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Educational Outreach
Educational Outreach
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For K-12 Teachers

Do you need Professional Development Units to maintain your teacher certification or are you working towards an advanced education degree?

SIUE's Department of Educational Outreach can help. We offer a variety of courses and workshops teachers need to maintain certification, earn degrees and advance your career! Plus, our courses are online, off campus and at affordable prices!

Instructional Technology Online Professional Development Offerings

                                                                                                                      Summer 2016

During the summer of 2016, the Instructional Technology program will be offering Professional Development (PD) through a series of Software Focus Courses.  You also can take full graduate-level courses (or even a sequence of graduate courses) to earn PD hours and Certificates of Completion, instead of graduate-level credit. Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about course content contact:       Dr. Dave S. Knowlton, Graduate Program Director of Instructional Technology, (618) 650-3948, dknowlt@siue.edu


Professional Development Software Focus Courses

($150 per course; 10 PD hours per course)


Software Focus Courses are short, three to five day professional development experiences that emphasize the mechanics of using software - what to click on to get the software to do what you want it to do. The following Software Focus Courses will be offered in Summer 2016.

Course Title

 Type of Software


2016 Dates

But Will They Hear You?  Presenting Classroom Content in Audio Format [IMAGE: info]


Audio Recording & Editing    (e.g., Audacity)


May 11 through May 13; project due by May 16

Let Them Watch Video!   [IMAGE: info]

Video Editing (e.g., iMovie; MovieMaker)


May 11 through May 13; project due by May 16

Creating Websites for Learning  [IMAGE: info]


Web Production (e.g., SeaMonkey; KompoZer)


May 18 through May 20; project due by May 23


Capturing Your Screen to Promote Learning for Your Students   [IMAGE: info]


Screen Capture (e.g., Zoom; Jing; Skitch; Wink)


May 23 through 25;   project due on May 30


Presentations That Pop!   [IMAGE: info]

Presentation Production (e.g., PowToon; Prezi;Slide Dog)


May 31 through June 3; project due on June 6

An Edited Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:  Using Digital Photo Editing to Enhance Classroom Materials  [IMAGE: info]


Photo Editing(e.g., Pixlr; ipiccy; Photoshop)

June 13 through June 17; project due on June 20

Web-Based Tools for Differentiating Instruction  [IMAGE: info]

               Graphic Creation     (e.g., Create-A-Graph)         

       Multimedia Feedback  (e.g., Voice Thread)


June 27 through July 1; Project due on July 5

Full Online Professional Development Courses

($450 per course; 45 PD hours per course)

The following online courses are graduate-level for-credit courses at SIUE.  Each individual course can be taken for PD hours and a Certificate of Completion instead of graduate-level credit.  Furthermore, if you sign up and pay for all three courses in a sequence, your per course cost is reduced by 20% (i.e., the entire sequence costs $1080). 

Teaching with Technology Courses  [IMAGE: info]

For course descriptions, visit www.siue.edu/education/edld/it/pdf/Teaching-with-Technology-PDS.pdf

  • Social Media for Teachers (Registration Closed)

            May 9 through May 27

  • Designing Digital Materials

               May 31 through July 1

  • Games and Simulations

              July 5 through August 5

Online Pedagogy Courses  [IMAGE: info]

For course descriptions, visit www.siue.edu/education/edld/it/pdf/Online-Pedagogy-PDS.pdf


  • Tools for Online Teaching & Learning

                 (Registration Closed)

             May 9 through May 27

  • Design and Development of Online Lessons, Modules, and Courses

            May 31 through July 1

  • Managing and Facilitating the Online Classroom

             July 5 through August 5

Online Course - Credit or Non-Credit Option

HIST 554 - Problems in 19th Century America

PROBLEMS IN 19TH CENTURY AMERICA (HIST 554) takes a thematic and hands-on approach to analyzing significant issues in nineteenth-century US History.  The course focuses on specific themes in US history in conjunction with content collections on the Library of Congress website.  It offers a content-specific curriculum that situates lesson planning within historical content.  Students undertake online, weekly discussions of major themes of nineteenth-century history and create primary-source history lessons using the Library of Congress digital collections with the help of a Teaching with Primary Sources liaison and a professional historian.

In the course, we will:
 Analyze major trends in 19th century US history through the following themes: Politics and War, Race and Gender, Society and Culture.
 Learn the major historiographical trends in 19th century US history through reading secondary sources by professional historians.
 Strengthen skills and gain strategies for evaluating and analyzing secondary sources.
 Strengthen skills and gain strategies for locating, evaluating, and analyzing primary sources.
 Evaluate and create topic-specific, standards-based, and content-informed lessons that integrate primary sources from the Library of Congress and exemplify effective instructional practices.

WHEN: Jul 05, 2016 - Aug 05, 2016

Questions? Contact Jason Stacy- jstacy@siue.edu

To enroll for Credit courses, please go to our SIUE Summer Session webpage

To enroll for Non-Credit Option:

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