own professional abilities.

Grete serves in a supporting role to several key committees on campus and is very well-respected by those committee memberships. Her contributions include not only administrative support, but also historical knowledge as she is very skilled at retrieving information that is important to planning of current and future University initiatives.

While she is consistently outwardly focused when it comes to supporting the Chancellor's Office team, part of that support depends on her pursuit of self-improvement as related to her individual skills and knowledge. Grete has taken the initiative to promote her professional skills through both courses directly relating to her office tasks as well as those that are relevant to her academic studies. In all areas, Grete enhances the image of the SIUE Chancellor's Office and we are exceptionally lucky to have her as a part of the SIUE family.

~Kim Durr

I am blessed to work with so many wonderful people, both in my office and in other departments across campus. Special thanks to Chancellor Furst-Bowe and Kim Durr for all their support! I have enjoyed my time thus far at "the e" and it is a privilege to be part of the team!

~Grete Graf

Please join us in congratulating Grete Graf as the Employee of the Month on Monday, March 18th at 11:00am in Chancellor's Office Suite, Rendleman Hall 3316.

You can also send Grete a congratulatory email at ggraf@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext 2127.

Benefits and Wellness Fair
March 7, 2013


The annual Employee Benefits and Wellness Fair will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2013, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This event is held in conjunction with the Chancellor's Walk and the Staff Senate BBQ.


This year's Fair will be held in the Meridian Ballroom of the Morris University Center.

Employee of the Month
February 11, 2013


Robin Manning, Stores Supervisor for the School of Dental Medicine, is the recipient of the February Employee Recognition Award. Ms. Manning was nominated for the award by Derek Forrester, Director, School of Dental Medicine.

Robin is a natural leader and always brings out the best in those around her. Our Students, Residents, Faculty, and Staff all know Robin on a first name basis. Robin is always willing to contribute to the greater good of the team and the clinics would not run as well if she did not perform her role as well as she does. Robin is responsible to ensure that all necessary supplies and instruments required to treat our patients are available in all of our clinics. Her extensive dental assisting and supervision background of the clinic dispensing area has given her the unique skills to excel as a Stores Supervisor. She began her career with the School of Dental Medicine as a Dental Assistant and has been promoted several times since and has been very successful in each of the new positions. Robin is dedicated, motivated and willing to learn new methods to ensure that the dental clinics continue to treat patients and educate dental students. Robin is innovative, resourceful, and independent, she is self-motivated and is continually thinking about ways to improve clinical operations. Robin is among the most conscientious and productive employees at the School of Dental Medicine and is always very pleasant (even when the going gets tough). Robin handles her duties and responsibilities with little or no supervision and is always available to help wherever and whenever her help is needed. It is a genuine joy to have Robin at the School of Dental Medicine.

~Derek Forrester

I want to thank my supervisor Derek Forrester for nomination me for this honor. The School of Dental Medicine has been a big part of my life for the past 24 years. I've had the opportunity to work with a great bunch of people from staff, faculty, vendors and especially the students, whom I've got to see become great dentists.

~Robin Manning

Please join us in congratulating Robin Manning as the Employee of the Month on

Monday, February 25 th at 3:00pm at the School of Dental Medicine, Building 263 Roller Hall in Alton, Illinois.

You can also send Robin a congratulatory email at rmannin@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext 2127.

View and Print Your W-2 Early
January 10, 2013

SIUE Employees, Retirees, Student Workers and Graduate Assistants have access to view and print your 2012 W-2, once they are available, through Banner Self Service via CougarNet and consent has been provided. Accessing your W-2 through Banner Self Service allows you to obtain your W-2 early.

In order to access your W-2 early, you must first log into Banner Self Service via CougarNet and provide electronic consent. This means you agree to print your W-2 from this site and will receive it sooner than if it was mailed to you. Once you provide the electronic consent, you can view and print your 2012 W-2's as many times as needed and you can access prior year's W-2's, back to 2008.

If you do not provide consent to obtain your W-2 this way, your 2012 W-2 will be mailed to you at the end of January 2013.

If you provided this consent in a previous year and have not contacted Payroll since to have it revoked, it is not necessary to provide consent again. Your 2012 W-2 and previous years's W-2's back to 2008 will be available to you through Banner Self Service. An email notification will be sent out when the 2012 W-2's are available.

Additional information is available through FAQ's at: http://www.siue.edu/humanresources/faq.shtml

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at payrollhr@siue.edu.

The Office of Human Resources is committed to improving our services to the campus community and we encourage you to take the time and visit Banner Self Service.

Employee of the Month
January 9, 2013


Vicki Kruse, Office Support Associate for University Governance, is the recipient of the January Employee Recognition Award. Ms. Kruse was nominated for the award by Keith Becherer, Staff Senate President.

Vicki always maintains the highest levels of professionalism and excellence in her vital role with the University. She is essential to the smooth operations of this critical office on campus and is truly an individual who accomplishes many tasks.

Her position is unique in the sense that she serves two important entities, Faculty Senate and Staff Senate. She handles the complexity and volume of work with enthusiasm and 110% commitment. She is truly an asset to the University. She has earned high praise and respect from multiple Senators for her outstanding work accomplishing numerous tasks.

~Keith Becherer

Ms. Kruse shows dedication to high standards in all of her work. She is kind and patient in her interactions with a large number of individuals. In every instance, Ms. Kruse shows integrity and commitment to doing an excellent job.

~Dr. Rhonda W. Comrie

I want to send a big thank you to Keith Becherer for the nomination and Dr. Rhonda Comrie for supporting it. I am truly blessed to be able to work for such kindhearted talented people. Working for the Faculty Senate is like a learning marathon where I am continually learning something new, and I love that part of my job. Many thanks to Kim Durr for her continued support also.

~Vicki Kruse

Please join us in congratulating Vicki Kruse as the Employee of the Month on Thursday January 24 th at 3:30pm in the University Governance Office located in the basement of Rendleman Hall Room 0103.

You can also send Vicki a congratulatory email at vkruse@siue.edu .

Questions or comments should be directed to LaToya Scroggins at lscrogg@siue.edu or ext 2127.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, national origin or sex in violation of Title VII.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville prohibits discrimination against employees, applicants for employment and students on the basis of age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran's status.

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