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Healthcare Informatics Student Handbook pdf

Statement on Attendance for BJC Students

SIUE offers the Healthcare Informatics program in a blended format, meaning that a percentage of course content may be delivered online. As this also is an accelerated program, instructors must make the best use of available course time to deliver content and create learning experiences for students..

BJC students will follow a schedule with nine concurrent course “meetings.” Instructors decide how and when to deliver content, so while it is likely that some classes will not be held in a physical classroom, students should not plan other activities during their scheduled class times. To accommodate the accelerated course schedule, BJC students may be expected to participate in a physical class meeting during a University holiday.

If the University closes due to inclement weather, BJC courses also will be cancelled. However, students should check email and Blackboard to determine whether other content is to be delivered online to accommodate the accelerated course schedule.

While there is no quantitative attendance policy, students are fully responsible for all information delivered both online and in the physical classroom.


The Capstone Experience

Capstone Project Document pdf

The master of science in healthcare informatics program emphasizes applying of state-of-the-art computing technologies to healthcare. The capstone experience is an opportunity for students to apply knowledge to a health informatics issue. Participants will choose a topic that complements their interests and demonstrates what they have learned by creating a comprehensive project with practical significance.

The capstone experience is divided into three, one-credit-hour courses, taken in sequential order in the last three academic terms. The capstone experience is made up of three areas: electronic portfolio, capstone project and capstone presentation. The portfolio allows for ongoing reflection of learning outcomes, and the presentation provides an opportunity to share both the portfolio and the project findings.

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