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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


430-3 ADVANCED JAVA PROGRAMMING. Development of applications, applets, and advanced GUI, including advanced object-oriented programming in JAVA, multithreading, files, multimedia, database use, and networking concepts used for applications. Prerequisite: CMIS 234 with a grade of C or better, CMIS major or specialization.

460-3 ASP.NET PROGRAMMING. Advanced event-driven programming, object-oriented programming techniques for on-line Web applications including Web database programming (ADO.NET), security, Web services, and application deployment. Prerequisite: CMIS 232, with a grade of "C" or better, CMIS major or specialization.

462-3 UNIX AND SERVER SYSTEMS. UNIX and Windows server operating systems to include scripting language plus server software installation and configuration. Prerequisite: CMIS 310.

468-3 BUSINESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Concepts and terminology dealing with data communication and distributed systems with emphasis on business applications. Prerequisite: CMIS 310.

472-3 END USER SYSTEMS SUPPORT. Application of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary in the user support industry to include software and hardware support related to small computer environments as a standalone or network setting. Prerequisite: CMIS 342.

495-3 TO 6 SEMINAR: INFORMATION SYSTEMS.  Current issues related to business aspects dealing with information systems.  May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours if topics differ.  Prerequisite: CMIS major or specialization.

526-3 INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY. Information systems and state-of-the-art information technology with a middle-level managerial focus.

528-3 MANAGING TECHNOLOGY. Management of the IT (information technology) function and emerging technologies with a strategic-level focus. Prerequisite: CMIS 526.

535-3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT STANDARD PROCESSES. A framework of standard processes based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge and other resources. Includes processes for managing scope, time, quality, cost, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement. Prerequisite: CMIS 540 or consent of instructor.

536-1.5 PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT IN PROJECTS. Provides in-depth examination of the role of procurement management in projects. Develops understanding of strategies for successful supplier evaluation, source selection, contract administration, and communication management. Prerequisite: admission into any graduate program in business..

537-1.5 PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT. Provides in-depth examination of risk management in projects. Develops knowledge of risk identification, risk analysis, risk response planning, risk control strategies, and the use of analytical tools for creating risk management plans. Prerequisite: admission into any graduate program in business.

540-3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS AND BEST PRACTICES. Theory and techniques for managing technology projects within constraints of time, resources, and functionality. Topics include project initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. Prerequisite: admission into any graduate program in business.

548-3 PROGRAM AND PROJECT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT. Management of program and project portfolios from a strategic organizational perspective, including selection and prioritization, performance measurement, and optimization. Prerequisite: CMIS 540

557-3 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING. The role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the e-Business environment will be explored using SAP. A risk management approach will be emphasized. Prerequisites: ACCT 524 and admission into any graduate program in business.

563-3 SQL-PL/SQL. Query language (SQL) and procedural language-SQL (PL/SQL). Database structures and storing, retrieving, and manipulating data in relational databases. Covers PL/SQL blocks of application code. Prerequisite: CMIS 526 or consent of instructor.

564-3 DATABASE DESIGN. Enterprise-wide data modeling. Conceptual database design, entity-relationship, and object-oriented models. Physical database design, relational model, and normalization theory. Prerequisite: a programming course.

565-3 ORACLE DATABASE ADMINISTRATION. Seminar in Oracle Database Administration including database creation, maintenance, backup, recovery, and user account administration. Prerequisite: CMIS 564.

566-3 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND ANYALYTICS.  Introduction to the concepts and applications of business analytics to support data driven decision making in organizations. Prerequisites: MBA 521 or ECON/FIN 515 or MKTG 546; and CMIS 526 or ECON/FIN 517 or ACCT 561 or MKTG 544.

567-3 BUSINESS ANALYTICS CAPSTONE. Overview of business analytics and business intelligence using SAP tools, including how to assess and use data, determine data needs, and generate and process reports. Prerequisites: CMIS 566, and 2 of the following electives: CMIS 563, CMIS 564, CMIS 588, MKTG 560, MKTG 562, MKTG 595, or ECON 581.

570-3 SOFTWARE SYSTEMS DESIGN. Techniques and tools for information systems analysis and design. Process-oriented modeling and structured design concepts and techniques, re-engineering business processes, quality-assurance and reliability. Prerequisite: admission into any graduate program in business.

587-3 INFORMATION SYSTEMS INTERNSHIP. Industry internship requiring the application of information systems design, development, and/or technical support skills in a structured work environment. Prerequisite: consent of program director.

588-3 SEMINAR IN COMPUTER MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Current issues; content varies. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

589-1 FINAL EXAMINATION. Final master's examination assesses the ability to think critically, to apply knowledge gained through the program, to draw and defend conclusions, and to complete work in a creditable manner.

596a-1 CAPSTONE I. The student will initiate the information systems design project which includes a feasibility study to determine the project scope and objectives, alternative design options, and cost-effectiveness. Prerequisites: NURS 509, CS 434, CMIS 535, and CS 560.

596b-1 CAPSTONE II. The student will develop the requirements for the design project including detailed analysis of the existing system and logical systems design for the proposed system. Prerequisite: NURS 596a or CMIS 596a or CS 596a.

596 c-1 CAPSTONE III. The student will implement the information systems design project focusing on detailed systems design, including program design, configuration and test planning, and systems implementation.

597-1 to 3 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN CMIS. Investigation of special topical area. May be repeated to a maximum of 3 hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and chairperson.

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