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Graduate Students

Student Advantages

  • SIUE graduate students have a supportive learning environment, tailored to the needs of responsible adult learners, in which they can study, develop greater competence and skill, and increase their intellectual independence. They are treated fairly and professionally.
  • SIUE graduate students have a rich intellectual environment in which they can pursue, create, apply, and disseminate new knowledge. Since SIUE is committed to the principles of intellectual openness and civility of discourse, graduate students enjoy freedom of inquiry, thought, and discussion, and the opportunity to take reasoned exception to classroom information.
  • SIUE graduate students have access to distinguished faculty. They have the opportunity to meet with, to have research directed by, and to receive classroom instruction from full-time faculty who have achieved the highest degrees awarded in their fields of study.
  • SIUE graduate students receive responsible and comprehensive instruction taught by faculty who are actively engaged in their profession through research and practice. Graduate students will receive advanced and specialized knowledge and training in theory and skills, which will prepare them for professional work and continued learning.
  • SIUE graduate students receive mentoring that supports and engages them in their learning experience. That mentoring helps the students with careful, competent, and timely advising concerning academic requirements for degree completion and graduation.
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