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Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t know what I want to do. What graduate program can I go into?

Take a look at the program descriptions listed online in the graduate catalog. If you have questions contact Graduate Admissions at (618) 650-3705.

What programs do you offer at the graduate level?

We offer more than 40 master’s degree programs plus specialist degrees, post-baccalaureate certificates and doctoral programs. More information about these programs is available online at the Graduate School website and the Registrar’s website.

I’m interested in the _________ program; what do I need to do to get information?

First, check out our degrees. Then, contact the graduate program director or the department directly after you've selected a master’s program that meets your needs. You can find everything you need to get started in our graduate catalog. You can also call the Graduate Admissions office at (618) 650-3705 to speak with a graduate representative.

Can you send me an application, catalog and program information?

Print catalogs are no longer produced. Access information online in the graduate catalog. Access online program and application information at apply.

How long does it take to receive printed materials?

It takes about 2 weeks to receive information in the mail after it is requested. To request information email Information that is mailed can also be found online at apply.

Do I have to take the GRE/MAT/GMAT for my major?

Check the catalog or contact the department to see if a test is required. These requirements are also outlined at apply.

How do I go about taking the GRE/MAT/GMAT?

Testing Services offers the Miller's Analogy Test (MAT) on campus. Check out information on taking the Graduate Record Examination - GRE - or the Graduate Management Admission Test - GMAT - at off campus location with questions, call Testing Services: (618) 650-3717.

To find a GRE Prep course please visit GRE Prep Courses.

What is SIUE's test score code for the GRE/MAT/GMAT and TOEFL?

SIUE’s test score code is 1759. There is no additional number for a program or department.

What is the cost of tuition at SIUE?

Find out more about SIUE’s great tuition rates.Missouri residents pay the same tuition rate as Illinois residents for the first six credit hours of enrollment each semester, if enrollment does not exceed six credit hours. If a Missouri resident takes seven or more credit hours, the tuition is two and a half times the Illinois rate.

I would like to tour SIUE. Do you have tours for Graduate Students?

Yes, campus tours are available. Please contact the Office of Admissions at (618) 650-3705. You may also wish to schedule a meeting with your graduate program director at that time.

I am from outside the United States. Where can I find information about being an international student at SIUE?

Please see the International Students website.

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Application Questions

What is the difference between classified and unclassified status?

Unclassified means that you are taking courses, but have not been admitted to a graduate degree program; classified means you have chosen a specific graduate degree program.

How do I apply to graduate school?

Submit application (classified or unclassified), application fee, TOEFL score if an international student, and request official transcripts be mailed to: Graduate Admissions, Campus Box 1047, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1047. If you graduated from SIUE and did not take any additional courses since that time, you do not need to order transcripts. Some departments require an application in addition to the Graduate School application. Consult your desired graduate program for specific details.

Where can I get an application?

Applications are available online, in the Service Center, Rendleman Hall, room 1309, or at the Graduate School, Rendleman Hall, room 2202.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, $30.

When is the application deadline?

In most cases, the deadline is about a month before the start of classes, with definite dates on the application itself. For unclassified students, the deadline is no later than five days before the start of classes, and you should be aware that the classes you wish to take may be full at the beginning of the term. Please note that some graduate programs have earlier deadlines. Those are:

  • Art Studio (fall only - Feb 1);

  • Art Therapy Counseling (fall only - Feb 1);

  • Nursing (Nurse Anesthesia - summer only - June 1 for the following summer);

  • Nursing (Health Care and Nursing Administration/Nurse Educator/Family Nurse Practitioner - fall only - March 1);

  • Psychology MA/MS (fall only - January 15); Social Work (fall only - February 15);

  • Sociology (fall - July 10, spring - Nov 15, summer - April 1);

  • Speech Language Pathology (fall only - January 15); 

What about for international students?

For international students, the application deadline for classified (degree-seeking) status requires that Graduate Admissions receive all documents for admission to the Graduate School no later than July 15 for fall semester, Nov. 15 for spring semester, and April 15 for summer term.

For more information about your needs as an international student, contact International Student Services, (618) 650-3785.

As a graduate student, are there scholarship deadlines to keep in mind?

Note:If you are a new graduate student and you intend to apply for a Competitive Graduate Award (CGA), refer to the guidelines for the applications deadline.

If you apply for the CGA, but your SIUE application is incomplete, your application for the Competitive Graduate Award will be removed from consideration. Please call the Student Service Center at (618) 650-2080 or e-mail them at or call or email Graduate Admissions at (618) 650-3770. The toll-free telephone number for Graduate Admissions in Illinois is (800) 447-7483, and the toll-free national number is (888) 328-5168. International applicants may email International Graduate Admissions at

Where do I turn in my application?

Hard-copy applications can be mailed to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Office of the Registrar, Campus Box 1047, Edwardsville, IL 62026 or hand delivered to Rendleman Hall, Room 1207.  Application fees can either be mailed to the Bursar Office, Box 1042 or hand delivered to Rendleman Hall, Room 1101 or to the Service Center, Rendleman Hall, room 1309.

Electronic application and fee submission is available both for domestic and international students for classified (degree-seeking) and unclassified (non-degree seeking) applications.

You can fax your application to the Admissions Office at (618) 650-3618. You may mail a check or money order or pay online at

If I just want to take a class, but not declare a major, what do I do?

Submit an unclassified application along with the $30 application fee.

What if I need to take an undergrad class before I can be admitted into the Grad program?

Check with your advisor to obtain approval to take an undergraduate class.

How do I change my major?

Submit a new classified graduate application checking the box for “new graduate major.” If you have been an active student within nine terms of the term of admission, there will be no additional application fee. Be sure to check with the new graduate program for additional admission requirements.

How do I reapply to graduate school?

If you have not attended graduate school for three consecutive terms (a term being either summer, fall or spring), you must submit a new application, check the box for returning students, and pay the application fee of $30 if you were previously attending as a graduate student but have been out of school for nine consecutive terms.

How is graduate credit completed at another institution evaluated for my degree at SIUE?

Graduate students must request that prior credit be reviewed for applicability toward a graduate program. Request that an official transcript from the other institution be mailed directly to SIUE, Registrar's Office, Campus Box 1047, Edwardsville, IL, 62026. Submit the Graduate Student Request Form to your graduate adviser for review. The form will then be forwarded to Graduate Records for review and you and the department will be notified of the results.

I stopped attending and am returning to complete my degree. Will my prior course work be considered for completion of my program?

Graduate policy requires the completion of a master’s degree or certificate program within six years and within seven years for a specialist degree. If your course work falls within this time frame, your credit will be considered toward completion of your degree. If your credit was completed past this time frame, contact your Graduate Advisor to discuss the credit. Students can use the Graduate Student Request Form to request an exception to policy to include older course work as part of the accepted courses of the graduate program. The request must be initiated by the student and approved by the Graduate Program Director and Graduate Records.

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Post-Application Questions

How long will it take to process my application?

An unclassified application takes approximately 5 working days to process from time of receipt in the Admissions Office. For classified, it would depend on how long it takes to receive all necessary paperwork and how long it takes for departmental approval.

How do I check the status of my application?

Please call the Student Service Center at (618) 650-2080 or email them at or call Graduate Admissions at (618) 650-3770. The toll-free telephone number for Graduate Admissions in Illinois is (800) 447-7483 and the toll-free national number is (888) 328-5168. International applicants may email International Graduate Admissions at

Will the courses I completed as an unclassified graduate student at SIUE be automatically applied toward my major once admitted?

No. Unclassified credit at SIUE falls under the transfer credit policy and must be requested for transfer to the graduate degree program by submitting a completed Graduate Student Request Form to your graduate adviser for review. The request must be approved by the Graduate Program Director and Graduate Records.

Financial Assistance Questions

What Types of Federal Financial Aid are available for Graduate Students?

In 2006-07 Graduate Students received Student Direct Loans totaling more than $11 million. Other forms of Federal Student Aid awarded to Graduate and Professional Students include Federal Work Study and Perkins Loans. Graduate students are not eligible for Federal and State grants such as the Pell, SEOG, and MAP grants.

Students apply for Federal Financial Aid electronically using the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).Graduate students must be pursuing a graduate degree (classified graduate status), and be enrolled in at least 5 hours. Other eligibility criteria can be found on our website.

Where do I get more information on Federal Financial Aid?

Contact the Student Financial Aid office: (618) 650-3880 or drop by Rendleman Hall, room 2308. The Student Financial Aid Office is open 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Evening hours are available until 6:30 p.m. the first Monday and Thursday of each month during the fall and spring, and the first Monday of every month during the Summer.

Financial Aid Advisors staff phones and the front counter. If you need specialized (one-on-one) assistance our Advising Hours are 12:30-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

What sort of scholarships, assistantships, or other financial aid is available from SIUE and the Graduate School?

  • There are 19 Competitive Graduate Awards (CGA) available through the Graduate School each year. Each comes with fall and spring tuition waivers and a $930 monthly stipend for nine months.

  • There are approximately 450 Graduate Assistantships available to classified graduate students taking at least six hours of graduate credit in the fall and spring semesters, and at least 3 hours of graduate credit in the summer.

  • The Graduate Scholar Award (GSA) is offered through the Graduate School. There are 15 awards available each year, consisting of fall and spring tuition waivers. Each award consists of a tuition waiver for the fall and spring semesters.

  • The Diversifying Faculty in Illinois (DFI) Award is available through the Vice Chancellor and Provost's office. There are one or two awardees annually. Quoting from the website, the purpose of DFI is "to increase the number of underrepresented faculty and staff in Illinois institutions of higher education and higher education governing boards. The goal of DFI is to increase the number of minority full-time tenure track faculty and staff at Illinois post-secondary institutions (two- and four-year colleges and universities)…. Upon graduation, fellowship recipients are obligated to actively seek and accept, when offered, a teaching or non-teaching full-time appointment at an Illinois post-secondary educational institution for the same amount of time as funded." With questions, contact Venessa Brown: (618) 650-5867.

How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?

All the hiring is done within the individual departments so you must contact the department offering the appointment. More specific information is available in the Graduate Catalog. Call individual departments for details.

How do I go about getting my tuition waived for summer if I have a graduate assistantship?

You may be eligible for a Summer Tuition Waiver if you have had an assistantship appointment for two consecutive semesters (fall and spring), have never had a summer tuition waiver before, and if there are no assistantships available in your unit during the summer. The application form must be completed, signed by your supervisor and academic dean or director and returned to the Graduate School, Rendleman Hall, room 2202, for processing.

I’m a Graduate Assistant. When will my tuition waiver be credited?

It is an overnight batch process and takes 24-48 hours for the waiver to go through.

I’m a Graduate Assistant. My tuition waiver is not in the system. Who can help me?

Erin Miles, (618) 650-3010, will be able to help you.For other waivers, such as Cooperating Teacher Waiver, you can contact Financial Aid at (618) 650-3880.

I’m a Graduate Assistant. Will my tuition waiver be taxed?

The value of the tuition waiver for graduate course work, in excess of $5,250 annually (in a calendar year), may be reported as non-cash taxable wages on graduate stipends payroll and on Form W-2. These non-cash wages are subject to tax withholding as required by the IRS for students whose positions are not specifically classified to as “research” or “teaching” but as “general.” For questions about tax liability, contact Michelle Pugh ( or Leisa Brooks ( at (618) 650-2190.

Enrollment Questions

How do I register for classes?

Classified students must meet with their academic advisor in their major department each semester to receive a PIN before registering for classes so that they can register themselves on Cougar Net. Unclassified students may contact the Graduate School at (618) 650-3010.

When is it too late to register?

That depends. Are you a current student? When was the last time you took classes at SIUE? If you have not attended graduate school for three consecutive terms, you will need to apply for re-admission. Classes may close enrollment several months ahead of the beginning of the term, so check the availability of the class(es) that you wish to take before deciding for which term to re-apply. If classes have already started, it usually is too late to register.

Can I register for classes over the phone or online?

You will need to check with your department to find out if phone registration is offered or if an in-person meeting is preferred.

Is the class I need still open? If not, what can I do to get into it?

Check CougarNet by choosing “Course Status.” If the class is full, contact the department or go to the first class meeting, ask the professor if you can join the class and obtain a closed class card from the professor. The professor has the right to decline your request. If you receive a closed class card, you will need to take it to the Service Center to register for the class.

Where is the class I’m taking being held?

This information is available in the Schedule of Classes online or on CougarNet under course status.

As a graduate assistant, how do I gain approval to take more classes (overload) or fewer classes (underload)?

If you are a graduate assistant, you must submit an Overload/Underload form to the Graduate School, Rendleman Hall, room 2202.

Graduation Questions

Who needs to apply for Graduation?

Every graduate student who is in a master's degree program, a post-baccalaureate certificate program or a post-master's certificate program. Graduation from a certificate program is noted on the transcript and the student will receive a diploma.

How do I apply for graduation?

Applications for graduation are available online, in the Service Center and in the Graduate School. The application should be turned into the Bursar's Office with the application for graduation fee of $35.

When Must I apply for graduation?

Students must apply for graduation no later than the first day of the term in which the student expects to complete all degree requirements, including such final elements as thesis, project, recital or internship.

Can I change the date of my graduation?

Yes, you can either pick up a graduation change form available in the Service Center, email the information to the Service Center, or contact Graduate Records at (618) 650-3167 to update the term of graduation.

Do I need to be enrolled in a class in order to graduate this semester/term?

No. Enrollment in your final semester is not required in order to graduate. If you need access to University resources such as the Library, maintaining an active student status, or to keep your SIUE email account active, you can enroll in UNIV 500 for a course fee of $37.50. Contact your adviser, the Service Center,or (618) 650-2880, or Graduate Records or (618) 650-3167 to enroll in UNIV 500.

What forms are required for a thesis?

You are responsible for submitting the Registration of Thesis Title form to the Service Center, Rendleman Hall, Room 1309, by the first day of your graduation term. If you need to change the title, your thesis committee or have any questions, please contact Graduate Records in the Service Center or call (618) 650-3167 or email When you submit your final thesis to the Graduate School, the Thesis Approval Page must be included.

Where and when do I submit my thesis for review?

Submit one copy of your thesis on copy paper to the Graduate School, Rendleman Hall, Room 2202, by the Friday before finals week. Once you have met this deadline, you have four (4) weeks to submit the final version of the thesis with one on copy paper and one on 20 lb. bond paper.

When is the final version of my thesis due?

Four weeks after the end of the term (not counting finals week) in which you are graduating.

If I am completing the non-thesis option of my program, do I need to submit anything to the Graduate School?

No, submission of a paper is only required for students completing the thesis option.

Do I need to notify the Graduate School of the scheduled date of my exit requirement defense/exam/etc.?

No. Students and departments will decide upon a mutually agreeable date. The student must complete the exit requirement by the last day of finals week in their graduation term.

Since I don't wish to attend the Commencement ceremony, do I still need to apply for graduation?

Yes. All students must apply for graduation in order to graduate, regardless of whether they wish to participate in a commencement ceremony or not.

Where can I find information on Commencement?

Visit the Commencement website.


What do I need to know about parking at SIUE?

Any vehicle on campus is required to have a parking decal, which can be purchased through Parking Services, room 1113, Rendleman Hall. Lots are color-coded to match the decals. Signs at lot entrances show the color decals accepted for each lot. For more information about decals and parking regulations, contact Parking Services, (618) 650-3680.

If you have a vehicle on campus, you are required to display a valid parking decal. Student decals may be purchased at Parking Services, Room 1113 in Rendleman Hall. Lots are color coded to match the decals; signs at the lot entrances indicate the color of decals that may be used on each lot.

How do I access my online student account?

Through the University's CougarNet system. you can check the availability of classes, view your current schedule, request an unofficial transcript and view your grades. You also can check the status of your financial aid, update you local, billing and email addresses, and search the system for a student job using the Job Finder tool.

Access your account through CougarNet by following the instructions on the homepage. With additional questions, contact the Service Center, (618) 650-2080.

Is it required that graduate students complete specific health forms through Health Service?

Those born on or after Jan. 1, 1957, must provide Health Service with a completed Immunization Record Form and proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella and tetanus/diphtheria. If you do not provide the required immunization record, you will not be allowed to register for any future term at SIUE or take classes. For more information, contact Health Service, (618) 650-2842.

There also are specific requirements for International students. For more information, contact Health Service, (618) 650-2843.

Is there a place for me to live on campus?

As a graduate student, you can live in an apartment in Cougar Village or at Bluff Hall. Cougar Village provides single-student and family housing options. Bluff Hall residents occupy a four-person non-smoking suite with a common bath. Both places are close to the library, classrooms and campus events. For deposit information and more specific details, contact University Housing, (618) 650-3931.

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