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What We Do

We strengthen communities.

  • With a vast array of data and experts at our disposal, we investigate complex issues faced by government, business and nonprofit organizations.
  • Our data-intensive investigations discover the root causes of challenges in our metropolitan areas and provide a guide to solving them.

We improve the economy.

  • By providing businesses assistance with applied research management, we help employers grow and thrive, providing opportunities for residents and tax base for communities.
  • Consulting with municipalities, we help manage data-intensive government research to ensure the collection and use of tax dollars supports economic development.

We strive to inform.

  • Investigating the social issues faced by our metropolitan areas, we help government and nonprofits determine what resources communities need to solve these dilemmas.
  • Leveraging the knowledge of SIUE faculty, we host community forums and serve as expert resources to help the community understand the challenges we face and empower citizens to contribute to solutions.


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