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Employee Service Award Recipients

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville recognizes all eligible employees who have reached service milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40+ years of service.

Congratulations to the following employees who are the 2014 Service Awards recipients:

10 Years of Service
Penny J. Aldrich, MUC Food Service
Alicia L. Alexander, Speech Communication
Amanda J. Armon, Univ Services to ESL
Karen L. Bassimer, Univ Services to ESL
Keith E. Becherer, Campus Recreation
Keith A. Berry, Facilities Mgmt
Mary A. Billops, Univ Services to ESL
Paula J. Birke, Financial Affairs
Tamara L. Bowler, MUC Food Service
Phillip M. Brown, Inst Rsch and Studies
Carl A. Bryan, MUC Administration
Todd C. Burrell, Admissions
Belinda J. Candela, Dental Med, School of
Karen A. Carter, Stu Financial Aid
Pamela D. Cobb, Provost and VC (Admin)
Phyllis L. Davis, Stu Financial Aid
Cristina De Meo, Chemistry
Riza Demirer, Economics and Finance
Anthony M. Denkyirah, Spec Ed and Comm Dsord
P. A. Dirks-Linhorst, Soc and Crim Just Stu
Lloyd E. Eardley, Facilities Mgmt
Leasa L. Ferry, Accounts Payable
Debra A. Flood, Univ Services to ESL
Linda L. Forbringer, Spec Ed and Comm Dsord
Laura E. Fowler, Historical Studies
Dylan T. Gither, Univ Services to ESL
Jack Glassman, Physics
Gireesh V. Gupchup, Pharmacy, School of
Stacey L. Haas, Lovejoy Library
Frank E. Hanes, Campus Recreation
Jacqueline M. Hannah, Univ Services to ESL
Suzzanne L. Heberer, Stu Financial Aid
Edmund K. Hershberger, Management and Mktg
Elza N. Ibroscheva, Mass Communications
Anne B. Kates, Registrar
Christopher L. Knetzer, Housing
Robert W. Leander, Elec and Computer Engr
Katherine A. Ledford, Engr, School of (Admin)
Koung H. Leem, Mathematics and Stat
Gregory Littmann, Philosophy
Gina Lizotte, MUC Food Service
Linda L. Ludlow, Univ Services to ESL
Mark S. Luer, Pharmacy, School of
Florence Maatita, Soc and Crim Just Stu
Ada E. Malvin, Univ Services to ESL
Edward P. Matecki, Facilities Mgmt
Bonnie L. Mc Neil, MUC Food Service
Robin L. Meier, MUC Food Service
Douglas H. Meyer, Lovejoy Library
Jeffrey L. Minnie, MUC Administration
Tronda A. Minnie, Facilities Mgmt
Gail E. Munneke, Res and Proj Fiscal Mgt
Lawrence P. Norcio, Chemistry
Nathaniel A. O'Steen, Facilities Mgmt
Laura A. Pawlow, Psychology
Sally A. Perry, Pri Care/Hth Sys Nur
Therese I. Poirier, Pharmacy, School of
Sherry L. Pomatto, Police Svcs
Jeffrey S. Price, Academic Computing
Carol A. Pulley, MUC Food Service
Howard Rambsy, English Lang and Lit
Reginald K. Randolph, Nursing, School of (Admin)
Aaron M. Rich, Facilities Mgmt
Kimberly N. Robinson, Univ Services to ESL
Nicola J. Schmidt, English Lang and Lit
Trisha N. Simmons, Res and Proj Gen Ofc
Clifford L. Spickerman, Facilities Mgmt
Jason A. Swagler, Music
Kevin D. Tayon, MUC Food Service
Melissa A. Thomeczek, Educ Leadership
Frances L. Tompkins, Admin Accounting
Valerie A. Vogrin, English Lang and Lit
Diana L. Ward, MUC Administration
Steven M. Ward, Nat Corn Eth Rsch Ctr
Bradford R. White, IL Educ Rsch Council
Susan D. Wiediger, Chemistry
Elizabeth A. Wiemers, Curriculum and Instr
Russell Williams, Dental Med, School of
Jerry D. Woods, Information Technology Srvcs
Kathy J. Woulfe, MUC Food Service
Amanda S. Wright, Facilities Mgmt
Walter L. Wright, Facilities Mgmt
Ned P. Zini, Facilities Mgmt

15 Years of Service
Amanda J. Bahr-Evola, Historical Studies
Novia A. Banks, Univ Services to ESL
Katherine M. Bouman, Lovejoy Library
Patrick D. Bruder, Facilities Mgmt
Wendy R. Bunker, Housing
Tracey S. Burris, Univ Services to ESL
Sue E. Cavaletti, Bursar
Diane K. Chappel, Administration, VC
Kade P. Cole, Information Technology Srvcs
Veronica A. Corradini, Bursar
Verlyn J. Cox, MUC Food Service
Conrad Crook, Univ Services to ESL
Drew A. Dolan, Pub Adm and Pol Analys
James R. Dorethy, Theater and Dance
Robert D. Douglas, Dental Med, School of
Kerry B. Doyle, Geography
Xanthe A. Emerick, Registrar
Dale H. Fellhauer, Transportation Svc
Alan H. Gaffney, Information Technology Srvcs
Sandra L. Goodman, MUC Food Service
Jeanne M. Gyuriseck, Inst Compliance, Ofc
Gary R. Hicks, Mass Communications
Michael C. Huddle, Information Technology Srvcs
Cheryl L. Jackson, Nursing, School of (Admin)
Lora L. Johnson, Police Svcs
Danny P. Keeton, Police Svcs
Dolores J. Klein, Arts and Sci, Coll of (Admin)
Steven P. Klein, Computer Science
Patricia A. Koertge, Admin Accounting
Kenneth R. Kutter, Housing

15 Years of Service cont'd
Cleota R. Lakin, Dental Med, School of
Dale A. Louis, Facilities Mgmt
Albert C. Luo, Mech and Indus Engr
Joji F. Mafla, Univ Services to ESL
Trisha C. McCulloch, Early Childhood Ctr
Christy McDougal, MUC Administration
Josephine E. Morris, Accounting
Gerald V. O'Brien, Social Work
George Pelekanos, Mathematics and Stat
Ann M. Popkess, Pri Care/Hth Sys Nur
Angela G. Pulliam, Health Services
Joseph L. Raburn, Facilities Mgmt
Anushiya Ramaswamy, English Lang and Lit
Jeffrey S. Robinson, Facilities Mgmt
John R. Savoie, English Lang and Lit
Michael J. Shaw, Chemistry
Rene G. Smith, Univ Services to ESL
Sherry L. Smith, Business, School of (Central)
Patrick Spencer, Facilities Mgmt
Allison K. Thomason, Historical Studies
James R. Votsmier, Physics
Bradley K. Whetzel, Academic Computing
Jo B. Winet, Bursar
Julie A. Wojtal, Ctr for International Programs
Traci Woolfolk, Registrar
David D. Worley, Dental Med, School of
Kara M. Wright, Housing
Xudong W. Yu, Computer Science

20 Years of Service
Elaine M. Abusharbain, Biological Sciences
Brenda S. Barnard, Educational Outreach
Jill G. Beck, Police Svcs
Pamela M. Becker, MUC Food Service
Virginia L. Behrhorst, Fam Hth/Com Hth Nurs
Lollie P. Cotten, Univ Services to ESL
William D. Dusenbery, Univ Services to ESL
Bonita L. Elmore, Textbook Service
George L. Engel, Elec and Computer Engr
Diana L. Gould, Campus Recreation
Catherine L. Harmon, ROTC
Carla F. Haydon, Dental Med, School of
David A. Heth, Financial Affairs
Mary A. Jenkins, Stu Financial Aid
Beth A. Johnson, Dental Med, School of
Martin F. Land, Dental Med, School of
James E. McDermott, MUC Administration
Michael Mishra, Music
Annette M. Musenbrock, Nursing, School of (Admin)
Geert S. Pallemans, Foreign Lang and Lit
Paul Pitts, Inst Compliance, Ofc
Marguerite A. Riley, Pri Care/Hth Sys Nur
Sandra L. Rose, Dental Med, School of
Bonnie L. Sanderson, Academic Advising
Cathy R. Santanello, Pharmacy, School of
Kevin P. Schmoll, Police Svcs
Kurt E. Schulz, Biological Sciences
Edward C. Sewell, Mathematics and Stat
Nahid Shabestary, Chemistry
Kara L. Shustrin, Student Affairs, VC
Dawn M. Sparks, Bursar
Socratis Tornaritis, Computer Science
Angela S. White, Education, School of (Central)
Helen B. White, Dental Med, School of
Earl L. Wilkes, Univ Services to ESL
Eric D. Wrobbel, Speech Communication
Terry X. Yan, Mech and Indus Engr

25 Years of Service
Paul L. Anthony, Lovejoy Library
Marjorie A. Baier, Pri Care/Hth Sys Nur
Debra Brown-Thompson, Theater and Dance
Adrienne Carthon, Univ Services to ESL
Linda K. Colombara Buffo, Admissions
Gail A. Erb, Stu Financial Aid
Ralph W. Giacobbe, Management and Mktg
Sharon K. Giffhorn, Purchasing
Elke Harris-Mcintosh, Univ Services to ESL
Regina M. Hays, Police Svcs
Bradley L. Hewitt, Intercollegiate Athletics
Naomi E. Jacobs, Admin Accounting
Krzysztof M. Jarosz, Mathematics and Stat
L. A. Jaworski-Moiles, English Lang and Lit
Robin Manning, Dental Med, School of
Craig E. McIntosh, Purchasing
Sandra K. Montgomery, Intercollegiate Athletics
Sally B. Mullen, Stu Financial Aid
Wayne A. Nelson, Academic Computing
T. K. Parthasarathy, Spec Ed and Comm Dsord
Mary K. Rehkemper, Administration, VC
Ann M. Robinson, Univ Services to ESL
Michael J. Schultz, Housing
Catherine A. Sheary, Dental Med, School of
Scott R. Smith, Elec and Computer Engr
Cindy L. Tate, Information Technology Srvcs
Toni L. Taylor, Stu Financial Aid
Jan A. Wildhagen, Parking Services
Curtiseena Wilson, Univ Services to ESL
Sofia Zamanou-Erickson, Speech Communication

30 Years of Service
Deborah Y. Bailey, Univ Services to ESL
Busabun Catalano, Bursar
Angela Cotton, Univ Services to ESL
Julie A. Full-Lopez, Instructional Services
Annette Jackson, Univ Services to ESL
Lydia M. Jackson, Lovejoy Library
Edward A. Knowles, Information Technology Srvcs
Robert J. Legate, Housing
Virginia Mosley, Univ Services to ESL
Michael J. Ostrander, Campus Recreation
Dawn R. Reagan, Admin Accounting
Shari A. Renken, Information Technology Srvcs
John M. Williams, Univ Services to ESL

35 Years of Service
Richard B. Brugam, Biological Sciences
Janice L. Miller, Geography

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