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Minutes of

April 27, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Kathy Behm, Scott Belobrajdic, Steffany Chleboun, Carole Frick, Jie Gong, Nicholas Guehlstorf, Roberta Harrison, Shrikant Jategaonkar, Koung Hee Leem, Gertrude Pannirselvam (Chair), Ken Witt

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Mary Clabaugh, Poonam Jain

GUESTS: Bette Bergeron, Dean, School of Education
Kathy Bushrow, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Denise Cobb, Director of Assessment
Janice Joplin, Graduate Program Director, Business Administration
Min Liu, Assistant Professor, Speech Communication
Linda Markowitz, Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
Lynn Maurer, Associate Dean, The Graduate School
Teri Poirier, Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy
Laurel Puchner, Graduate Program Director, Learning, Culture & Society
Douglas Simms, Associate Professor, Foreign Language and Literature

I. Announcements

There were no announcements.

II. Minutes of April 6, 2012

After Shrikant Jategaonkar made an amendment to page 4, asking to strike the line that read "The committee rated the graduate program in mass communications "in good standing,"

Carole Frick made a motion to accept the minutes as amended; Ken Witt seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

III. Program Review - Learning, Culture, and Society

The program offers students interested in education an opportunity to explore the various factors and issues that influence teaching and learning. The program is offered at no extra cost to the University, since all the required and elective courses are those used in other programs within the School of Education and SIUE. While the program initially focused on in-service teachers, it has expanded its audience to include non-teachers and persons who may not be considering a teaching career. The Programs Committee suggests that the program faculty clarify the program's focus, effectively communicate this focus and market its program to the wider audience. Given the change in the program goals, primarily away from teaching, the program should revisit the learning goals for the program and also develop a more effective assessment process. The program should consider better and more formal coordination with departments and faculty members whose courses are used in the program, including formalizing their involvement in student thesis committees.

Carole Frick made a motion to accept the report; Steffany Chleboun seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

IV. Program Review - Master of Arts in Teaching

The program offers non-education majors who have an undergraduate degree in a content area an opportunity to prepare for and obtain a teaching certificate. The program is innovative in content and format. The cohort structure is much appreciated by the students. The focused 3-term format also enables students to spend a relatively short time in getting their degree. While the students appreciate the knowledge and skills they develop in pedagogy, classroom management, and assessment, they express some concerns related to coordination. The Programs Committee notes that the program faculty address expressed concerns about perceived repetition and lack of coordination in content, lack of clarity in course expectations, and lack of continuity in blocks of discussion assigned to particular faculty members. The Programs Committee recognizes that this is a new format for the program and adjustments are being made to improve the coordination between different blocks and content within a block based on student feedback and assessment. The Programs Committee encourages the program faculty to consider more effective coordination and communication. The focus of such coordination and communication should be the enhancement of students' understanding of how the content addressed by multiple faculty are building blocks leading to higher levels of learning as they progress through a particular block in the program.

Ken Witt made a motion to accept the report; Shrikant Jategaonkar seconded. The motion passed with 8 ayes and one abstention.

V. Form 91A - Music/Choral Conducting (CAS-12-65)

The graduate program requested that its program of study be modified to include MUS 539 (a newly created course, Advanced Diction) as a required course to meet the requirements of the National Associate of Schools of Music (NASM), its accrediting body. The electives would be reduced correspondingly by 2 hours so that the program of study would remain at 32 semester hours. This change will not require additional resources. The program would like the change to take effect in the Fall of 2012.

Carole Frick made a motion to approve this request; Koung Hee Leem seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Form 91A - MBA/Pharmacy (BUS-12-02)

VII. Form 91A - Pharmacy/MBA (PHAR-12-08)

The graduate programs wish to allow PharmD students to simultaneously pursue an MBA while completing degree requirements for Doctor of Pharmacy. The 42-hour MBA program would allow the twelve elective hours to be PharmD courses, and would accept the PCAT exam as an admission requirement instead of the GMAT. This would allow the University to offer a more flexible and competitive graduate/professional program to PharmD students. It would also "enhance the variety of fields" represented in the Business Administration graduate program, adding "considerable insight and perspective in MBA classroom discussions." Instead of a student taking 156 hours of pharmacy and 42 hours of business administration, they would take 143 and 30 hours respectively, saving 25 credit hours. Each school would have someone overseeing the program.

Shrikant Jategaonkar made a motion to approve this request; Carole Frick seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VIII. Continuing Business

Gertrude Pannirselvam distributed a draft of the Standard Operating Procedures for the Programs Committee of the Graduate Council.

IX. New Business

There was no new business.

X. Adjournment

Carole Frick made a motion to adjourn; Shrikant Jategaonkar seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry B. Weinberg
Acting Associate Provost for Research and
Dean, The Graduate School

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