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February 23, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Marcus Agustin, Rakesh Bharati, Darryl Coan, David Duvernell (Chair), John Hunt, Susan Morgan for Jerry Weinberg, Leah O'Brien, Joe Schober, Terry Yan


I. Announcements

There were no announcements.

II. Minutes of January 26, 2012

Rakesh Bharati made a motion to accept the minutes; Terry Yan seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

III. Policy 1M6 - Guidelines for Faculty Exchange with Industry

This policy was tabled at the meeting of January 26th.

Rakesh Bharati made a motion to take this item from the table; Marcus Agustin seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The committee felt that its task of embarking on systematic policy review was to ensure that the policies under review are continuing to meet the current needs of the University. With that in mind, ERP should refrain from substantially rewriting and/or changing the scope of the policies. Although committee members brought up a potential need to address intellectual property concerns in the policy, the committee felt that the Memorandum of Understanding covered whatever issues might need to be addressed for each individual case. After a brief discussion on the need to clarify what benefits (such as state-provided health insurance) are included for faculty in exchanges with industry, it was suggested that any unresolved problems be referred to the Welfare Council of the Faculty Senate by the appropriate senator of the affected faculty member.

Rakesh Bharati made a motion to assert that ERP had concluded its review of this policy and found no obvious deficiencies; Leah O'Brien seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

IV. Policy 5D2 - Local Funds for Use and Regulation

Susan Morgan addressed the reasons why this policy is no longer needed. The first paragraph conflicts with the policy of 5D1 (Policy Statement Covering Distribution of Indirect Cost Funds from Externally Sponsored Grants and Contracts). The rest of the policy addresses internal funding, which is superseded by more recent policies and programs.

Darryl Coan made a motion to recommend that the policy be rescinded; Rakesh Bharati seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

V. Nominations for Research and Development (R&D) Committee

The Research and Development Committee, which reviews STEP applications, will have four vacancies at the end of this academic year, one position each in the four categories: Group 1: Life Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental Medicine; Group 2: Physical Sciences and Engineering; Group 3: Social Sciences, Business, and Education; and Group 4: Arts and Humanities. Susan Morgan asked the ERP members to solicit volunteers to run for these positions. Dave Duvernell will send an email to the graduate faculty list serve to ask volunteers to send their c.v.'s to Chris Kessler by March 23rd for review at the March 29th meeting of the ERP.

VI. Continuing Business

There was no continuing business.

VII. New Business

A. Nominations for Research and Projects Advisory Board (RPAB)

The Research and Projects Advisory Board, which reviews all internal funding competition applications other than STEP, such as the Hoppe and Lindsay competitions, will have one vacancy at the end of this academic year. Since "Nominees are from units not represented in the upcoming term," eligible candidates must be from the Schools of Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, or Lovejoy Library.

Duvernell will send an e-mail to the faculty listserv to ask for recommendations.

B. Request for Annual ORP Report

Leah O'Brien requested that an annual financial report from the Office of Research and Projects (ORP) be submitted to the Graduate Council. She wishes to have accountability and transparency about how Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) funds are spent. Details requested include the balance available, breakdowns of post-award administrative costs (salaries for example), and summaries of expenses to support research and travel. The Graduate School website publishes a lot of this type of financial information, such as a list of STEP awards; however, that was not what O'Brien was asking for.

The method of disseminating such a report through use of BlackBoard or a PowerPoint presentation was discussed. Some felt that publishing this information on BlackBoard may incite conflict among disciplines such as the fine arts and the life sciences.

Duvernell questioned whether the Graduate Council's role included the right to ask for a financial accounting and wondered whether other schools publish this type of information. Marcus Agustin and Susan Morgan examined the Graduate Council Operating Papers and concluded that the Graduate Council does not have any responsibility for financial oversight of any unit, including the Office of Research and Projects.

Agustin recommended that everyone look at the Graduate Council Operating Papers before the next Graduate Council meeting and consider whether this is the role of ERP or the Graduate Council.

VIII. Adjournment

Darryl Coan made a motion to adjourn; John Hunt seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 12:07 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry B. Weinberg
Acting Associate Provost for Research and
Dean, The Graduate School

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