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Tax Sheltered Annuities, Supplemental Retirement Plans (403b) & Investments

A tax-deferred annuity is a voluntary program adopted by employers to help their employees plan for retirement. Your tax-deferred annuity (403b) is one of the best optional retirement funding vehicles available today.

How does it work?
Through payroll deduction, pre-tax dollars are invested in the account of your choice, reducing your current taxable income. Investment earnings accumulate and compound on a tax-deferred basis until you retire. The 2015 limit for deferral is currently $18,000 for employees under age 50 and $24,000 for employees age 50 and older. 

Plan Administrator Signature
Employers are required to administer plans with control and oversight. One component of this control requires employers to act as Plan Administrators and sign all transactions with vendors for loans, hardship withdrawals, rollovers, and transfers for current and past employees. In the past, no Plan Administrator signature was necessary. Current and previous SIUE employees, and in some cases their beneficiaries, need the employer's signature to complete these transactions.

Hardship Distribution Requests 
Please be advised that if you need to seek a hardship distribution request, you first must meet the hardship distribution requirements per the SIUE Supplemental Retirement Plan which are governed by the IRS.  Those requirements include obtaining all eligible distributions first, including loans and having an immediate and heavy financial need meeting the specific items listed in Section 6.06 of the Plan.  Plan Administrators must be presented and must maintain copies of the financial information and documentation to substantiate the immediate and heavy financial need. That recordkeeping request is a requirement of the IRS for  403b hardship distributions.

Plan Loan Requests
Please be advised that if you plan to seek a loan for the purchase or construction of your primary residence and request a repayment period in excess of five years, the Plan Administrator must obtain documentation of the home purchase before the loan is approved. Plan Administrators must be presented and must maintain documentation verifying that the loan proceeds were used to purchase or construct a primary residence, if the repayment period is in excess of five years. That requirement is specific per the IRS for a 403b loan with a repayment period exceeding five years.


Please contact the representatives listed below for prospectuses and necessary forms.

Ryan A. Brown, CFP®
Evergreen Wealth Strategies
807 West Highway 50, Suite 6
O'Fallon, IL 62269
Phone: 618/628-3400
Fax: 618/624-8397
Cell: 618/670-8350
Email: rbrown@evergreenstl.com
Website: www.evergreenstl.com
Electronic Brochures:
AXA Group Variable Annuity Investment Portfolio Expenses Chart [IMAGE: pdf]
AXA Group Variable Annuity Investment Flyer [IMAGE: pdf]
AXA Group Variable Annuity Fact Card [IMAGE: pdf]
AXA Group Variable Annuity Brochure [IMAGE: pdf]

Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company
Peggy L. Klostermann-Elliott, ChFC
Silver Creek Financial
1412 Broadway
Highland, IL 62249
Phone: 618/651-9800, Ext. 23
Email: pelliott@silvercreekfin.com
Electronic Brochures:
Advantages of a TSA [IMAGE: pdf]
An Educational Guide for TSA Participants [IMAGE: pdf]
About Peggy L. Klostermann Elliott [IMAGE: pdf]

Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association (TIAA-CREF)
Melvin L. Ballenger
Financial Consultant|Field Consulting Group 
4625 Lindell Blvd, Suite 501 
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: 314/763-6724
Fax: 312/332-2276 
Email: Melvin.Ballenger@tiaa-cref.org
Website: tiaa-cref.org/moc
Electronic Brochures:
Roth Contributions (403b) [IMAGE: pdf] Available Soon
Your Guide to Tax Deferred Annuities [IMAGE: pdf]

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