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The Graduate Student Travel Support Program provides funding to support travel for major paper presentations, and for certain eligible exhibits and performances by classified graduate and students in professional degree programs in Pharmacy and Dental Medicine.


This program is open to SIUE classified graduate students and students in professional degree programs in Pharmacy and Dental Medicine in good academic standing who are currently enrolled at the time of travel and making satisfactory progress toward their degrees. Students who receive any reimbursement or compensation for the presentation, exhibition, or performance are not eligible for travel support provided by this program.

Award Description

Travel Grants will be provided by the Graduate School in support of major paper presentations at significant professional conferences and major juried exhibits and performances. A "major paper" is defined as (1) one that is refereed by an external professional group or (2) one that is invited as a result of recognition of the graduate student's professional status by an external group. The latter type of paper need not be refereed, since the invitation will serve as adequate evidence that the paper is a major piece of work. Graduate students who are involved in the arts may submit requests for travel support under this program in connection with juried exhibits or performances of their work.
  1. Travel within or outside the U.S. will be supported to a maximum of $600 from the Graduate School. Students are encouraged to discuss potential supplemental sources of support with their departments and units. Please also refer to the guidelines regarding Travel Outside the Continental U.S for further guidelines.
  2. Only one trip per graduate student per fiscal year is allowed. No reimbursement can be given for payments already made prior to the fiscal year in which the request is made.
  3. Reimbursement cannot be provided for expenditures made prior to approval of the application for funding.
  4. In the case of multiple authors on a paper, poster, or presentation, R&D funding will be limited to support only one of the authors. This is often the "first author" or "principal exhibitor" or "principal performer" status, who has been invited to present at a conference. (Proof of acceptance to be included with application.) Faculty members may accompany their graduate students and students in professional degree programs to present shared research.
  5. Students are reminded that they must sign a Liability Release Form before their departure.
  6. Students travelling 3 nights or more must complete appropriate Clery Act Forms, available on the SIUE Police website.

Application Procedures

Requests for travel support under this program may be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School at any time during the year. Application is made through the appropriate School or College Dean and by using the Application for Graduate Student Travel Support Prior approval for a travel grant is required before an award can be made. Awards will not be granted for travel already completed.

Travel Outside the Continental U.S.*

Effective September 7, 2010, requests for international travel, as well as travel to Alaska and Hawaii, should be submitted by the College/School Deans directly to the Provost's Office. A written justification should be forwarded from the Deans' Offices to the Provost for approval along with the application package. Individuals should coordinate details regarding trip justification with their individual units/ schools.

If the travel is approved, state funds provided cannot exceed what is typically needed for national travel (not greater than $2000). Any cost beyond this may be from Foundation funds at the discretion of the School/College Dean, Graduate School Travel Program, ICR funds at the discretion of the School/College Dean, or is the responsibility of the traveler.

An Export License or a completed Temporary Export Form must be part of the application for Graduate School travel funding support for international travel. Laptops, PDAs/cell phones, digital storage devices, data and software are subject to federal export controls regardless of the reason for travel. Visit the Export Controls Website for more information about how export controls apply to your trip, as well as information about an export license and the Temporary Export Form.

Materials Checklist:

  • Application for Graduate Student Travel, signed by department chair and dean
  • An abstract of the paper accepted for presentation
  • Documented proof showing clear indication of peer review or special invitation
  • Proof of acceptance to conference or exhibition
  • Projected budget and justification for costs: (optional Budget Worksheet)
  • Justification needed for international travel support
  • Approval signatures from your department chair and dean
  • Liability Release Form

Evaluation of Applications

Requests for travel support under this program will be evaluated within one week from the time the applications are received by the Dean of the Graduate School and funds for the program will be disbursed on a "first come, first served" basis.

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