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Minutes of

December 13th, 2007

MEMBERS PRESENT: Marcus Agustin, Chair, David Duvernell, Christa Johnson, Regina McBride, G. Stacey Staples, Morris Taylor, Erin Timpe

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Melissa Bergstrom, Nancy Lutz, Saiprakash Putti, Ena Rose-Green, Cindy Schmidt, Jianpeng Zhou

I. Announcements

Marcus Agustin asked those present to send Chris their availability for meetings for the Spring Semester.

II. Minutes of November 15th, 2007

G. Stacey Staples made a motion to approve the minutes; Morris Taylor seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

III. Proposal to Create a Research Seminar for Graduate Students

The Graduate School had previously proposed exploring the possibility of creating a "university-wide research seminar" to address the need for awareness of research issues among graduate students. The committee discussed methods of offering the content. One of the primary methods for delivering content would be to use the web site, to obtain online training materials. Many of the packages that the site offers are free of charge. Other modules can be purchased to target a more specific audience.

Marcus Agustin and David Duvernell led a discussion on whether or not to 'grandfather in' the graduate students who are already in their programs when this course becomes available. They estimated that there are approximately 800 new graduate students each year that would need to be served.

The committee wishes for the library to 'house' the course. This method would require a form 90A to generate a new course. One option is for a librarian to teach the course using guest speakers in areas of special interest such as compliance and animal care. One way of approaching this is to include the one credit hour of research seminar material as part of the thesis hours. A concern with this approach is that some faculty members might feel that course credit hours are being taken from them.

Christa Johnson thought it would be a good idea to present the idea of this research course as a strong recommendation rather than a requirement. A trial period would enable those responsible to evaluate the efficacy of the course and work out any kinks in the system. Agustin stated that once the process was worked out, it would need to be marketed to the graduate programs. Johnson assured Agustin that it could be covered in a graduate program directors meeting. Agustin asked whether funding from the Graduate School would be possible. Johnson thought that the Graduate School would be able to help to develop the course, or that EUE or EGE funds might be used.

January's ERP meeting was cancelled. A subcommittee, consisting of Marcus Agustin, David Duvernell, Christa Johnson, Regina McBride, Cindy Schmidt, and Morris Taylor, will meet with the librarians prior to the next regular ERP meeting in February.

IV. Old Business

There was no old business.

V. New Business

There was no new business.

VI. Adjournment

Erin Timpe made a motion to adjourn; G. Stacey Staples seconded. The meeting adjourned at 9:54 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen L. Hansen
Associate Provost for Research and
Dean, Graduate School

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