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Emergency Management & Safety
Emergency Management & Safety
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Getting Set Up!

If you have chemicals on campus (including remote properties) and need a NEW ACCOUNT in the CHIMERA online database,

  • Select "Request a login?" Here to SET UP a NEW Account
  • Use your SIUE e-ID as your username,
  • Please provide accurate information and an email address that will actually be checked, as many notifications are sent by email, including your passwords.
  • Request ChemShare user level if you would like to allow others to search your inventory for potential sharing at your option.
  • Request Staff user level in order to be able to Enter and Edit Inventory without offering for sharing.
  • List the buildings and rooms that you are requesting access to (be precise!)
  • Once approved, you will get an email response with a temporary password.

You may login once you have an approved account by clicking on CHIMERA

For login or software problems click here for help!

A NEWLY UPDATED SELF TRAINING AND HELP manual describing the main menu items within CHIMERA is available by clicking here.

You will need to be able to read pdf files.

There is also a one page Quick Start Guide available HERE!

TIP! When using any of the Inventory Management menus, if you do not use barcodes,

then click the link above the blank Bar Code field to search/edit STATIC items by room.

SDS/MSDS Search:    

CHIMERA has provided us with a link to search and download their and our Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's). This service is available to all SIUE students and employees without enrollment or accounts.

No Log In is required, but you must be on an SIUE network to access.

Future Steps!

To add additional rooms or request other account changes email lpaul@siue.edu with:

  • Name and phone# of person making request
  • User name to be given access
  • Department
  • OFFICIAL Building names (see list below) and room numbers for which each User Name will need access to inventory records
  • Other requests


This software will provide several upgraded features, but the major one is that the the vendor will locate and upload MSDS's and SDS's into the system for you. You may then simply print them out when needed.

University policy requires that all departments participate in completing an access controlled CHIMERA online database of ALL chemicals and biohazards that are present on the SIUE campus.

This requirement is necessary to meet many needs beyond each individual department's own uses including, government mandated reports, assuring employee and student safety, and for the safety and decision-making of emergency response personnel such as firefighters, urban search and rescue, etc..

Paper or spreadsheet copies of inventories are acceptable for your department's own uses, but NOT for campus-wide needs.

Any group possessing any quantity of chemicals for other than truly personal use must setup an account in the database, then enter and maintain their own inventory.


Examples of chemicals that may sometimes be overlooked for inventorying by departments are:

  • Cleaning products
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Glues/Adhesives
  • Paints
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Oils
  • Gasoline in containers
  • Alcohols
  • Photo developing chemicals
  • Art materials such as glazes, inks, dyes
  • Gas cylinders such as propane, nitrogen, etc.
  • Compressed air due to the physical hazard
  • Welding rods and flux
  • Biohazardous materials
  • Enzymes (some are, some aren't, be sure)
  • Radioactive materials

Below are links to some regulatory interpretations regarding MSDS's and Hazardous Materials

Some Pharmaceuticals DO require MSDS-SDS

Which Art Materials are covered and which are not?

Related Actions

See Chemical Hazard Communication Plan in the Safety menu box to the left of the screen.

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