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Justin is Group Fitness Certified and Spinning© Certified and instructs for both types of classes. Justin earned both his Bachelor's in Psychology & Philosophy and M.S.Ed in Kinesiology right here at SIUE and comes to us with a military (USMC), cycling, and triathlon background. He enjoys teaching because he gets to meet great people.

Fun Fact: Justin’s son likes to incorporate himself into Justin’s plank and push up routine by hopping on his back!



Paula is a certified AFFA Primary Group Fitness Instructor. She is also a certified SPIN® instructor. She has been teaching at SIUe for 9 years. Paula is currently teaching 3-2-1 and Cycle 45. Paula’s favorite part about teaching is watching her students push themselves more than they ever thought they could. In her spare time, Paula enjoys running and has ran a half marathon in 49 states…and counting! Her favorite food is Guacamole!



This is Meredith’s first fitness teaching experience, however she has been teaching her clients the benefits of making healthy life choices such as good diet, regular exercise, and massage for the past three years. Meredith is teaching one strength class but will soon be Yogafit Level 1 certified. Meredith’s favorite thing about teaching is the ability to share valuable knowledge that will benefit another's life. She is somewhat of a foodie and will try just about anything. Fun Fact?! Here are a few... She has been in college for 8 years, working on a triple major in psychology, exercise science, and nutrition; she is nationally certified in massage therapy for the past 3.5 years, works 3 jobs, one of which is her own personal business. “My purpose in life is to heal people, and I enjoy doing so. I got into teaching fitness as just another outlet of helping people live happy, healthy lives.”



Lea is a 200 hour certified instructor. She is trained in Hatha Yoga but really enjoys Yin Yoga. Lea has always been a fit individual who loved to run and then fell in love with Yoga. She received her BSW from SIUE and her MSW from St. Louis University. She currently works in social services. Her favorite food is Sushi, particularly a good thinly sliced tuna!

[IMAGE: Mike Dixon]


Mike is currently certified through AFAA and Spinning and has been teaching for 4 years.  He is currently teaching Bootcamp and Cycle. He loves meeting new people and watching them improve their fitness levels.  His favorite fitness quote is “make it a habit!” and his favorite food is veggies.

[IMAGE: Sarai Fuentes]


Sarai completed our in house group fitness instructor training course in Fall 2014. She has also received her ZUMBA Certification. Sarai became a fitness instructor because she wanted to share with others the love she has for health and fitness. Zumba has always been a passion of hers. Since she was little she loved dance. HIIT is a workout that makes Sarai feel mentally and physically strong and as a teacher she enjoys helping others feel that same strength. Sarai’s favorite song is Hall of Fame and favorite food is Oreos with milk! A cool fact about Sarai is that she lost 25 pounds her sophomore year of college with hard work and dedication!

[IMAGE: Krystal Giltner]


Krystal is SPINNING® certified and is teaching Cycle at SIUE. She began teaching group fitness because she enjoys exercise and competition and wanted to share her passion with others. Krystal is an avid runner and triathlete. She has qualified in her age group and competed in the Boston Marathon in 2011 and the Las Vegas Ironman World Championship 70.3 in 2012. Her favorite motivational quote is “Go big or go home!” and her favorite food is pizza!



Falon is a Belly Dancing Instructor and has been teaching at SIUe for 5 years. She is currently the Director of Desert Moon Dance Academy East in Edwardsville, IL, and has dance training in ballet, tap, modern and African with the Katherine Dunham technique. Falon enjoys meeting new students each semester and loves that she not only teaches movements, but also the history behind the movements!



Alex Peterson is an AFAA and Yoga Fit Level 1 certified instructor teaching Core & More, Spring Break Sculpt, Strength Circuits.She loves teaching these classes because she has a passion for helping people, and nothing makes her smile more than knowing she has positively impacted people's progress towards their fitness/wellness goals.  Aside from fitness/working out, one of her favorite hobbies is painting. Alex’s favorite food is bananas!



Kassandra is a Yoga Fit Level 1 certified instructor. Kassandra’s favorite part about teaching is helping others reach their goals. Favorite Quote: “The world is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it’ll smile back” Favorite Food: Bread rolls.



Lori is an experienced instructor that has been teaching Jazzercise® for the last 8 years. She is currently teaching Fusion at SIUE. Lori’s favorite part about teaching group fitness is motivating others. “It's not about being better than everyone, it's being a better you.”

Fun Fact: Lori hiked Mount St. Helens! Favorite Food: Breakfast

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Mark currently teaches HITT and Cycle. He completed our in house group fitness instructor training course in Fall 2014. Mark’s favorite part about teaching is being able to see everyone motivated and working hard to be healthy. He believes there is nothing better than a class of people who are putting in 100%! Mark also races pro dirtbikes as his main job in Supercross all over the country. His favorite food is pasta!



Courtney is currently teaching WOD, which stands for “Workout of the Day” – as inspired by CrossFit. She is studying Exercise Science and has a passion for health and fitness. She hopes to one day own her own gym. Courtney‘s favorite part about teaching is that she gets to share her passion for fitness with her participants and she loves to watch them improve every week! Her favorite cheat meal is spaghetti and bread sticks!

If you have any questions regarding any Group Fitness classes, please contact Fitness Coordinator at 618-650-5392.

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