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Human Resources
Human Resources
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The table below provides links to various HR forms that employees and other affiliated individuals may need to complete during the course of their employment or affiliation with SIUE. Please use the following key to identify forms by employment class or affiliation.


- All Eligible Employees (EE) - Civil Service (CS) Other (O) and Volunteers
- Administrative & Professional Staff (AP) n Non-Exempt g Grad/Teaching Assistants
- Faculty (F) e Exempt s Student Workers
+ Plus Extra-Help b Illinois Board Members
f Fiscal Officers
i Independent Contractors
m Minors

Form Name EE AP CS F O Category
[IMAGE: dot] Absence Request - Leave: Absence
[IMAGE: dot] Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status - + - - New Hire/Rehire/Current Employees
[IMAGE: dot] Alternative Work Schedule Proposal - - Work Schedule
[IMAGE: ] Applicant Data Collection - - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: dot] Appointment Approval Form for Administrative & Professional Staff - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: dot] Appointment Approval Form for Faculty - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: ] Authorization for Release of Information - New Hire/Rehire


Current Employees
[IMAGE: dot] Civil Service Appointment Change Form - Current Employees
[IMAGE: dot] Data Collection/Change for Employees & Graduate Asts. - + - g New Hire/Rehire/Current Employees
[IMAGE: ] Deferred Compensation - Financial: Deferred Compensation
[IMAGE: pdf] Department Time Entry & Approval
- Payroll: Department Time Entry & Approval for Hourly Paid Positions
[IMAGE: pdf] Dependent Coverage Certification - Health, Dental & Vision
[IMAGE: ] Direct Deposit
- Payroll: Direct Deposit
[IMAGE: ] Disclosure Report of Proposed Non-University Activities and Financial Interests
[IMAGE: ] Drug Test Consent - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: dot] Educational Loan Default Statement - + - New Hire


[IMAGE: pdf]

Employee Excellence Program Supervisor's Guide

Supporting Forms 

- e, n, - Performance: Annual Appraisal and Probationary Review
[IMAGE: doc] Employee Recognition Program - - - Performance: Recognition
[IMAGE: doc] Employee Termination - - - g Leave: Termination
[IMAGE: doc] Employing Minors - Terms, Conditions, & Self Assessment Tool m New Hire/Rehire


ESL Teacher Substitution Pay Form

- Current Employees
[IMAGE: pdf] Ethics Illinois Board Appointees & Board Employees b New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: pdf]

2017 Ethics Illinois Public University Employees

- + - gs

New Hire/Rehire/Current Employees

[IMAGE: pdf]


Family & Medical Leave Act

Medical Certifications (please choose one):

- Leave: Absence
[IMAGE: dot] Foreign National (NRA) - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: ] Grievance (Non Represented Employees) - - Grievance
[IMAGE: ] Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and State of Illinois Health Coverage - Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: pdf] Health Plan Claim: Quality Care - Health, Dental & Vision
[IMAGE: pdf] I-9 - + - g New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: dot] Independent Contractor Analysis i New Hire/Rehire/Independent Contractors
[IMAGE: dot] Job Change Request - - Current Employees
[IMAGE: pdf] Life Insurance: Minnesota Life - Financial: Life Insurance
[IMAGE: ] Long Term Disability Enrollment Form - Leave: Long Term Disability
[IMAGE: dot] Oral English Proficiency Certification - New Hire
[IMAGE: dot] Payroll Deduction - Authorization for State Agencies - - - Payroll Deduction
[IMAGE: ] Payroll Deduction - Authorization for Union Dues - - - Payroll Deduction
[IMAGE: dot] Payroll Deduction - Revocation - - - Payroll Deduction
[IMAGE: dot] Payroll/Personnel Reporting - Payroll: Reporting Paid & Unpaid Time
[IMAGE: dot] Position Description Questionnaire - - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: dot] Position Control - - New Hire
[IMAGE: dot] Position Posting Removal Form - Position Posting Removal
[IMAGE: dot] Preferred Qualifications - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: ] Recruitment Packet - New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: ] Request for Verification of Employment - Financial: Verification of Employment
[IMAGE: ] Sabbatical - Leave: Sabbatical
[IMAGE: dot] Salary Deferral - - Financial: Salary Deferral
[IMAGE: dot] Social Security Coverage Statement* - - - New Hire/Rehire

Statement of Applicant's SURS Annuity Status

New Hire/Rehire
[IMAGE: ] Supplemental Retirement Plan Salary Reduction Agreement (403b) - Financial: Annuities

Time Sheets


- - Time Reporting
[IMAGE: dot] Tuition Waivers

Tuition Waiver Forms for SIUE Employees:

*SIUE Employees attending SIU Carbondale must fill out the following form in conjunction with the Employee Tuition Waiver for Attendance at Other IL State Universities:SIU Carbondale Tuition Waiver Form - SIUE Employees (Complete Once A Semester)

Tuition Waiver Forms for SIUE Employee Dependents:

Tuition Waiver Forms for Other IL State University Employees:

Tuition Waiver Forms for Dependents of Other IL State University Employees:

Out-of-State Dependents/Spouses of SIUE Employees:

- Financial: Waiver
[IMAGE: dot] Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting - Leave: Unused Time upon employee termination, retirement, or death
[IMAGE: dot] Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA) Leave Request Form Leave: Absence
[IMAGE: pdf] Volunteer Agreement Form b Volunteers
[IMAGE: ] W-4 Employee Withholding Form (return completed W-4's to Payroll) - + - g Payroll: Tax Withholding
[IMAGE: dot] Waiver of Payment - - Financial: Waiver
[IMAGE: pdf] Workers' Compensation Employee Packet - Leave: Workers' Compensation

* Excludes Extra-Help, hourly paid Adjunct Staff, F1/J1 Visa holders, and faculty with a contract for less than 4 months.
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