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Graduate education, research, scholarship and creative pursuits sustain the excellence of the University and contribute to our region’s economic vitality, nourishing virtually every other major function and activity of the University. They enhance the quality of undergraduate education, the professional vitality of the faculty and the University’s ability to deliver public service.

SIUE graduate programs provide advanced instruction in the arts and sciences and professional degree areas. Additionally, master’s-level education is a major source of economic growth. In many disciplines, the master’s degree is replacing the baccalaureate degree as the standard for professional competence. Most graduates of SIUE’s graduate and professional programs fill demands in our region for highly trained professionals.

As the University continues to attract the highest quality students, the Scholar-in-Residence program will further enhance the reputation of SIUE’s undergraduate and graduate programs throughout the region. The presence of distinguished scholars on campus will provide the campus community with the opportunity to analyze and debate the key issues of the day. The presence of a scholar-in-residence will help create a community that promotes the active and fierce exchange of ideas, a community of learning that buzzes with excitement in the exploration of new knowledge

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