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Dr. Paul Rose

Department of Psychology Chair
and SEHHB Assistant Dean

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Education: Ph.D., 2003
State University of New York at Buffalo

Social-Personality Psychology

(618) 650-5390


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About Dr. Rose

Paul Rose is chair of the SIUE Department of Psychology. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics, research methods and social psychology. His interdisciplinary research draws on social, personality, consumer and clinical psychology. He has published research on topics such as narcissism, self-esteem and romantic relationship dynamics, but his primary current focus is consumer behavior (e.g., frugality, materialism, compulsive buying). Dr. Rose serves on the editorial board of Psychology and Marketing and is a member of several professional organizations.

Mentoring Expertise

Dr. Rose is available to help students interested in social psychology, personality psychology and consumer psychology/marketing.

Representative Publications

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