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Graduate Students

Graduate Faculty Status

The Graduate Faculty

The Graduate Faculty shall consist of Graduate I and Graduate II members. Status may be accorded upon the recommendation of the graduate faculty of the appropriate department or equivalent academic unit to the Graduate Dean, whose decision will be based upon approved criteria.
  1. Graduate I Membership.
    Graduate I faculty may teach graduate courses, serve on graduate committees, direct masters theses or chair masters committees. Admission to this category shall be based on the following criteria:
    1. Possession of the appropriate terminal degree;
    2. Demonstrated competence in research, teaching, or other activity appropriate to the faculty member's special field.
  2. Graduate II Membership.
    Graduate II faculty may perform Graduate I functions and shall be authorized to direct doctoral dissertations and to chair doctoral committees. Admission to this category shall be based on the following criteria:
    1. Experience in Graduate I functions, in addition to teaching of graduate courses at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville or other institutions;
    2. Scholarly accomplishment as evidenced by one or more of these:
      1) Publications of a book or books recognized by colleagues as evidence of scholarly work;
      2) Publication of articles in recognized scholarly journals;
      3) Contributions other than books or articles - in fields such as music, theater, dance, or art which traditionally accept performances, exhibitions, and the like as evidence of academic achievement - when supported by proof of experience with the formal presentation of research findings (in the form of a thesis or dissertation, reports, manuscripts, etc.).

The Graduate Dean shall administer departmental requests for exceptions through an advisory graduate committee.

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