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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


431-3 DERIVATIVE SECURITIES. Introduction to derivatives; options, forwards, futures, and swaps; trading of derivatives and the arbitrage relationships; pricing of derivatives on equities, debt, commodities and foreign exchange. Prerequisite: FIN 320 or FIN 527.

435-3 REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND INVESTMENT. Fundamental concepts, investigation and evaluation of real (estate) assets. Single residence, multiple dwellings, and commercial properties. Applications based on financial theory and methodology. Prerequisite: FIN 320.

440-3 FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. Financial management of financial institutions: commercial banks, S&L's, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Asset, liability, and risk management. Prerequisite: FIN 320.

450-3 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE. (Same as ECON 450) International monetary environment and institutions. Determinants of foreign exchange rates and risk management. Valuation and portfolio analysis of international stocks and bonds. Foreign investment analysis. Prerequisite: FIN 320.

501-3 ADVANCED CORPORATE FINANCE. Theories and analytical tools used to solve problems in firm's financing choices; capital budgeting and project evaluation; cost of capital. Prerequisite: admission to Economics and Finance graduate program.

502-3 INVESTMENT THEORY AND ANALYSIS. Theoretical and empirical concepts in investments; equity, fixed income and derivative securities. Develop modeling skills for financial analyses. Prerequisite: admission to Economics and Finance graduate program.

513-3 CORPORATE FINANCE. Capital budgeting, financial asset pricing, risk management, investments, dividend policy, cost of capital and long-term performance. Function and role of international and U.S. capital markets. Prerequisites: ACCT 501; 502; MS 502 or equivalent.

515-3 EMPIRICAL RESEARCH METHODS IN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE. (Same as ECON 515) Stochastic processes and simulation; optimization; estimation methodologies for maximum likelihood, pooled cross-section time-series, simultaneous equations, and discrete/limited dependent variable models; generalized method of moments. Prerequisite: admission to Economics and Finance graduate program.

517-3 TIME-SERIES ANALYSIS. (Same as ECON 517) Modeling time-series behavior of financial and economic variables to offer practical insights and solutions for particular problems faced by firms, governments and central banks. Prerequisite: ECON 515 or FIN 515, or consent of instructor.

525-3 FINANCIAL STRATEGY, GROWTH AND CONTROL. Financial strategies and creation of shareholder wealth, value transfer and destruction, role of financial markets in wealth creation, agency theory and business ethics. Prerequisite: FIN 501.

527-3 CORPORATE FINANCE. Theoretical concepts and analytical tools for solving problems and making corporate investment and financing decisions. Firm valuation, international security markets and foreign investments. Will not count toward MA or MS in Economics and Finance. Prerequisite: ACCT 524.

528-3 SECURITY ANALYSIS AND MODELING. Security analysis for investment and trading; fundamental analysis; economic, industry/company analysis; technical analysis; venture capital, real estate and international diversification; analysis for trading purposes. Coerequisite: FIN 502.

532-3 FINANCIAL INNOVATIONS AND ENGINEERING.Innovating and engineering financial products, relationship between innovation and risk management, value creation through risk management, use of derivatives in risk management. Prerequisite: FIN 502.

541-3 INVESTMENTS. Broad range of financial and real assets, investment analysis, portfolio theory, strategy and timing concepts. Not a personal investments course. Prerequisite: FIN 527.

542-3 FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTIONS. Survey of debt and equity markets and major institutions involved. Theory of financial intermediation. Risk management. Prerequisite: FIN 501 or FIN 527.

543-3 CAPITAL RESOURCE ALLOCATION. Theory and applications of large scale capital expenditures. Emphasis on selection and use of models and effects on firm value. Prerequisite: FIN 527.

544-3 HEALTH CARE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Study of major financial management concepts and issues involved with current and proposed methods of third party reimbursement of health care providers. Prerequisite: FIN 527.

550-3 MULTINATIONAL CORPORATE FINANCE. Multinational corporate finance: investment decision, financial policy, and cost of capital. Foreign exchange rates, risk, and hedging. International diversification. Portfolio theories. Mergers and acquisitions. Prerequisite: FIN 527.

596-3 RESEARCH IN FINANCE. Empirical research in financial modeling and methodological issues. Includes issues from corporate finance, investments, derivatives and pricing models. Prerequisites: ECON 515 or FIN 515 FIN 501 and FIN 502; or consent of instructor.

597-3 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN FINANCE. Topics not considered in current offerings and in greater depth than regularly titled courses permit. Empirical investigations are encouraged. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and chairperson.

599-3-6 THESIS IN FINANCE. Independent research and study on approved topic. Requires a three-member committee with a thesis chairperson. Prerequisite: consent of committee and chairperson.

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