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Emergency Management & Safety
Emergency Management & Safety
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David McDonald, ext. 2438
Director, Emergency Management and Safety
email: dmcdona@siue.edu
Responsible for all departmental issues and supervision of departmental staff.

Jim Hiatt, ext. 5738
Safety Officer III
email: jahiatt@siue.edu
Responsible for radiation and laser safety issues on campus.

Loren Paul, ext. 3592
Safety Officer III
Responsible for laboratory safety, ergonomic assessments, environmental matters and online training (liaison to PureSafety).

Henry Holt, ext. 5634
Safety Officer III
email: hholt@siue.edu
Responsible for managing University RCRA and bio-hazardous materials, contractor safety, and storm water inspections, crane inspections, and asbestos Operations and Maintenance training.

Virginia Bell, ext, 3584
Chief Clerk
email: vbell@siue.edu
Responsible for general office matters and answering general requests.

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