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Minutes of
May 4th, 2007

MEMBERS PRESENT: Seran Aktuna, Rita Arras, Rakesh Bharati, Mike Crider, Gary Denue for Jay Starratt, Dave Duvernell, Steve Hansen, Jean Harrison, Chair, Steve McCommas, Michael Shaw, William White, S. William Whitson, Duff Wrobbel

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Scott Belobrajdic, Stephanie McAndrews

GUESTS: Otkay Alkin, Chair, Electrical Engineering
Paul Ferguson, Provost and Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Christa Johnson, Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Kent Neely, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Laurel Puchner, Graduate Program Director, Learning, Culture and Society
Ronald Schaefer, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Timothy Schoenecker, Acting Dean, School of Business
Scott Umbaugh, Graduate Program Director, Electrical Engineering
Vaughn Vandegrift, Chancellor

I. Congratulations to Rik Hafer, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics and Finance, and Krzysztof Jarosz, Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Members of the Graduate Council joined dignitaries from the administration in the hallway outside the Graduate School offices to congratulate the recipients of the Distinguished Research Professor award. Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Stephen Hansen, said a few words about the accomplishments of Professors Hafer and Jarosz. Christa Johnson took photos of the honorees in front of the Distinguished Research Professor plaque, to which their names have been affixed.

II. Announcements

A. Final Report of the 2006-07 Course Review Committee

The final report was distributed.

B. Other Announcements

Steve Hansen stated that he is serving on a committee which has been charged with leading a discussion of the Teacher/Scholar model for SIUE. The committee is currently working on a white paper. He also reminded the Council that this meeting is the last meeting for departing Graduate Council members Seran Aktuna, Rita Arras, Mike Crider, Jean Harrison, Bill White, Bill Whitson, and Duff Wrobbel. He thanked them for their contributions.

III. Approval of Minutes of April 6th, 2007

The minutes were approved as submitted.

IV. Report of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee met before this meeting, and will cover these topics as they are presented on the agenda.

V. Report of the Programs Committee

A. Form 91A - Learning, Culture, and Society (SOE-07-324)

The program wished to give students a choice between submitting GRE scores for admission, or those from the MAT. It also wished to require two letters of recommendation, a curriculum vitae or a list of professional experiences, and a written statement for the admission process. It wished to specify that the undergraduate GPA requirement may be waived for students who have received in more recent course work a GPA that demonstrates potential for success. These changes should help the program to make good decisions about whether or not to admit students to the program. Additionally, the program added a course to the list of options: ENG 581: Topics in Teaching English.

The motion from the Programs Committee to approve this request was passed unanimously.

B. Program Review Report: Electrical Engineering

The subcommittee consisted of Barbara O'Donnell, Chair, Gillian Acheson, and Duff Wrobbel. It wrote that "The Electrical Engineering Program, currently serving approximately 80 students, is multifaceted and is designed to accommodate a range of specializations that fall within the electrical engineering job market. Graduate students may concentrate their studies in one the following areas: Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Integrated Circuit Design, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Control Systems, Power and Control Systems, and Computer Design. In addition to offering a thesis and non-thesis option in the standard graduate program of study, the program also offers a 3+2 or 5 year program leading to the Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. There are some class scheduling difficulties, due to faculty interest and expertise and the perception of student needs. Overall there are too few 500 level classes offered. The subcommittee recommended that the department normalize the rotation schedule of its graduate classes. It also recommended that the program make an effort to recruit more domestic and female students.

Professor Otkin stated that they have difficulty tracking international graduates, and are trying to find a way to solve that problem.

The report was accepted unanimously.

C. Final Report of the Programs Committee

The final report was distributed.

VI. Report of the Educational and Research Policies Committee

A. Funded University Research (FUR) Application and Guidelines Revisions

A proposal was presented seeking to simplify the FUR application process by removing the separate GA request and setting one simple award ceiling. The request for funds should include a detailed budget and justification for ALL requested funds, including release time and GA support.

The new guidelines emphasize the importance of the budget justification, the electronic submission process, and raise the cap on total award to $12,000. In addition, four aspects in the primary evaluation criterion of the proposal are weighted as follows:

1. The originality/creativity and significance of the proposed research (30%)

2. The clarity and appropriateness of the research design and procedure (30%)

3. The appropriateness of the budget and strength of the budget justification (25%)

4. The researcher's prior publication and external funding record, and the current research proposal's potential for external funding (15%)

In addition, the proposal adds a new evaluation process by which the School or College Research Committees will vote in the first round of the selection process to supplement the RPAB Committee's 5 votes.

Duff Wrobbel thought that the current electronic submission process does not allow chairs to approve the proposals, but the electronic signature serves as the approval. Rakesh Bharati objected to having adminstrators involved in the selection process of the winners. Christa Johnson said that another phase could be included in the process to allow chairs to have time to make comments and would alter the time line of the proposal process. She felt that this would allow chairs to iron out administrative issues but would not give them an opportunity to comment. Hansen clarified that the FURs should be determined by as pure a peer review as possible. Both Seran Aktuna and Rakesh Bharati felt that the Council should be extremely careful in giving department chairs additional power. Ron Schaefer added that the Council should look how each of the Schools and College are different and that it might be best to let the Schools and College do what is necessary. W. William Whitson agreed.

Mike Shaw made a motion to approve the guidelines revisions today and have ERP discuss the time line next year. Duff Wrobbel seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Duff Wrobbel made a motion that ERP discuss the role of department chairs and deans in the application procedure and clarify that role; Mike Shaw seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mike Shaw made a motion to add the Annette and Henry Baich Award language to the new FUR guidelines. S. William Whitson seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

B. Final Report of the ERP

The final report was distributed.

VII. Report from the Annual Graduate Dean Review Committee

The Dean's Evaluation Committee consisted of Rakesh Bharati, Chair, Stephanie McAndrews, and Duff Wrobbel. The committee reported that during this cycle, the review process did not change, however the lack of comments from staff prompted them to conduct personal interviews. They reported that Dean Hansen was very pleased with the outcome of the evaluation. The report is ready to send to the Provost.

VIII. Research and Development Committee (R & D) Elections

The winners of the R & D elections were Riza Demirer, Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance, William Kolling, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Allen Otsuka, Associate Professor of Applied Dental Medicine, and Rick Yakimo, Assistant Professor of Primary Care and Health Systems Nursing.

IX. Research and Projects Advisory Board (RPAB) Elections

The winners of the RPAB elections were John Hunt, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Poonam Jain, Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry.

X. Next Year's Committees: Volunteers for the Programs Committee and the Educational and Research Policies (ERP) Committee

Dean Hansen asked the Council members to let him know which committee they preferred to participate in during the next academic year. He also asked for volunteers to run for Vice-Chair/Chair-elect in September. Mike Shaw and Rakesh Bharati volunteered to run for the position. Shaw also volunteered to chair the Programs Committee, and Bharati volunteered to chair the Educational and Research Policies (ERP) Committee.

XI. Old Business

There was no old business.

XII. New Business

There was no new business.

XIII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen L. Hansen
Associate Provost for Research and
Dean, Graduate School

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