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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


Degrees are awarded at the end of each academic term. In order to qualify for a diploma signifying the award of a graduate degree, the student must file the "Application for Graduation" form no later than the first day of the term in which the student expects to complete all degree requirements. This form, and other graduation information, is available online at or in the Service Center. A fee of $35, payable to the Bursar Office, is required at the time of application for graduation.

When a copy of the completed "Application for Graduation" form is received in Graduate Records, a preliminary degree audit will be completed for that student. A summary of degree requirements that remain unfulfilled will be communicated to the student, and a copy of the summary will be forwarded to the Graduate Program Director for use in future advisement.

A grade of Pass/Fail is reported for the final examination on the "Summary of Completion" form. The form also specifies any program requirements that remain outstanding. Results of the examination must be filed in the Graduate Records Office no later than the last day of classes in the term in which the student expects to graduate.

The fulfillment of degree requirements extends to the posting of grades for all courses and to the other elements that comprise the student's degree program, including the final examination, thesis, foreign language requirement, exhibits, recitals, internships, projects, and other elements described in the program of study. The posting of grades includes those for courses in which a student is currently registered and those for which incomplete or deferred grades were assigned. Degree candidates cannot graduate with Incomplete grades outstanding in graduate level course work.

When the "Summary of Completion" form is received by Graduate Records, the Records Officer will complete a final degree audit of the student's academic record and clear for graduation those students who have fulfilled all program requirements, including courses in which the student is currently registered, and whose grade point average meets the minimum standard for the awarding of a degree. Students should contact the Graduate Records Office at the time they apply for graduation for information regarding deadlines for receipt of all necessary materials. Clearance for graduation consists of formal notification by the Graduate Records Office to the Graduation Department that all requirements have been completed and that, with the recording of grades for certain stipulated courses and maintenance of appropriate grade point average, a student is entitled to a diploma. Both the student and the Graduate Program Director receive a copy of that notification. The date of award of a graduate student's degree is the end of the semester or summer session in which the student finalizes all degree requirements.


Commencement ceremonies are held at the end of each academic term. To participate in commencement, a graduate student must have filed an "Application for Graduation" form no later than the first day of the term in which the student expects to complete all degree requirements. To be eligible for participation, the University expects the student to have completed all requirements for the graduate degree or be engaged in activity that will fulfill degree requirements by the end of the term in which commencement participation is expected.

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