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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


415-3 THE MIDDLE SCHOOL LEARNER. Addresses characteristics of young adolescent learners and implications for instruction. Meets Illinois requirements for middle school endorsement, and is designed for pre-service or in-service teachers. Prerequisites: EDUC 315; EPFR 320, or graduate standing.

451-3 GENDER AND EDUCATION. Policies and practices related to sex-role stereotyping, teacher expectations and gender, curricular bias, discrimination, personnel policies, strategies for change.

500-1-3 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR TEACHERS. Designed for practicing teachers seeking graduate credit to meet the State of Illinois requirements for recertification. Not applicable to any graduate degree program. May be repeated.

501-3 RESEARCH METHODS. Analysis of educational research methods. Focus on conceptual, methodological and practical issues addressing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies as related to current educational issues.

502-3 QUALITATIVE INQUIRY IN EDUCATION. Qualitative research methods and action research for answering educational questions. Also includes selected quantitative concepts including correlation and test score interpretation.

503-3 RESEARCH METHODS IN HIGHER EDUCATION.  Research methods in higher education, with a focus on conceptual, methodological, and practical issues in quantitative and qualitative research.

506-3 ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION IN STUDENT AFFAIRS.  Assessment and program evaluation in college student affairs.

510-3 THE SCHOOL AND THE URBAN COMMUNITY. Crises and conflicts in education in urban areas; social stratification which has accompanied development of massive urban areas and schools. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

514-3 COLLEGE STUDENT LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT.  Overview of college student development theories, practices, and problems, with a  focus on application.

515-3 ISSUES IN LEARNING THEORY. Educational implications arising from major theoretical perspectives on learning. Course will take an in-depth look at selected topics in the field.

516-3 INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP DYNAMICS. Advisement of college students; the design, implementation, and evaluation of developmentally appropriate strategies for individuals and groups.

520-3 ANALYSIS OF EDUCATIONAL ISSUES: PHILOSOPHICAL-HISTORICAL FOUNDATIONS. Selected educational problems and issues. Philosophic-historic perspective.

521-3 ANALYSIS OF EDUCATIONAL ISSUES: SOCIO-CULTURAL FOUNDATIONS. Selected educational problems and issues. Socio-cultural perspectives.

522-3 DIVERSITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION.  Equity issues in higher education.

525-3 COMPARATIVE EDUCATION. Cross-cultural analysis of educational dynamics and systems in their social and historical contexts. Emphasis on comparative methodology.

563-2 to 3 SELECTED TOPICS IN FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION. Contemporary educational issues or problems from perspectives grounded in social theory or political and social philosophy. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours provided no topic is repeated.

575a-e-3 INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH. Research under supervision of graduate faculty member in: (a) Philosophy of education; (b) History of education; (c) Intercultural-comparative education; (d) Sociology of education; (e) Education and politics. Maximum credit accumulation for any combination of 575 a-e is 6 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and adviser.

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