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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


416-3 ENGINEERING HYDROLOGY. Hydrological processes and their relationship to design of structures for control and management of water resources, rainfall-runoff relationship, probability and frequency analysis, surface water hydrology. Prerequisites: upper-division of civil engineering standing, CE 315, 354 or concurrent enrollment, STAT 380, graduate standing, or consent of instructor.

435-3 PAVEMENT DESIGN. Analysis and design for highway and airports; factors affecting pavement performance and code requirements. Prerequisites: CE 330, 343, 354, or consent of instructor.

441-3 DESIGN OF TIMBER STRUCTURES. Design and analysis of timber structures and timber design code. Prerequisites: CE 343 or concurrent enrollment, or consent of instructor.

443-3 DESIGN OF MASONRY STRUCTURES. Design and analysis of masonry structures and masonry design codes. Prerequisites: CE 343, or concurrent enrollment, or consent of instructor.

445-3 ADVANCED STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS. Analysis of indeterminate two- and three-dimensional trusses and frames, with emphasis on matrix methods, computer techniques. Prerequisite: CE 343 or concurrent enrollment, or consent of instructor.

446-3 ADVANCED CONCRETE DESIGN. Advanced topics in reinforced concrete design, design of pre-stressed concrete beams, code design requirements. Prerequisites: CE 343, 445 or concurrent enrollment, or consent of instructor.

449-3 ADVANCED STEEL DESIGN. Plastic analysis of steel structures. LRFD design. Stability theory applied to structural design. Composite beams and columns. Introduction to seismic design. Code requirements. Prerequisites: CE 342, 343 or concurrent enrollment, or consent of instructor.

455-3 FOUNDATION DESIGN. Design of foundations, retaining walls, cofferdams, and earth embankments. Formulation of design problem statements and specifications. Estimates of bearing capacity, settlements, and slope stability values. Prerequisite: CE 354 or consent of instructor.

457-3 SOIL MECHANICS IN ENGINEERING. Mineralogy and soil behavior, advanced seepage and consolidation analyses, engineering applications in soil mechanics, implementation of numerical modeling in soil mechanics. Prerequisites: Upper division civil engineering standing, CE 354 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

460-3 MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN. Municipal infrastructure analysis and design; water distribution networks; wastewater collection; street systems; engineering processes of municipal designs. Prerequisites: CE 315, 376, or consent of instructor.

470-3 STRESS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN. Three-dimensional torsion and bending, stress and strain transformations, yield criteria and plasticity theory, finite element method, case studies and engineering design. Prerequisites: CE 242, ME 370 or equivalent.

473-3 TRAVEL DEMAND FORECASTING. Transportation engineering principals for estimating the impact of new development on specific facilities and on a region using travel demand forecasting tools. Prerequisite: CE 376.

474-3 COMPUTER SIMULATION IN TRAFFIC ENGINEERING. Highway capacity software (HCS), signal timing software (SYNCHRO), and micro-simulation software (TSIS). Prerequisite: CE 376

475-3 TRANSPORTATION PLANNING. Covers the basis for transportation planning process, modeling transportation demand and supply, project evaluation for decision making, and transportation sustainability. Prerequisite: CE 376 or consent of instructor.

476-3 TRAFFIC STUDIES. Acquisition, evaluation, statistical analysis and reporting of traffic engineering data used to design, evaluate and operate transportation systems. Prerequisite: CE 376 or graduate standing.

480-3 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS. Analytical methods for examining water and wastewater. Source of parameters, laboratory methods and limitations, data analysis, correlation of parameters with environmental effects. Lectures and laboratory. Prerequisites: CE 380, or consent of instructor.

486-3 WASTEWATER TREATMENT DESIGN. Design of wastewater treatment systems including preliminary, primary, and secondary treatment processes and biosolids treatment and disposal. Prerequisites: CE 380 or consent of instructor.

487-3 WATER TREATMENT DESIGN. Design of potable water treatment processes with emphasis on chemical and physical unit operations. Prerequisite: CE 380 or consent of instructor.

488-3 HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT. Major aspects of managing hazardous waste including regulation, pollution prevention, treatment, disposal, spill clean up, and site remediation. Prerequisites: CE 380, or consent of instructor.

492-1 to 5 TOPICS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING. Selected topics of special interest. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

501-4 PROJECT MANAGEMENT. (Same as CNST 501) Application of technical principles to modern methods of construction, construction planning, scheduling by critical path method, contract documents, estimating and bidding, and construction materials. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

541-3 Bridge Engineering. Major aspects of bridge engineering; analysis, design, detailing, and construction using the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. Prerequisites: CE 342, 343, 445, or consent of instructor.

545-3 STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS. Dynamic response of single and multi-degree of freedom structural systems. Mode superposition. Structural damping. Prerequisites: CE 342, 343, 445, or consent of instructor.

546-3 PLATES AND SHELLS. (Same as ME 546) Membrane theory of shells. Bending of shells and circular and rectangular plates. Indeterminate shell problems. Prerequisites: CE 445, ME 470, or consent of instructor.

547-3 ELASTIC STABILITY. (Same as ME 547) Elastic stability of columns and simple frames. Lateral and torsional buckling of beams. Buckling of plates. Design code considerations of buckling. Prerequisites: CE 445, ME 470, or consent of instructor.

548-3 FINITE ELEMENTS. (Same as ME 548) Rayleigh-Ritz method, piecewise approximation, nodal load calculations, derivation of two- and three-dimensional elements, bending elements. Finite element computer programs. Prerequisites: CE 445, or consent of instructor.

549-3 EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING. Structural design and detailing for earthquake loads. Lateral load resistant systems. Building and bridge code requirements. Prerequisite: CE 342, 343, 445, 545, or consent of instructor.

574-3 TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY USING INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS. Protection and recovery from security incidents using the integration outlined in the security areas of the National ITS Architecture and the capabilities of new technologies.

575-3 ADVANCED GEOMETRIC DESIGN OF HIGHWAYS. Proportioning of the physical element of the highways such as horizontal curves, vertical curves, land width, and cross section. Prerequisite: CE 376.

578-3 INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS. Intelligent transportation systems combine traffic flow principles, computer and communication technologies, and management strategies to improve travel efficiency, safety, and security, thus sustainability.

579-3 TRANSPORTATION SAFETY SYSTEMS. Implementation, operation and evaluation of transportation safety systems for highway and non-highway modes, crash analysis, remediation strategies, case studies. Prerequisite: CE 473 consent of instructor.

581-3 ADVANCED WASTEWATER TREATMENT. Theory and design of advanced wastewater treatment systems including natural treatment systems, nutrient removal, and other tertiary treatment processes. Prerequisite: CE 486 or consent of instructor.

582-3 WATER QUALITY AND TREATMENT. Study of water quality and advanced drinking water treatment processes, with an emphasis on rationale, fundamentals, and advanced technologies to remove special contaminants. Prerequisite: CE 487 or consent of instructor.

587-3 AIR POLLUTION CONTROL. Study of sources, effects, regulation, monitoring, and control of air pollution. Prerequisite: CE 380 or consent of instructor.

588-3 SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT. Perspectives, engineering principles, and management issues governing solid waste management, including sustainability. Prerequisite: CE 380 or consent of instructor.

589-3 INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS AND WASTE. Management of hazardous industrial materials and wastes, including regulations, handling, minimization and prevention of waste generation, recycling/reuse, treatment, and disposal. Prerequisite: CE 380 or consent of instructor.

591-1 to 4 INDEPENDENT STUDY. Individual investigation of a topic in civil engineering to be agreed upon with the instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and advisory committee.

592-1 to 5 TOPICS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING. Topic of special interest; course schedule will include name of topic. May be repeated to a maximum of 9 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

593-1 RESEARCH PAPER. Independent research for the non-thesis option final research paper.

596-3 SUSTAINABLE ENGINEERING. Concepts and principles of sustainable engineering for infrastructure design and their application to analyze the impact of engineering design on resources consumption and the environment. Prerequisite: CE 380 or consent of instructor.

599-1 to 6 RESEARCH. Independent research at master's level. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: consent of advisory committee.

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