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Research and scholarship provide the intellectual foundation of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. In order to encourage graduate student research, the University, through the Graduate School, provides funding for research projects.
Research Grants for Graduate Students (RGGS) awards small grants on a competitive basis to support research initiated and conducted by classified graduate students to enhance their academic progress. The Graduate Student Travel Support Program provides funding to support travel for major paper presentations, and for certain eligible exhibits and performances by classified graduate students.
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Full-time and part-time graduate students in good standing are eligible for support. Students must be enrolled at SIUE during the period for which support is requested.

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Allowable Activities (Definition of Research)

The Graduate School programs provide support only for graduate student research projects. Research is broadly defined as all creative, critical, scholarly, and/or empirical activity that expands, clarifies, reorganizes, or develops knowledge or artistic perception. This definition of research includes the demonstration, implementation, application and dissemination of research results, and those grants designated as research by the granting agency.

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Ineligible Activities

DEPARTMENTAL CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT -- includes activities such as curriculum development, the preparation of curriculum materials, curriculum revisions, student interest surveys;
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT -- includes activities such as learning an established technique, a language or methodology;
INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH -- includes activities such as studies conducted related directly to the operation of the university;

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Policies and Regulations

SIUE rules, regulations, and policies regarding the use of human subjects, animal care, biosafety, hazardous waste, radioactive materials, patents and copyrights, royalties and fees, as well as other appropriate University policies apply to all the Graduate School Programs. Graduate students are responsible for following the established University compliance procedures regarding these rules and regulations. Graduate students may obtain additional information regarding these policies from the Graduate School's Office of Research and Projects.

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Fiscal Regulations

The expenditure of funds from the Graduate School programs follows normal SIUE regulations. The fiscal control and allocation of funding varies for the programs. Faculty and staff should consult each program's guidelines for specific information on the allocation and expenditure of funds.

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Proposal Review

Generally, all requests for funding from the Graduate School undergo a peer review process. The Graduate School makes an exception to this process only in the case of requests to the Research and Development (R&D) program for matching funds for travel to support the dissemination of research results. In those cases, the Graduate Dean decides the disposition of the request.

Proposals submitted to the Research Grants for Graduate Students (RGGS) program are evaluated by faculty in the students' graduate programs and then forwarded to the Graduate School. All proposals are then reviewed by the Research and Projects Advisory Board (RPAB). The RPAB makes final recommendations for funding to the Graduate Dean.

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Appeal Procedures

A graduate student may appeal the decision made regarding the review or funding of an application for a Graduate School sponsored research grant. After the Graduate School announces the awarding of grants for a competition, an individual may appeal the decision within 30 days of the announcement.

The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Graduate Dean and must describe the basis of the appeal. The Graduate Dean may refer the appeal to the Educational and Research Policies Committee of the Graduate Council for its recommendation.
Every applicant for an internal grant has the right to know the basis on which his or her proposal was evaluated. Applicants may request a critique, i.e., a summary of the reviewers' comments. This summary will be provided by the Office of Research and Projects and it may include a summary of the department research committee's comments.

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