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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


521-3 QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS. Problem solving and fundamental quantitative methods to formulate and solve problems to support business decision making. Analysis of complex situations and communication of results. Prerequisite: MS 251 or equivalent.

522-3 DECISION MAKING IN ORGANIZATIONS. Examines the individual and group level dynamics of decision making focusing on non-quantitative issues surrounding managerial decisions and dilemmas. Prerequisite: MBA 521; must be taken in first 12 hours of MBA program.

523-3 NEGOTIATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS FOR MANAGERS. Within the framework of negotiation, this course is designed to develop individual skills needed to manage effectively including: conflict management, negotiation, and crisis/change management. Prerequisite: MBA 522.

531-3 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS. Analysis of the external environment in which business function. Focus on ethical, social, legal, and economic environments as they affect managerial responsibility and organizational performance.

532-3 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. International issues of markets, power, and culture under condition of global interdependence. Analytical framework and global perspectives needed to manage a firm's interaction with its international environment.

533-3 LEADERSHIP, INFLUENCE AND MANAGERIAL EFFECTIVENESS. Focus on diagnostic, conceptual, analytic, and interpersonal competencies needed in leadership roles; power, politics, and influence in organizations; corporate culture and leadership style; leadership and ethical decision-making.

534-3 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. Analysis, formulation, and implementation of firm's strategy studied from a general management perspective. Interrelationships between the firm and its external environment are emphasized. Prerequisites: completion of all program courses (MBA 521, MBA 522, MBA 523, ACCT 524, MKTG 525, CMIS 526, FIN 527, ECON 528, PROD 529.

595-1-3 CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN BUSINESS. Seminar focusing on interdisciplinary issues in business; emphasis is on contemporary issues facing practicing business professionals that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. May be repeated for a total of 6 hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

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