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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


430-3 COMPUTER-BASED PUBLISHING AND INSTRUCTION. Opportunities to work with various computer hardware and software systems to prepare instructional materials. Emphasis is placed on design and production of effective instructional materials.

435-3 PRODUCING INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS. Development of instructional products which integrate various digital media. Emphasis on production, visual communication, graphics, authoring environments, and evaluation of instructional software.

442-3 MEDIA SELECTION. Analysis and criteria for selecting aids and reviewing sources. Includes principles and theories of library media selection, assessment and policy for library media collection development. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

443-3 INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS. Media for preschool children and young adults. Includes comparison and evaluation of major writers,, artists, illustrators and designers of media and identification of established genres. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

448-3 CATALOGING FOR SCHOOL LIBRARIANS. Principles and skills of cataloguing all types of materials, including the use of bibliographic records, Dewey Decimal classification, and Library of Congress Subject Headings. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

450-3 USING VIDEO FOR INSTRUCTION. Instructional television as medium for learning. Emphasis on delivery systems including commercial, public, and satellite programs; teacher produced instructional sequences.

481-3 COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION: THEORY AND PRACTICE. Research on and effective methods for using computers in an educational setting and a systematic framework for integrating computers into the curriculum.

486-3 WEB DESIGN FOR INSTRUCTION. Web design concepts for educational settings, including usability concepts, web style criteria, interaction and instructional strategies, and legal/ethical issues related to web development.

490-1 to 6 SPECIAL TOPICS. Varied content. Topics of immediate concern in instructional technology field. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours.

500-3 PRINCIPLES OF INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY. Major concepts, critical issues, and research in instructional technology including historical perspectives, design models, media, development, and evaluation.

510-3 INSTRUCTIONAL SYSTEMS DESIGN. Concepts and procedures related to systematic design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instruction.

520-3 PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY. Assessment and analysis of training and educational needs; procedures for performing instructional analysis; consultation strategies.

530-3 MANAGING INSTRUCTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Systematic procedures for design, development, and evaluation of learning systems. Emphasis on consultation skills, analysis procedures, development and implementation issues, project management, and evaluation models.

540-3 DISTANCE EDUCATION. Examination of theories and applications of distance education in educational and training settings in a variety of instructional modalities.

542-3 ADVANCED REFERENCE. Evaluation of information sources including utilization of appropriate data bases in varied and specialized subject areas such as social sciences; science and technology; and literature, and humanities.

550-3 EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION. Current and emerging technologies in the field of education. Software and accessories will be utilized in a variety of instructional settings. Prerequisites: IT 500.

560-3 LEADERSHIP IN EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY. Issues related to the integration of technology in educational institutions are explored. Emphasis is given to leadership, management, professional development, planning models and integration strategies. Prerequisites: IT 481.

565-3 MANAGING TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES FOR EDUCATION. Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of a variety of operating systems, data networks and distance learning systems in educational contexts. Focus on management, support, and delivery options. Prerequisites: IT 481, IT 560.

571-1 FIELD EXPERIENCES I. Field experiences in area schools focusing on situational analysis and planning for effective technology integration practices. Prerequisite: IT 481.

572-2 FIELD EXPERIENCES II. Field experiences in area schools focusing on the design of technology-based integration strategies and the evaluation of technology-based learning experiences. Prerequisite: IT 571.

573-3 FIELD EXPERIENCES III. Field experiences in area schools focusing on technology support, management, administration, and leadership. Prerequisite: IT 572.

580-3 DESIGN OF INTERACTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS. Instructional theories and strategies for designing digital multimedia learning environments. Emphasis on design methods, interactivity, and usability issues.

582-3 DEVELOPMENT OF INTERACTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS. Principles and techniques for developing interactive learning environments using advanced authoring and production tools. Prerequisite: IT 486.

590-3 SEMINAR IN INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY. Topics in instructional technology. May be repeated once for a total of 6 hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

592-1 to 6 FIELD STUDY.Supervised study in instructional technology. Work will closely match student's educational and professional objectives. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours.

595-1 to 6 PROBLEMS IN INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY. Individual study of selected problems in instructional technology. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: consent of adviser.

596-1 DESIGN STUDIO I. Field-based experiences in the design of learning activities and utilization of appropriate tools for computer-based instructional development, including graphics, multimedia, and software authoring. Prerequisites: IT 486 and IT 500.

597-2 DESIGN STUDIO II. Field-based experience in the design and production of interactive multimedia, electronic performance support systems, internet resources, and other forms of technology-enhanced learning environments. Prerequisites: IT 510 or IT 580, and 15 hours of course work in Instructional Technology.

598-3 FINAL PROJECT. Design, development, and testing of instructional product. Proposal and defense required. Prerequisites: 30 hours toward completion of degree; consent of instructor.

599-1 to 6 THESIS. Supervised research on approved topic. Proposal and defense required. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and adviser.

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