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Graduate School
Graduate School
Faculty Senate
Thursday, September 19, 2013, 2:30PM
Graduate School Conference Room (RH 2214)



       I.          Announcements


  1. 2013-14 Academic Year Charge to the Graduate Council
  2. Course Review Committee (CRC) Report
  3. Graduate School Announcements
  4. Other Announcements


     II.          Approval of Minutes of May 3, 2013


    III.          Graduate Enrollment Report

  1. Introduction of Assistant Director for Graduate & International Admissions
  2. Graduate Enrollment Update
  3. Report from the Graduate Admissions Task Force


   IV.          Report of the Executive Committee


     V.          Report of the Programs Committee


  1. Form 91A – Mechanical Engineering (ENR-13-07)
  2. Form 91A – Industrial Engineering 3+2 (ENR-13-06)
  3. Form 91A – Mathematics (CAS-12-226)
  4. Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner MS (SON-G-13-01)
  5. Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner PM (SON-G-13-02)
  6. Nursing/HCNA MS (SON-G-13-03)
  7. Nursing/HCNA PM (SON-G-13-04)
  8. Nursing/Nurse Educator MS (SON-G-13-05)
  9. Nursing/Nurse Educator PM (SON-G-13-06)
  10. Nursing/Nurse Anesthesia MS (SON-G-13-07)
  11. Nursing/Nurse Anesthesia PM (SON-G-13-08)
  12. Form 91A – Nursing/Nurse Educator Post Master’s (SON-G-13-31)
  13. Form 91A – Nursing/Doctor of Nursing Practice (SON-G-13-09)




   VI.          Report of the Educational and Research Policies (ERP) Committee


  1. Research Faculty Promotion Policy (GC13/14-01)
  2. English Requirement for the Graduate School – 1L3 (GC13/14-02)
  3. Teaching Responsibilities Assigned to Graduate Students – 1L4 (GC13/14-03)
  4. Policy Statement on Classification Pending – 1L5 (GC13/14-04)
  5. Travel Awards Guidelines
  6. Research Grants for Doctoral Students


  VII.          Continuing Business


New Business


Election of Vice Chair/Chair-elect


    IX.          Adjournment


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