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The Dean of the Graduate School approves assistantships of direct educational benefit to appointees under supervision of qualified personnel. Students interested in assistantships inquire/apply directly to the prospective academic, service, or research employing unit. Assistantship appointment includes a tuition waiver and is available in two schedules:

    * Quarter-time (25%): 10 work hours per week, with a starting monthly stipend of $595

    * Half-time (50%): 20 work hours per week, with a starting monthly stipend of $896

Before Applying for an Assistantship Opening:

    - You must be admitted to a graduate degree program as a classified graduate student

    - Undergraduate students can apply for assistantships if participating in the 3+2 program

    - International students applying for teaching assistantships must be proficient in English

Responsibilities of Appointed Graduate Assistants:

    - Must enroll in at least 6 but no more than 12 credit hours per academic term unless authorized by the Dean of the Graduate School (Minimum 3, maximum 6 in Summer)

    - Courses taken for audit do not count toward the minimum hours but must be authorized if in excess of 12 hours

    - Maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average (3.25 for specialist degree)

    - Course load waivers are requested via the Overload/Underload Petition form

In selected cases—students under 50% but over 25% appointment—may be eligible for limited employment in other University positions. Refer any questions to the Graduate School. Any assistantship at a unit unrelated to your degree must be pre-approved by both the Graduate Program Director and employing unit’s supervisor.

All prospective and current graduate assistants should be familiar with the policies and procedures published in our Graduate Assistant Handbook.

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