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Graduate Students

Civil Engineering

Master of Science

3+2 Program Available

Admission Requirements

GPA at least 2.5 overall, and 2.75 in engineering, mathematics, and science courses


4 yrs.of work experience with supporting evidence (e.g. letter of from applicant explaining why you have a lower GPA, high GRE scores, letter of recommendation from employers, PE license)

Application Deadline for Domestic Students

Spring 2014 - 12/13/13
Summer 2014 – 4/25/14
Fall 2014 – 7/18/14

Spring 2015 - 12/12/14
Summer 2015 - 4/24/15
Fall 2015 - 7/24/15

Application Deadline for International Students

June 1st for Fall Semester, October 1st for Spring Semester and March 1st for Summer Semester. For more information please see the International Student Services website at

Exit Requirements

Thesis option: 30 semester hours plus oral exam
Non-thesis option: 31 semester hours plus oral exam

Catalog Description
Department of Civil Engineering
Contact the Graduate Program Director

Graduate Program Director
Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville IL 62026-1800
(618) 650-2533

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