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Minutes of

April 4th, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT: Marcus Agustin, Scott Belobrajdic, M. Jane Gillespie, Steve Hansen, Stephanie McAndrews, Saiprakash Putti, Ena Rose-Green, Michael Shaw, G. Stacey Staples, Erin Timpe, Jianpeng Zhou

MEMBERS EXCUSED: David Duvernell, Laura Fowler, Regina McBride, Steve McCommas, Valerie Yancey

GUESTS: Greg Everett, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Kevin Johnson, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Janice Joplin, Graduate Program Director, Business Administration
Zhi-Qing Lin, Graduate Program Director, Environmental Sciences
Curt Lox, Associate Dean, School of Education
Kent Neely, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Steven Rigdon, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Ronald Schaefer, Associate Dean, The Graduate School

I. SAGE Progress Report: School of Business

The School of Business has redesigned its MBA program. The current MBA program is not designed to appeal to individuals who have experience in the workforce, and does not have a quantitative analysis component. The proposed plan remedies that and will use the 12 hours of electives to form concentrations. The SAGE funding was used for course development, advertising in the St. Louis Journal Book of Lists, and for "curriculum adjustment" for Economics and Finance, Computing and Management Information Systems, and Marketing Research.

II. SAGE Progress Report: School of Education

The School of Education has increased enrollment by investing in laptops and projectors so that faculty can teach classes off campus. It is offering "working shops" to teach faculty how to run courses online and to incorporate technology into their teaching. It is awarding stipends to those faculty members who mentor other faculty regarding technology in the classroom. It is placing postcards about SIUE's summer classes in teacher break rooms at 156 area schools. The School of Education is also developing an Academy of Teaching Fellows to develop and train adjunct faculty from the pool of outstanding board certified teachers in the area. They hired a graduate coordinator for the School. She will help with graduate recruitment efforts and will go to sites to help students with paperwork, gather data for accreditation, and assist with registration.

III. SAGE Phase II Report: College of Arts and Sciences

A. Physics: Implementation of the Results of SAGE Phase I Project

The graduate program in physics designed a flyer as part of a plan to develop stronger recruiting materials and is currently developing a brochure. It is strengthening relationships with local area colleges and universities and the faculty are presenting research at local, state and national meetings to increase awareness.

B. Environmental Sciences: Implementing the Needs, Demands, and Skills of Environmental Science Employers; Networking Regional Business and Alumni for Graduate Internships and Recruitment

The contact information of regional businesses and organizations has been collected to present surveys in relation to finding internship opportunities for the ENSC PSM program. The Program is organizing a PSM Advisory Board meeting for early June. Plans are underway to organize an alumni day from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on May 31st.

C. Mass Communications: Brochures

The graduate program has brochures in press.

IV. Announcements

Associate Provost Hansen reminded the Council members of the Academic Achievement reception on Monday, April 7th at 2:00 in the Meridian Ballroom. He also reminded them that the Paul Simon Outstanding Research Scholar award luncheon will take place on Tuesday, March 8th as part of the Twelfth Annual Spring Symposium. The CAS Colloquium series, "Thinking About the University," will take place from Wednesday, April 9th through Friday, April 11th. Hansen and Duff Wrobbel of Speech Communication will host a discussion of the Teacher/Scholar model on Friday, April 11th, at noon. Hansen also reminded the Council members to evaluate the Graduate Dean for his four-year review by 4:30 today. He added that the Provost and Vice Chancellor would announce an interim dean for the College of Arts and Sciences by the end of the day. Hansen said that 2009 is the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. He is working with Jason Stacey and Laura Fowler to organize a series of events to mark the event and is trying to get Doris Kernes Goodwin as the keynote speaker. The Illinois state budget is in poor shape. In January the budget was $750 million behind. SIUE may face a rescission this fiscal year, and budget cuts are likely next fiscal year.

V. Approval of Minutes of March 7th, 2008

Mike Shaw made a motion to approve the minutes; Stephanie McAndrews seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Report of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee did not meet.

VII. Report of the Programs Committee

A. Form 91A - Mathematics MS (CAS-07-170)

The graduate program wishes to drop MATH 350 as a requirement for admission because it is not essential for the Statistics and Operations Research option. Those students applying for the Mathematics option or the Computational and Applied Mathematics option "will be advised that Math 350 is a prerequisite to a number of the required courses in their program."

The request from the Programs Committee passed unanimously.

B. Form 91A - Psychology SD (SOE-08-399)

The graduate program wishes to replace one of its electives with PSYC 545 (Psycho-educational Assessment and Intervention), which would reduce the electives from two to one. The addition of this course is "prompted by changing needs in the professional practice of school psychology and to bring the program more in line with similar programs in the state." There are no adverse effects anticipated for faculty or students.

The request from the Programs Committee passed unanimously.

VIII. Report of the Educational and Research Policies Committee

The ERP met with library faculty in March to hear a presentation of their proposal to teach a research seminar. The committee asked the representatives from the library to return to the April 15th ERP meeting with a more detailed plan. The committee has also been working on a plan to restructure the way the Graduate School funds faculty research to make sure that faculty needs are being met.

IX. Graduate Recruitment

Associate Dean Ronald Schaefer reported that his task force had asked two questions when they examined SIUE's admission and retention policies and procedures: 1) how long does it take between a student's application and acceptance into graduate school, and 2) how can graduate recruitment be improved. The problems can be summarized as communications issues between the Graduate School, Graduate and International Admissions, and the graduate programs. He indicated that the task force recommended that the university consider two positions to address these problems: a coordinator of graduate recruitment and a coordinator of graduate / international admissions.

Stephanie McAndrews commented that one of the most common problems among her literacy education graduate students is that the student PINs change every 60 days. The students get locked out of the system and a few have literally gone to other educational institutions due to this obstacle. Scott Belobrajdic replied that the PINs are here to stay, and the problem is partly due to Banner not having an automated system for looking up the PINs. The graduate program could opt out of having separate PINs for each student and have one PIN for the graduate program.

Mike Shaw noted that student transcripts are fragmented on Banner. A program director must print out one term at a time rather than being able to print out a record of the total graduate student record.

X. Old Business

There was no old business.

XI. New Business

Associate Provost Hansen announced that there is some potentially good news pertaining to next year's graduate assistantships. The Graduate School has asked the University Planning and Budget Council (UPBC) for funds to increase 50% graduate assistant stipends by $100 per month.

XII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 2:32 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen L. Hansen
Associate Provost for Research and Dean
The Graduate School

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