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Classroom Instructional Classroom - The SPPA program utilizes a 45-seat classroom equipped with state-of-the-art SMART technology enhancing the student learning experience. The classroom also contains several interactive anatomical teaching models for hands-on learning.
IMC Instructional Materials Center - Is a faculty and student resource center for the speech pathology and audiology and special education programs.
SLH Clinic Speech-Language-Hearing Center -  In conjunction with the academic training program, the Speech-Language Pathology program operates a Speech-Language and Hearing Center. The Center provides diagnostic and treatment services each semester for individuals age 2-elderly who present with a variety of communication needs including speech, language, hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, cognition, fluency, and voice. The Center also serves members of the community who are non-native speakers of English and would like to improve their American English pronunciation. Accent modification sessions are individualized and focus on improving the intelligibility and naturalness of clients’ spoken English. For more information, please contact us at or 618/650-5623.

Assistive Tech Classroom Assistive technology lab and classroom - utilized primarily by special education and speech pathology majors for hands-on experience with assistive technology devices for people with disabilities and communication disorders.
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