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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


401-3 BIOMECHANICS. Mechanics of human body systems including basic anatomy of human body, 2D and 3D biomechanical models and application of models in real-life problems. Prerequisite: IME 370 with “C” or better.

415-3 DETERMINISTIC MODELS. (Same as OR 440) Linear programming, problem formulation, simplex algorithm, transportation and network problems, duality theory, sensitivity theory. Prerequisites: knowledge of computer programming; MATH 249 or 250, or consent of instructor.

427-3 KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS. (Same as ECE 427) Engineering-oriented perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. General AI concepts and specifically knowledge-based (expert) systems applied to engineering problem solving. Prerequisite: knowledge of one of the familiar computer programming languages (BASIC, C, FORTRAN or Pascal) or consent of instructor.

430-3 MANAGING ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY. Management functions of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling, and analysis of application of these functions in engineering research, design, production, technical marketing, and project management. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing in Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering.

445-3 FOUNDATIONS OF FINANICIAL ENGINEERING. Financial engineering integrates computational intelligence, mathematical finance, numerical methods and computer simulations for pricing, trading, hedging and investment decisions.  Prerequisites: IME 245 and STAT 380 with minimum grades of “C”.

451-3 METHODS DESIGN AND WORK MEASUREMENTS. Design of work systems. Methods and techniques employed in measuring work. Current philosophy underlying improvement in work methods and procedures used to measure work perform. (2 hours lecture; 2 hours laboratory.) Prerequisite: IME 365 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

458-3 HUMAN FACTORS ENGINEERING. Analysis of the limitations of humans in man-machine systems to increase productivity and meet physiological needs of system participants. Principles are applied through design problems. Prerequisite: IME 451 or consent of instructor.

461-3 STOCHASTIC MODELS. (Same as OR 441) Probabilistic models, elementary queuing theory with single or multiple servers, Markov processes and models, decision theory. Prerequisite: STAT 380 or 480a.

463-3 RELIABILITY ENGINEERING. (Same as STAT 484) Probabilistic models for the reliability of coherent systems. Statistical models for lifetimes of components and repairable systems. Reliability estimation and prediction. MIL standards. Prerequisite: IME 365 or STAT 480a, b.

464-3 DESIGN AND ANALYSIS WITH APPLICATIONS TO SCIENCE & ENGINEERING.  Design for experimentation and statistical inference with engineering and science applications. One-way, two-way classifications; complete and incomplete block designs. Factorial and fractional factorial designs. Perquisite: STAT 380 or STAT 480 and STAT 480b with a grade of C or better.

466-3 ENGINEERING METROLOGY. Exposes the student to the principals associated with dimensional measurement, inspection, measurement systems analysis, and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Prerequisite: IME 370 or graduate standing.

465-3 DESIGN AND CONTROL OF QUALITY SYSTEMS. (Same as STAT 488). Quality design by experimental design, determination of process capability, quality control using statistical control charts, acceptance sampling. Prerequisite: IME 365 or STAT 380 or consent of instructor.

467-3 TOTAL QUALITY AND TAGUCHI METHODS. Apply concepts and methods of quality improvement including total quality, quality function deployment, design of experiments, quality loss function, etc. Case studies and software tools. Prerequisites: STAT 380; IME 365, or consent of instructor.

468-3 SIMULATION. (Same as OR 442) Design of simulation models using a high-level simulation programming language. Applications in production, inventory, queuing, other models. Prerequisite: IE 365 or IE 461 or STAT 380 or consent of the instructor.  

470-3 MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS. Design and analysis of manufacturing systems including automated flow lines, assembly systems, material handling systems. Group technology, fundamentals of CAD/CAM/CAPP, numerical control, steady state optimal control. Prerequisites: IME 365,370, and upper-division standing in industrial or manufacturing engineering or consent of instructor.

475-3 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING. Associative and Parametric Modeling for computer-aided product design process in Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing environments, Assembly Modeling, Sketching, Design for Manufacture and Assembly. Prerequisite: IME 375 or consent of instructor.

476-3 PLANTWIDE PROCESS CONTROL. A treatment of techniques in automated control. Digital, analog, open and closed loop control are discussed. Students gain experience with PC data acquisition and control. Prerequisites: CS 145 with C or better; ECE 210 with C or better.

477-3 COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS. (2 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory) Application of robot theory integrated with automated manufacturing systems. Emphasis on design laboratory exercises. Prerequisites: IME 470, IME 476, CS 144 or equivalent, senior standing in industrial and manufacturing engineering or consent of instructor.

478-3 NUMERICAL CONTROL PROGRAMMING. Theory/implementation of numerically controlled machine tools. Projects include manual/computer assisted programming and machining. Design principles are discussed in the context of geometry creation. Prerequisite: IME 370 with “C” or better or consent of instructor.

480-3 TOOL ENGINEERING. Covers topics including locating/orientation principles, clamping, positioning, and concepts required to design and fabricate tooling for machining, joining, and bulk deformation processes. Prerequisites: IME 370; IME 345.

482-3 MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING DESIGN. Topics include tolerancing, material selection, cost estimation, process planning, product fabrication, and activities required to bring product from conceptual design through manufacture. Prerequisites: IME 345 or concurrent, 370, or consent of instructor.

483-3 PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL. Development and applications of models and techniques for designing integrated production systems to manage material, service, and information flows in response to fluctuating market demands. (2 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory) Prerequisite: senior standing in industrial or manufacturing engineering, or consent of instructor.

484-3 FACILITIES PLANNING. Theory and methods of facilities layout and planning emphasizing activity relationships, space requirements, materials handling and storage, plant layout, and facility location problems. Prerequisite: IME 415, 451, and upper-division standing in industrial or manufacturing engineering or consent of instructor.

488-3 LEAN PRODUCTION SYSTEMS. Integrated approach to efficient production emphasizing work organization, manufacturing flow, process control, metrics, logistics, and value stream mapping techniques for lean manufacturing implementation. Prerequisite: IME 483 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

490-3 INTEGRATED ENGINEERING DESIGN. Individual/group laboratory or industrial projects of a research, design, or development nature which may apply to engineering systems. Prerequisite: senior standing in industrial or manufacturing engineering or consent of instructor.

492-1 to 6 SPECIAL TOPICS IN INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING. Selected topics of current interest in industrial or manufacturing engineering and related fields. May include individual research projects for students with honors standing. Prerequisite: senior standing in industrial or manufacturing engineering or consent of instructor.

515-3 ENGINEERING OPTIMIZATION MODELS. Linear and nonlinear optimization for IME. Taxonomy, modeling, formulation, convex optimization, duality, unconstrained, constrained optimization. Computational Complexity and NP-completeness. Engineering applications. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

527-3 INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING SYSTEMS. Designing intelligent engineering systems, solving complex problems through knowledge-based design using hybrid architecture comprising expert systems, artificial neural networks, and optimization. Prerequisite: IME 427 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

530-3 ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT. Applied management principles in manufacturing and high-tech environments. Planning and forecasting, motivating technical people, product life style, concurrent engineering. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

531-3 ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Applying IME skills to industry-based, team-oriented problems involving cost estimating, planning, scheduling, implementation using advanced techniques such as CPM, PERT, GERT. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

557-3 VALUE ENGINEERING. Effective techniques to improve overall performance highlighting value methodology, lean production management, strategic planning, and everyday business decisions in private industry. Prerequisite: IME 345, IME 451, IME 470 or equivalents or consent of instructor.

568-3 ADVANCED COMPUTER SIMULATION. Advanced techniques of computer simulation and their applications for real world projects in production, manufacturing, service industries, discrete-event, continuous simulation, simulation optimization, output analysis. Prerequisite: IME 468 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

570-3 ASSEMBLY ENGINEERING. Statistical and traditional tolerancing methods, cost/tolerance relationship, design for assembly, part count reduction techniques, assembly tooling, and inspection for assembly components. Prerequisite: IME 428 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

575-3 ADVANCED CAD/CAM/CAE. Advanced techniques of CAD/CAM/CAE and their applications to real-world projects and to other state-of-are information technologies used for product life-cycle management. Prerequisite: IME 475 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

576-3 ADVANCED COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS. Advanced topics in system integration, optimization, data collection, device monitoring, and software development for automated systems. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

577-3 ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS. Examination of Engineering Materials with emphasis on selection, application, fabrication, and testing of materials in industrial applications. Prerequisite: IME 370 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

580-3 ADVANCED MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS. Advanced topics associated with dimensional measurement, inspection, measurement system analysis, and measurement of other physical parameters. Emphasis on automated and precision measurement techniques. Prerequisite: IME 466 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

583-3 SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS SYSTEMS. Design of integrated production systems based on supply chain logistics, enterprise-wide performance measurement, distribution planning, vehicle routing, demand management, replenishment management, real-time control.

584-3 DESIGN & EVALUATION OF MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS. Material handling, automatic storage and retrieval systems. Vehicle alternatives, sorting, distribution, warehousing, order picking, pallet storage, receiving, bar-coding, benchmarking, case picking, RFID, cross-docking. Prerequisite: IME 484 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

591-1-4 INDEPENDENT STUDY. Individual Investigation of a topic in Industrial Engineering to be agreed upon with the instructor. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

592-1-5 TOPICS IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING. Topic of special interest; course schedule will include name of topic. May be repeated to a maximum of 9 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

595-1-5 SPECIAL PROJECT. Independent study in focus area. May be used as a paper for MS degree in Industrial Engineering. Prerequisite: consent of research adviser.

599-1-6 THESIS. Directed research on a specific industrial engineering topic to satisfy thesis requirement. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: written consent of research adviser.

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