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Dean: Curt Lox

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The School of Education offers the following programs of study leading to graduate degrees: doctoral degree in Educational Administration, specialist degree in educational administration; Master of Science in Education with majors in college student personnel administration, curriculum and instruction, educational administration, instructional technology, kinesiology, literacy education,  and special education; Master of Science with majors in kinesiology with specializations in exercise physiology, sport and exercise behavior, and physical education and sport pedagogy, learning, culture and society, and speech language pathology; specialist degree in school psychology and educational administration; Master of Arts in Teaching; Master of Arts in psychology with specializations in clinical-adult, and industrial-organizational psychology; and Master of Science in psychology with a specialization in clinical child and school psychology.  Most programs of study for the Master of Science in Education degree include a general professional core of studies consisting of EPFR 501 (Research Methods in Education), EPFR 515 (Advanced Educational Psychology), and EPFR 506 (Analysis of Educational Issues).

In addition to graduate degree programs, described later in this section, the Department of Educational Leadership offers graduate courses in several supporting areas of study, including educational psychology, educational research, and foundations of education (including multicultural education).


All graduate degree programs in educator preparation are fully accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. The Illinois State Board of Education has approved the following programs leading to state certification: general administrative, superintendent, and school psychology. The Master of Science, major in Speech Pathology, is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language-Pathology.


Persons seeking admission to a graduate program in the School of Education must complete two separate applications: one to the Graduate School as a classified graduate student seeking a degree in a specific program in education, psychology, or speech-language pathology and one to the specific program in the School of Education. Both Graduate School application forms and program application forms are available from the appropriate departmental office and online.

After a faculty admissions committee in the specific program acts upon the application, the applicant is notified by the Graduate School of the result. Ordinarily, the procedure requires about one academic term to complete.

Applicants should carefully examine the information that accompanies each program application since requirements vary among programs. Persons seeking additional information about a particular program should contact the department offering the program. Information on the location of each department can be obtained from the Office of the Dean of the School of Education.

PLEASE NOTE: For many graduate programs in the School of Education, the Miller's Analogy Test (MAT) WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED for admission for the 2008-09 academic year. Please CONTACT the program director of the specific program in which you are interested about this requirement.

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