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Fall 2015-Spring 2016 New Student Housing Forms

Single Student Housing Applications

Family Housing


Central Housing Office

  • Hours Exemption Form  pdf — Housing residents are required to be enrolled in 18 undergraduate credit hours over the fall-spring semesters or 12 graduate credit hours. If you are not enrolled in at least 9 or 6 credit hours in the fall semester, you are required to complete this form.
  • Permission to Access Student Housing Info  pdf — Housing residents who want to grant access to their housing account must complete this form, with their parent and/or guardian, and submit to the Central Housing Office.

Community Living

  • Space Change Request — The completed space change request form should be returned in your area community director.
  • Community Funds Packet  pdf — The completed Community Funds packet should be submitted to your Community Director.
  • Event with Alcohol Application  pdf — Completed application should be submitted to either the Cougar Village Commons or Evergreen Hall office.
  • Instructions for Residents who require Nurse/Attendant  doc — Complete a Nurse/Attendant Information Form for each nurse/attendant who will need access to your room/apartment. Submit completed form to Kathleen Gardner, Associate Director of Residence Life, SIUE Campus Box 1254. Please allow two business days for processing.
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