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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


400-3 THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD. Psychology, identification, and methods of teaching individuals with exceptionalities, including individuals with learning disabilities. Prerequisite: admission to teacher education program or instructor approval.

440-3 INFANTS AND TODDLERS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Characteristics and interactions of infants and toddlers with special needs and their families; emphasizes collaboration with families and current research, theory, and federal/state policies.

441-3 ASSESSMENT OF PRESCHOOL CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Instruments for assessment of academic, cognitive, and perceptual-motor development. Diagnosis and remediation. Prerequisite: SPE 440.

442-3 METHODS AND PROCEDURES FOR TEACHING EARLY CHILDHOOD STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES. Knowledge and skills needed to provide educational services and supports to early childhood students with disabilities and their families. (Requires 10 hours field experience) Prerequisite: SPE 440.

498-3 WORKSHOP: SELECTED TOPICS IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Topical workshop on concepts, strategies, and concerns in special education. May be repeated once to a maximum of 6 hours provided no topic is repeated.

500-3 RESEARCH IN SPECIAL EDUCATION: PREPARATION FOR FIELD BASED RESEARCH. Strengths, weaknesses, and relevance of research to field. Emphasis on interpretation of specialized research. Includes development and presentation of proposal for field based master's research project. Must be taken as first course in program sequence. Prerequisite: admission to graduate program in special education.

501-3 READINGS OR SPECIAL RESEARCH PROBLEM. Readings or research in special education. Topics and conditions approved via contract. May be repeated once to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: consent of adviser.

502-3 CHARACTERISTICS OF INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES. Provides teachers with an understanding of the characteristics of students with disabilities including ethical considerations, interventions, and educational modifications. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

504-3 PARENTS, TEACHERS, AND DISABLED CHILDREN. Prescriptive parent programming. Analysis of models of parent education and training. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

506-3 COLLABORATION, CONSULATION, AND CONDUCT IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Strategies for assisting parents with issues relating to disabilities and for collaborative teaming between school and home. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

507-3 SOCIAL SKILLS AND AFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Models for teaching social skills and affective education. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

511-3 INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT. Advanced knowledge and informal assessment strategies as applied to the identification, evaluation, and ongoing development of the individual with a disability. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

514-3 LEGAL ASPECTS OF SPECIAL EDUCATION. State and federal regulations, statutes, and court cases affecting implementation of special education services. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

515-3 ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERVISION OF SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES. Models and practices for supervision and administration of special education programs and districts. Prerequisite: SPE 514 or consent of instructor.

516-3 INSTRUCTIONAL AND ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY. Focus on enhancing the technology skills of teachers who teach students with learning/behavior problems.

517-3 SPECIAL EDUCATION FINANCE. An overview of fiscal issues in special education administration addressing certification/licensure requirements for the Illinois Director of Special Education endorsement.

518-3 WORKSHOP IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Designed to promote better understanding of psychological and educational problems of children with disabilities. May be repeated once to a maximum of 6 hours provided no topic is repeated.

519-3 COMMUNITY INSTRUCTION OF STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES. Advantages and disadvantages of community integration and instruction. Transition from school to community. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

520-3 TEACHING INDIVIDUALS WITH DIVERSE NEEDS. Advanced knowledge of issues relating philosophical, historical, and legal foundations of education, characteristics of learners, and planning for instruction. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

522-3 INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS FOR STUDENTS WITH MILD/MODERATE DISABILITIES. Emphasis on current research and application of instructional methodology. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

523-3 INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS FOR STUDENTS WITH SEVERE DISABILITIES. Program characteristics, assessment, instruction and curriculum across educational environment; data-based decision-making; collaboration and leadership in programs for students with moderate/severe disabilities.

524-3 CURRICULUM ADAPTATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES. Advanced knowledge and application of instructional strategies; students implement a curriculum development/adaptation actions research project for students who have disabilities. Prerequisites: SPE 500 and SPE 520.

530-3 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OF THE DISABLED. In-depth study of developmental disabilities; theories of early childhood education and curriculum appropriate for variety and severity of handicaps encountered in preschool classrooms. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

532-3 ASSESSMENT OF THE YOUNG CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES. Formal and informal diagnostic techniques for planning and implementing prescriptive programs. Case study evaluation, task analysis, IEP's, record keeping, child find. Prerequisite: SPE 530.

540-3 BEHAVIORAL ISSUES AND THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. Analysis of theory and practice of behavior management in special education; application in special education and general education settings is emphasized. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

542-3 REHABILITATION SERVICES AND THE DISABLED. The rehabilitation process: law, Department of Rehabilitation Services; role of secondary school work study coordinator, special educator, employer, and employment agencies; impact on community services. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

546-3 VOCATIONAL APPRAISAL AND PLACEMENT PROCEDURE. Tests and procedures used to assess individual's functional abilities, interests, and work attitudes. Methods used in selection, placement, and follow-up of individuals with disabilities. Prerequisite: SPE 500 or consent of instructor.

578-1 to 12 FIELD STUDY. School or community based educational experiences in special education required for teacher certification or professional growth and development. Prerequisite: consent of adviser.

595-3 SEMINAR: ISSUES IN SPECIAL EDUCATION AND FIELD BASED RESEARCH. Course is for advanced master's level students. Focus on the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement an action research project.

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