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If you are having problems with your computer workstation, you may need an ergonomic assessment.

There are some excellent self-help tools on the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website. Give these a try.

If you need furniture cost information, most of the campus office furniture vendors will come to your office and discuss retrofit versus new equipment options. EM&S does not endorse ANY particular vendor, but the ones we know of that serve the campus on a contractual discount basis include:

Ergonomic Accessories are available through:

If you are an employee of SIUE, and have tried the resources above and you believe that you still need assistance, request a personalized ergonomic assessment from EM&S at lpaul@siue.edu.

Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Telephone number
  • Your department and division
  • Your supervisors name
  • Do you currently have an ergonomics related injury?
  • Brief description of your computer workstation situation or problems

There is a free downloadable ergonomic exercise timer at http://www.ergocise.com/index.html, this works as a background accessory on MS Windows PC's that can be set to time how long you have been at your PC typing and remind you to take a micro-break and stretch. It also refers you to their website for instructions on many types of stretching exercises.

Vertical mice are available at http://www.evoluent.com/

EM&S recommends a split keyboard (separate pieces, not just angled on a single board) with a separate number pad that allows a mouse to be closer to the keyboard, see one at

How about a vertical keyboard? Watch the video at http://safetype.com/

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